Monday, June 30, 2014

4 meses!!!!

Holaaaaa Familia!!!!

Esta semana fue maravillosa. Wehhh English, english, english. So we worked hard. Like so hard that our body aches. We were at first struggling to help the family that we are teaching to progress. Mostly because we needed the permission from the parents in order for their children to be baptized. The problem was that their parents were never home. Well...mostly that their father wasn´t. In the beginning they told us that they didn´t want their children baptized yet but wanted to learn more. But after many prayers, faith building moments, and being EXACTLY day we went to visit them and to teach them the doctrine of Christ in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nefí 31. It was powerful. Using the Book of Mormon in a lesson is key. The book brings and carries the spirit into the lesson and the investigators can really see what power it contains. We invited them to be baptized on a certain date again and they accepted. Then we talked about the situation of permission. It so happens that their father told them that they can be baptized. It was a miracle! I was soooo happy! and I still am. We had 4 of our investigators come to church yesterday. It was a crazy day. Running around in our ward...200 members or more in our ward. 50 primary children. It was a rush. We ran here and there to make sure they were with a member to help them around and that they were in good state. But really...usually its SO HARD to have our investigators to come. We had to pick up a few of them in the morning. We left our house at 6:30 and took 2 trufis to their house. It was freezing cold smoke out of your mouth cold. I am not in Hawaii no mó!! We also had a man that we are teaching who had a hard time accepting a baptismal date because he didn´t quite want to change his life just yet. But after an amazing lesson, he is coming to church now and we can see how much his spirit is growing and learning by just looking into his eyes. I was always told that eyes are the windows to their soul. And really, you can see that something is happening..and its a good thing.

We had lunch with a member this past saturday, which is normal and we did not know where the house was. When it comes to addresses here and directions....there is no labels or numbers on the houses. When we receive a person´s address it is like this: Its up 2 blocks and 1 and a half blocks to the left, curve up 5 blocks, there´s a store in the corner, and my house is the one with a black door. -______- It is the hardest part for me to be honest. To find houses! When we receive references and they don´t have a phone number...can you imagine how hard that is? Yeah its tough...but we are gonna do it. But anyways...the lunch at the members house. We had to walk 8 blocks uphill and go left 3 blocks and up a hill 2 blocks. Did I mention that one block is like from our house to the Veras´ House???? ES LEJOS! LEJISIMO! Its far....My legs are in pain but its a good kind of pain. Good thing lunch was ricooooooo. It was delicioso!!!

I have been training for two weeks and I learn something new each day from her. Besides patience....haha I learned a lot about teaching people with love. The way she teaches in the lessons is incredible. She invites the spirit so quickly. It was really hard in the beginning because it was a lot of pressure, but after we had worked so hard everyday that we have, it does get easier. There is a quote in preach my gospel in the attributes of Christ under the attribute of diligence. It is by one of the general authorities which says that the secret to missionary work is to work. When we work so hard, we will have the espirit and when we have the espirit, we will teach by the espirit and when we teach by the espirit, we will touch the hearts of the people we teach, and we will be so happy. This is an incredible promise and I can testify that it is true. This promise is fulfilled when we work hard.

Presidente Dyer and Hermana Dyer left the mission this past weekend and we officially have our new presidente Hansen and Hermana Hansen here in the mission. It was really hard to say bye to them. It just crushed my heart all over again. Ah the mission really plays with your heart but it is really a blessing. I have some pictures of them when they dressed up like a cholita and choilto. Hermana Dyer´s final talk in the mission was all about eternal marriage. I swear she made all of us trunky in wanting to get married already. But it was hilarious because she had us write down notes and advice that she gave us. She taught us something that I realized recently. The mission really does prepare you for marriage. You have a companion that you have to be with 24/7 and you have to talk to them when there are problems or you won´t be able to have the spirit and if you don´t have the spirit you won´t have any success. Then there is have to help each other clean. You have to clean the mess even if its not yours. You have to serve each other to build up the love and the spirit in our companionship. It was hard for me to love my companion in the beginning, but after all these things that I pushed myself to do, I have grown to love her. Her first night with me, after she said her personal prayer, she cried. It was already past curfew and I got up and talked with her telling her that I was here for her if she needed anything because really I knew what she was feeling. She could kind of also see that I was nervous as her trainer, but I told her straight that I may not be perfect in the language but I am here to do whatever it takes to work with her and to help her adjust to the mission. What we do to be bonded is...we eat bread and jelly every night before bed. hahahaha we love to eat! I hope that my husband can eat. He better....or I´m going to be the fat one in the family.

