Monday, November 24, 2014

9 Makes its Mark

Firstly, I was able to repair my watch for 15 Bolivianos which is a little over 2 dollars. Its pretty awesome! and its good as new :) I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving this week....and so HAPPY THANKSGIVING! haha...oh my mind, where does it go. I really do forget a lot about home sometimes. 

So we had zone conference this week. I was so excited because we always learn something and leave with motivation to be better missionaries. Each of us had to prepare a message, for just in case if President Hansen calls us to speak...and lo and behold....he called me up to speak. I was
nervous....and within that same week, I had already spoke in my ward. and I made sure to in my letter to president to say that I had already been asked to share a message in front of many people..hahaha but that didn´t do anything. He looked straight in my eyes and called me up. I had a feeling he would anyways. It was the second time to share a message in front of many people, speaking complete spanish. The first time was already, but this time, it came out perfect. As I was speaking, I was in complete awe how the words flowed from my mouth...I was guided by the spirit. Presidente Hansen taught us a lot about how we can improve in many ways. How we can find people to teach...which is
exactly what we are struggling with right now. We made it a goal this week from now on to ask for references from EVERYONE and to teach EVERYONE. I loved one of the stories that he shared with us about revelation. He said that there was an elder from a different mission, long ago. The point was that we can be surprised of how we receive counsel from the spirit. But this elder for some reason, a rock and roll song was in his head. Later on he found a woman singing that very same old rock and roll song. He contacted her and asked if he could teach her and her family. Later on, she and her family were baptized in the church. The spirit works in many ways!

Within that same day, that night we went to the temple with Patrick and his uncle, Gadiel, a less active member Albina, and the rest of the ward. It was Patrick´s first time, and it was Gadiel´s 2nd time after a whole year. Hna Albina couldn´t enter yet, but she stayed outside and enjoyed the spirit of the Lord. We were able to reactivate Gadiel and watch these wonderful people progress in the
gospel. Patrick was able to baptize family names of a sister who came to the temple with family names prepared. It was a special experience and they all look forward to going back again soon. With hermana Albina, we are working hard with her to go back to reactivation so that she can be sealed to her deceased husband. She lives with her discapable daughter (I don´t know how to spell that sorry) and her two sons who are all 24 years old and older. She really has a hard life and we are doing our best to help her. She has diabetes and anemia. Its a rough life. I had grown to love her and to be patience to listen to her stories of her childhood.

We were able to hear the testimonies of the few of the many 30 or more missionaries that are going home in 3 weeks. It broke my heart to see how time goes by so fast here...we all cried. And it breaks my heart more to think about going home. But it is really such a beautiful thing to see how time flies and how people progress in the gospel. The mission is truly a blessing...and I am so grateful.

This saturday, Patrick´s uncle, Jazmany got baptized. They asked me to sing..........I do not want to sing anymore......because I can´t sing, but yet they ask me to do it haha. It was such a beautiful baptismal service. Gadiel who is 17 years old, shared the message about the holy ghost. We were able to help him prepare his message beforehand. We also taught him a lot about serving a mission. It looks like he is preparing himself to serve a mission :). I always feel the spirit when we teach him. He reminds me so much of Gabriel. When Gadiel shared his message, he cried......then his whole family (did i mention there are a lot of them here?) cried too. It was beautiful! Jazmany got baptized and everyone was sooooooooo happy. They invited us to was a good meal. :) 

This sunday, we were so blessed to have 8 investigators come to church. We had our primary

program, so it was extra special! We also had more than 8 less active members come to church as well. We honestly had a rough week this week...with working with the members, with people not being home, but the blessings came through and we were able to reactvate Gadiel. I was so happy to watch Patrick and Gadiel pass the sacrament to the congregation. We are watching the Martinez family grow and progress....happily and joyfully. When I told them I would most likely be here on Christmas, they told me that I have to come to their house that day :). I am soooo happy to be hear and to witness the Lord´s hands not only in my life, but the lives of others. 

I am making my 9th month mark...which means I am halfway...that I only have 9 more months to become better as a missionary, to find people to teach, to bring them unto Christ....It scares me to think about how time passes and how soon it will come when I will have to leave this wonderful place, Bolivia. 

As for the language, a few of you had asked me if I am fluent. Bueno, you can say that I am fluent...but I always say, that there will always be more for me to learn. :)

I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father for blessing my family y a cada de sus hijos e hijas. Estoy tan agradecida a mi Padre Celestial por darme esta gran oportunidad de servirle y ver los milagros que hacen todavia...

Les amo mucho,
Hermana Santeco

PS: I am going to Chilimarca today to visit my first area!!! Its Pday!!

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