We taught a lesson in Church yesterday about missionary work and the need of help from the members. It was incredible. We can truly see that we have made an impact on the ward to change their hearts and put a little more effort in the work. So Kahuku 1st ward, help the missionaries! Help them to find people to teach and accompany them in the lessons. Recognize the happiness, peace, and the knowledge that you have and share it with others who could use it. Recognize the atonement in our lives which gives us the hope and the joy in this life. There are people who are searching for that hope. The atonement is for everyone. Not just for the members of the church but for every child of God. We are all children of God. Jesus did not only die for me, but for all of you. We all have trials and tribulations and as well as the for the need for the love of God. I can not imagine my life without knowing that my Savior lives and that we do have hope to have a fullness of joy in our lives. He blesses me with a family that is eternal and the restored gospel. The restored priesthood and a prophet that leads and guides us in these latter days.

This week I am really gonna work hard until I can´t sit down for a moment....oh marvy? Can you send me a black pareo? Everyone is asking me to dance for them but I can´t do it in my skirt...its weird....hahaha So it looks like I really might be dancing in our ward activity. I´m kinda of nervous because I haven´t danced since I was home.

Thank you for your love and emails! If you can, please pray for the people we are teaching that they may be provided a way to be baptized..1 nefi 3:7. He always provides away but we need some help and your faithful prayers! Enjoy your week. Your summer in the nice warm sun and at the BEACH. ahhhh! I miss the beach and bbq days with the family. When I come home, lets plan a whole week of things to do please before I go back to BYUH.

The language is coming. Slowly and slowly. Its important to understand sometimes because Hermana Torrico, who lives with us fainted the other day and hit her head on a rock and broke the rock in half. Apparently I understood nothing of what she said until we had to go to the hospital....bahahaha but she is fine. I learned how to say faint in spanish! That´s good right??? I am learning....and I am enjoying every moment I have here in Bolivia. Its a gran opportunidad. Una bendición y ojala que ustedes son bendicidas tambien, mi familia? ojala. es dificil para ser una misionera pero es una maravillosa adventura.....Felicidades a las personas que recibieron sus llamamientos misionales. Disfruten sus misiones! No es facil pero es la mejor cosa podemos hacer en nuestras visas.

Les amo mucho y muchisimas gracias por todo. Disfrute su vida aca en la tierra. Aprenda mucho y siga adelante.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Santeco :)


service project!!!! i was playing with the elders and the kids in the yard after we weeded out grass and such 

con hermana hill!!! i love red.....only in the mission i like red. sorry kahuku red late me. 

we were teaching recent converts. chilimarca!!! a lot of houses in chilimarca are like that. 

alejandra and hermana santeco. she named her cat after me :)

hna and presidente dyer!! farewell day with them!! 

we were at the hospital waiting for hna torrico to come out from exams.

con carlitos!!!!! Con Carlitos y Manuelito

kisocos with preguntas de la alma! its not easy doing those things. we sit and wait for people to give them their info for references. not really effective....

Hermana Torrico and her stone in half. fainted and broke it with her head. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

First week as a Trainer

This past week has been rough in many ways, but also a testimony strengthener. Changing companions was really hard for me and also accepting the fact that I would be training. A bunch of thoughts are constantly in my head of where to go, what to do, what to say.....and at the same time I missed Hermana Donoso so much. I still miss her. I have never missed someone so much until I had to say bye to her. My first interview with President Dyer when I first got here in the mission, I remember him telling me that I would cry when I had to leave my companion. I was like "Nah..that´s not gonna happen". Yeah....I cried like a lot. Like for three days straight. I was in a trio for a day because I had to wait a day until my companion arrived from the CCM to Bolivia. I looked at our half empty room and I just broke down. From having to say "See you in 6 months" to someone who I have been with for three months really broke my heart. I haven´t felt this way since I had said my goodbyes in the airport. And at the same time, Hna Donoso left little gifts for me on my desk. A photo of us and a message saying that she had always knew that I would train real soon and that I would be able to do it. This whole week I underestimated myself and constantly worried that I wouldn´t be able to train someone effectively because I lack so much in the language and the confidence of myself. I prayed on my knees that very day in that half empty room outloud to myself and cried so hard asking God to help me to accept this calling as a trainer and that I may continue to have faith to do it. It was a lot of pressure and it still is...I was praying in English, but as I kept turned into spanish. I was laughing towards the end because I prayed in spanish without thinking too much. It came to me easily. After I prayed, I have felt so much peace and I thought of the blessings that He continues to give me. He really blesses me and trusts in me to do this...I went to a training for all the trainers before I picked up my companion, and it make me feel so much better. I have been chosen to train someone who will specifically need me to help her. There are only 7 trainers this cambio and I am one of athe 7. Out of 200 missionaries in the mission, I have been chosen. When I walked into the room for training for trainers, everyone asked if they have trained before and how much time they have in the mission. When I told them that I didn´t finish my own training, they were surprised and including the fact that I was a foreigner north americana that was still learning the language. They would say, "You are in training and you are training?!". But really the meeting made me feel so much better because I could really feel that I need to do this. Even if its really hard...Because God is really trusting in me with all these responsibilities to train and to teach the people in our area. He is trusting me to know the members and to know our area.

I have my new companion with me now and she is just wonderful. And of course with every companionship that I have, I do need to learn to have patience. Its normal and God is testing me. Her name is Hermana Trujillo from Trujillo, Peru. She is 21 years old and she can play the piano amazingly. She is a greenie alright. So excited to get out and work, which helps me a lot. Sometimes she has a lot of energy though...more than I do. Now I understand how Hna Donoso felt when she found out that she was training me. Its not easy. But it is possible. Its a great honor and opportunity because really, your trainer determines the rest of your mission..your habits, your estudios, everything...attitude and obedience. I was surprised that I was able to get my way around cochabamba, talking to taxi drivers, finding trufis, and finding houses of investigators. I have to be honest though, we got lost a few times because I forgot where the house was. But its a learning experience!
The zone has been helping me so much with dealing with all these feelings of pressure, of responsibilities, and fear of training. Its a wonderful experience and opportunity because my spanish is really improving quickly. I struggle typing this letter too because I have the natural irge to type a spanish word, then I would have to erase it and retype it. I feel so blessed to receive the gift of tongues.
We taught a lesson this past saturday that was incredible. I talked in the lesson! I understood the people! I am learning to really understand them and to trust in the spirit to help me to know what they need. I am learning so much. We taught about how families are forever.

Uncle PJ, you have seen a special light in my mom and that light is the light of Christ. In Alma 7:11-12 in the Book of Mormon, it says it all. We have someone who understands our pains and sorrows perfectly. Families are forever through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Uncle PJ, you can be with us forever and the family we have before that have past and will come. You can know more of how it is possible. I can testify that our gospel gives us the happiness to feel that we do have a loving Heavenly Father that blesses us with families that are eternal. I wish I could teach you more about it when you will all be in Hawaii! Ahhhhh I wish I could be with you guys. Christmas in Hawaii is my ideal Christmas with my family. But I will go to Thailand with you guys when I come home :) Enjoy the beach, the air, the food, the people, and our family. When you are in Hawaii, make sure you visit the Temple in Laie and the church meetings with my mom. Its sucha beautiful experience really because its just like you said before uncle, that you have felt something so peaceful and so calming in the chapel when you went with Marvy and Lindsey. Search for that feeling again, and I promise that you can have the same light that my mom has and with that light, it will strengthen your family, your faith, and it will bring you so much happiness.
I am so grateful for all the support from the ward! Thank you all for your prayers and your love. I am truly blessed to be here. I make 4 months in the mission this thursday! It goes by so fast.
Go to the temple often and enjoy the blessings from there. Enjoy Hawaii for me and the food too. I think of you often so much but also the work. I am so grateful for the things I have learned here and the many more things I will learn. The gospel is true and the book of mormon is blue.
Hna Santeco :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Greenie and all....but yet...I´m....

This week are exchanges...cambios. I was really calm about it last night waiting for the district leaders to call us because I was set in mind that we wouldn´t change companionship, especially since President Dyer told us that we would be together for 8 more weeks. So last night I was trying to sleep, but people kept calling us to see if we have cambios. Finally the district leaders called us, and the elder said, "You wanna know if you have cambios? Ready?"...I said..."yah. Diga me..." "Hermana Santeco va a entrenador." "WHAT!!!!??? I´m not ready! Are you serious?". "Yes. You are going to train this cambio in your area. You are ready. It was called through inspiration. You are ready to train." I cried and cried and cried and criedddd. I am not even done with my training and they are having me train and to be the one who is familiar with the area. Then he tells me, "And Hermana Donoso se va a Potosi como capaticadora". She cried and cried and cried. Both of us feeling so inadequate of raising up in higher responsibilities. 

I am so scared. Scared of training and having the responsibilities of our investigatores who are dated to be baptized in a couple weeks when I still am learning the language and struggling to teach effectively. But after feeling so scared, an overwhelming feeling of peace and surety enters into my heart..and the spirit tells me that I can do this. That I can trust in Him to help me and that I am ready or in other words, God is ready to help me. haha. Nah He has always helped me. But hear this, we will be the youngest companionship in the mission. My companion will only have two weeks in the mission and I will have 4 months. I am a greenie training a greenie. I am the only one in my group of missionaries (that came in the same cambio) that is training and that scares me so much. God has called and qualified me to train someone who hasn´t taught real investigatores yet and I am still learning myself. It was weird though because lately I have been working hard in trying to be sensitive to the promptings of the spirit and to recognize the promptings. This week I have done so. Before I knew I was going to stay in my area and train, I had an impression to pray for my future, new companion that she would be patient with me and willing to work hard. A part of me knew that I would train this cambio, but I didn´t want to believe it. Especially after interviews with President, I also had the same impression. 
I learned that the spirit works in sensitive ways...really through thoughts and feelings. Its just like that scripture in D&C that says that He will tell you in your mind and heart and if it right, you will know. Algo asi. I can really testify that, that is how the spirit works. We just have to be receptive and hungry for its promptings and as well worthy of its promptings. 

So how do I feel? I feel slfkjsadlkfjsdlkfjsadlkfjdskfajsdf. Its a lot of feelings. But really I feel so blessed to be given such an opportunity to progress and to help a sister who is new to the mission. 
This wouldn´t believe what else happened. Which do you want to know first? I had to do medical stuff for my visa tramites paperwork, and so I had to take out blood again.....two times in one month! It was dreadful. It was funny because I was sitting with Elders waiting in line to take out blood and the Elders were going to the bathroom to fill up their cup with their urine. And they filled it completely....Two of them were north americans and one of them was talking to me in spanish. Then after they were talking in English to each other saying, "Fill it up alllllll the wayyyyy!!!" And I just sat there quietly. Then I said something in English and one of the Elder exclames to me, "YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?! OH MY GOSH YOU UNDERSTOOD ME WHEN I WAS TALKING ABOUT MY PEE!" I crackkkkkk uppppp sooooo hardddd! He thought I was a latina. 
Another thing that you wouldn´t have guessed that have happened is that I ate.....guinea pig for lunch a few days ago. It was dreadful. I kept telling myself, "Its like chicken, its like chicken, its like chicken"...but it wasn´t like chicken. It was like hard to chew pig meat and flavorless chicken. I drank a lot of fanta to shove it down my throat. Another funny thing was that we ordered for lemon and toast one night and apparently lemon is lemonade and toast is some kind of tea. I drank lemon and toast. Oh Bolivia.......eversince that situation, my companion and I always ask before we order of what it really is. 
What else happened? Oh so we went to an investigator´s house and we saw someone naked bathing...they dont have curtains at their window!!!!!! I didn´t see much, don´t worry. As a missionary, I am really strict about looking away quickly in these kinds of situations.
Happy Father´s Day, daddy!! I miss your BBQ and sticky rice and mac salad. Sorry I can´t skype with you. hahaha
I will complete 4 months soon....the time really passes by so fast. Really fast and I am learning really fast at the same time. Since I am about to train this week, please pray for really pray for me. I need not to show her that I feel inadequate, but that I really do know what I am doing. I am glad I am still in Cochabamba though because I can go to the temple in July :). I really miss the temple and doing the work inside. But for now, I´ll work outside. 
Oh and I played the piano at a baptism for the elders in our zone. I `played Im trying to be like usual :)

A member of the church added me on facebook....since when was my name on facebook Hermana Marisa Santeco?? And my profile picture? Its when I was in Bogota! haha....but anyways the member, her name is Naida Perez. Accept her as my friend please :) She´s an awesome girl. She thought I was from China. In one day I was asked if I was from China. But she thought I was from China also because I had a bag of ramen noodles on my lap. Oh I have been making soupless saimin with spam just like we do at home for breakfast. My companion loves it. She tells me my husband will be so happy with my cooking abilities...bahahahaha I wish!
Thank you for all your prayers and all your love and support. No me siento lista en verdad a entrenador, pero se que Dios va a ayudarme......oren por mi compañera también porfavor. Me encanta la compañia del Espirítu Santo como mi compañero constante. Me ayuda mucho....mucho mucho mucho. Confien en Dios, tengan fe....siga adelante. Les amo mucho! Y esta es mi semana. Hasta proxima vez!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Santeco 
 Oh and I played the piano at a baptism for the elders in our zone. I `played Im trying to be like usual :) 
ps: one more experience!!!

so one night my companion and I ran into two kids that we visit often. 3 years old and 7 years old. They were home alone at 6:30 pm and were hungry. Their mom had left them awhile ago and so they only live with their older siblings and father, but they weren´t home..and in fact barely home. They were crying and really hungry. So we bought them something to eat and stayed with them until their dad returned. I cried with them...watching them eat what we got them as if they haven´t eaten for days. Right there, I knew why I am here in Bolivia. I am here as an angel and instrument of God to help His children to receive blessings in their lives. And as well..I am here to understand why we are living here on earth...why we have trials and why it is so hard. I am so thankful for my family en verdad. I am so thankful to have a home to go to and to be with my family. These kids are just kids and they don´t have the gospel....they don´t hav a mother. I can´t imagine life such as that for me. It just breaks my heart. But experiences like this really helps me to develop the same love that God has for His children. I just have never felt so passionate towards someone I barely know until now....its such a blessing.
fotos: With Hermana Torrico, Hna Donoso, and the two girls, Carlita y Mar. They are the daughters of our pensionista. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

43 Lecciones en una semana. Estoy muy cansada..


I am so happy to receive so many emails from you all. Words of love, encouragement, and comfort. After I left the internet lab, the elders were asking me how were you guys and right there and then I just cracked. I was fine reading an email about grandma´s passing, but when it came to talking about it, I cried. We had interviews with President Dyer last week Pday, too and I expressed to him everything on my mind and in my heart. I was so emotional with Grandma...and also with everything that was going on in the mission. But really...the spirit has comforted me. I am happy that the funeral went the way that grandma would have wanted it. I am so sure that she happy right now and at rest. I think of her all of the time. I was in bed one night and I realized that it is summer break in Hawaii....which means beach everryyyyydayyyyy! I miss the beach....I still laugh at the one day where I saw a blue wall at the end of the road and I go so excited thinking it was the beach...but it was a blue wall...

This week the zone leaders gave us a BIG Goal to achieve. They said if my companion and I are able to teach 20 lessons with a member present, 10 without a member present, and 5 to inactives and recent converts, they will buy us A HUGE PIZZA for lunch today. We worked hard and every second of our days of the week. We taught 21 lessons with a member present, 10 without a member, and 12 to menosactivos. In total, we taught 43 lessons. I was exhausted......literally falling asleep in the street sometimes. Haha. And those elders are bound to feed me. I take food bets seriously. Also....I was kind of sick this week that I had to go to the hospital. I had a fever for two days and my stomach was hurting. I did everything possible to avoid going to see the doctor because I have seen what they do, and the hospital here sucks.....Then after waiting hours at the hospital for the results, I found out that I have Amebas. Its bacteria in my stomach....they usually have those who have amebas stay three days in the hospital to recover, but they told me that my body is fighting it really well. Then they gave me nasty tasting medication to take and told me that I couldn´t eat veggies and only eat white sucked. They also told me that my blood pressure was high...which was really weird. So I am trying to cut down on the fry foods, but all the foods we are given are fried...and really they don´t have salt in I was confused. With being sick, I was so worried about not being able to work and fulfill our goal for the week. It was a MIRACLE that I was able to work and to recover so quickly. That I am so grateful for. We were able to also have 11 new investigators in one week. We found a family! A golden family!!! Its really a miracle. I love ittttt!!! ahhhh!!! 

We have exchanges this coming Sunday, and the next cambio will be 8 weeks long. President Dyer told me that he will not change our companionship but who knows what will happen. If I am with her again...I will be with her for 2 more months...thats 5 months total. Can you imagine being with the same person for that long? Its a blessing in disguise......President Dyer gave me that impression that he is looking forward for me to begin training new sisters after this next cambio...and that I am soooo nervous for because I am not ready. He kept telling me, you only have 3 months in the mission and your spanish is fantastic and you know how the mission goes. I honestly doubt in myself for that because I still want to be so much better as I am now. I lack so much and I hunger for more knowledge and experience. So we´ll see....I don´t want to train because I don´t feel ready, but we will see....

We are planning an activity for our ward in our area. They are making me dance Hawaiian -_____-.......I am soooooooo not ready for that. It has been way too long. 

Our house is great. We live with two other sisters. Hermana Wingate had an emergency cambio, so I live with three latinas....the only north american in the house. It was so funny because now I teach three of them English. One day the all came into our room and we read the BOM in Ingles. It was the cutest thing ever to hear each of them to read in Ingles. But because I live with three latinas, my spanish is a must...MUST MUST MUST. It´ll be good....cuz I need the extra push. 

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE LAST WEEK TUESDAY!!!! :) Thank you for all the gifts and whatnots! I love the purse! Its soooo beautiful!!! I got super trunky for shopping in Hawaii. Because here, its so different to shop. I can´t wait for tomorrow to see if I got your mail or not. 

I miss taking legit fotos...Marvy, the pics turned out beautiful. I miss Hawaii. I miss you all, but from being here so long, the homesickness has became a lot easier to deal with. I miss you all, but I am so happy to be here. I have never felt so right in place of where I am. I feel so different. I wake up and think, "Who am I?...oh a daughter of God". 

Daddy, thank you for your FUNNY email. I miss your cooking and your filipino accent! I can´t wait to talk to you in spanish, because I know you will be able to understand me a little :). 

It makes me so happy to hear that you are all going to the temple and getting our family work done. Thank you for doing that. I miss the temple too. I hunger to go inside, but I won´t go in until next month. I am happy that Jesse is going too. Enjoy your summer and go to WARD CAMP!!! Ahhhh.....good times. You may feel at times that there is nothing to do since its summer, but there is a lot to do. I am going to be the missionary that I am and tell you to read the BOM together as a family. Its essencial. Its a commandment from our Heavenly Father. And also prayer. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Eat for me please because really......I miss the food at home. I really appreciate everything you all do for me. The prayers, the support, everything. I am so glad to know the truth from the gospel. Se que abuelita esta con nuestra familia en los cielos. Ella esta con nosotros también. Se que nuestra familia serán juntas para siempre. Dios esta bendiciendo a nosotros hoy, y para siempre. A veces la vida en la tierra es difícil, pero con el amor de Dios, todos es posible. Estoy muy agradecida por la expiación y el poder que la tiene. Por medio de la expiación, podemos cambiar y mejorar nuestras vidas. Se que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y redentor...y es nuestro ejemplo de lo que tenemos que llegar a ser. Por lo que tengo que ser. Más como Jesucristo. 

Les amo mucho. Les envío muchos abrazos y bendiciones.

Hermana Santeco :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

We gained an Angel

We went on top of the world :)

I have been so worried about the day I would have to open an email that says that Grandma has passed away...but I have been praying so hard that this "small moment" of our life wouldn´t crush my faith in things..and that I would be able to continue to work hard and effectively in the mission. As loving our father in Heaven is, He has blessed me and prepared me for this day. It saddens me to know that she is no longer on earth, but really...after I have read the news in the email, I could feel the peace from the spirit...telling me that she is finally reunited with our family in heaven, she is at rest from her labors on earth, and that she is free from pains and the sadness that we have experience here on earth. She has gone into the heavens and has become one of our guardian angels. I know that she is with me..with us even if we can´t see her with us physically. I am so comforted to know that this is only a part of the plan of salvation. Mom and Dad, in one year from now, we can do her temple work....when I come home, I promise to get that done for her and for every member of our family. 
It may seem weird, but I pray for our ancestors in the heavens to be willing to accept the gospel. I honestly even pray for my future children who are waiting to come to earth. I found that praying for those beyond the veil, creates a connection between us and our ancestors. Its really a blessing...because I know that they help me here in Bolivia.

So this week was hectic. We finally found a house. Its GORGEOUS. Its NEW. Its honestly the most beautiful house in the whole mission that the missionaries live in. It was a blessing to find it. We pay 1300 Bolivianos a month for rent (7 BS = 1 dollahhhh). 12 Bolivianos for light per month, and 20 BS for water per month. We are living with two other sisters, so we split the cost in 4s. If you do that math....really its a blessing. We had to bless the house twice because well...our first night, a few sketchy things happened in the house. But its all good now. Its all gooooood. One of the things were that we couldn´t unlock our front door yesterday to get to church in time....for some reason our key that was working last night, couldn´t unlock the door....and so we were stuck. We live on the third floor again. So when we moved our things from our other house we walked down three floors and climbed three floors multiple times. Its good exercise, but really I was dying. I miss Tahitian practice. Is Marvy still going? I miss NonosinaHawaii!!!!  Tell uncle Jon and aunty Tiani that I say hi :).

So yesterday someone was trying to guess where I am from and usually they will say China or Japan, but this guy was saying every country in south America. :) He said I talk and look like a Latina. I was flattered. Really flattered haha. I have been helping my companion with English and she has improved so much. You would be surprised how much she can understand now when I talk to her in English or her prayers are so much fluent and smoothly said. The Lord really blesses us with the gift of tongues.

MOM! I GOT YOUR POSTCARD! The one of Seattle. Thank you thank you thank you! I was sooooo happy to get it! Its my first mail in Bolivia! Whoot whoot! I figured that the more thicker the letter or bigger the package, the longer it takes to arrive here. appears that your postcard took a month to get here....but so it goes...patience is a virtue. 
We have an investigadora that is so ready to be baptized but the problem is that we need permission from her father first. At first he told us that he supported her decision if she wants to be baptized. Oh and did I mention that he is a pastor of a different church? And so we visited them again, but this time it was hard....he kept saying that she doesn´t want to be baptized. But she told us that she does. We noticed that she is scared of being honest about it with her dad and so we are praying SO HARD that God will provide a way for it to happen. Pray for her please. Her name is Delia :). 
So I found a scale in a member´s house....I lost 5 lbs :) therefore I have decided to continue eating whatever I like. Hna Wingate lost 25 lbs......Bolivia will not make us fat. It honestly makes me hungry. 
We have two weeks left in this cambio....It really goes by so fast. Tomorrow I will find out if I have more mail from you guys. I have to wait every tuesdays for that during our zone meetings. 

I washed my clothes by hand for the very first time this was dang freezing cold. The weather here is really cold in the morning and night. The afternoons are really hot but I think Hawaii is much more hotter. 
You have asked me what I do on a daily basis. This is my schedule:
6:30 wake up and exercise
7:00 Shower and breakfast
8:00 Estudio Personal
9:00 Estudio Companerismo
10:00 12 Semanas (Its because I am still being trained)
11:00 Idioma Estudio
1:00 Almuerzo (Lunch)
2:00-7:00 Prostelismo (appointments, etc)
7:00 La Cena (Dinner)
8:00 Regresar a la casa
9:00 Planificar
10:30 Go to bed
It really depends on your area to determine your schedule because we live a little far (2 trufis) away from our area. We are supposed to live within our area, but due to certain circumstances of safety and that there aren´t any houses, all we could find is a house 5 minutes away by automobile. 
Oh and we visited this less active old lady, señora who lives alone and has a hard time walking. We are her "granddaughters" in the mish :) I just can´t understand her.....she doesn´t really have teeth that´s why. And so its hard to hear her clearly....jajajaja.

Sooooo....because this week went by so fast and that I have a little hard time remembering what has happened...all I say is that I LOVE YOU CHOKEST MOKEST. I love you family in Thailand and Philippines and in the whole world. I was watching a mormon message that had people speak in Tagalog, it made me miss aunty beth and dad so much! All I hear is spanish, english, or quecha here....i miss the diversity!!! 

I wish you all a wonderful week. I send my love especially to you mom and family in Thailand....we have lost a mother, a grandmother, but we had gained an angel. She is at rest and will be always be in our hearts. I love you all. Tenga una buena semana. Dios nos bendice mucho por medio de las familias. Estoy muy agradecida por ustedes...por todo. El Evangelio es muy todo para mí, y tambien la familia es toda para mi...les amo mucho. 
Hasta proxima vez!
Hna Santeco :)
look up this song. i love it so much. i hear it on the radio in the trufis. it reminds me of home a little bit. 
Solo quiero darte un beso - prince royce
plus...i saw a blue wall once at the end of the road and I thought it was the ocean.....but it was a blue wall...i miss the sea. i miss it sooo much.

I made a promise with the Lord ;) hahaha