Monday, June 9, 2014

43 Lecciones en una semana. Estoy muy cansada..


I am so happy to receive so many emails from you all. Words of love, encouragement, and comfort. After I left the internet lab, the elders were asking me how were you guys and right there and then I just cracked. I was fine reading an email about grandma´s passing, but when it came to talking about it, I cried. We had interviews with President Dyer last week Pday, too and I expressed to him everything on my mind and in my heart. I was so emotional with Grandma...and also with everything that was going on in the mission. But really...the spirit has comforted me. I am happy that the funeral went the way that grandma would have wanted it. I am so sure that she happy right now and at rest. I think of her all of the time. I was in bed one night and I realized that it is summer break in Hawaii....which means beach everryyyyydayyyyy! I miss the beach....I still laugh at the one day where I saw a blue wall at the end of the road and I go so excited thinking it was the beach...but it was a blue wall...

This week the zone leaders gave us a BIG Goal to achieve. They said if my companion and I are able to teach 20 lessons with a member present, 10 without a member present, and 5 to inactives and recent converts, they will buy us A HUGE PIZZA for lunch today. We worked hard and every second of our days of the week. We taught 21 lessons with a member present, 10 without a member, and 12 to menosactivos. In total, we taught 43 lessons. I was exhausted......literally falling asleep in the street sometimes. Haha. And those elders are bound to feed me. I take food bets seriously. Also....I was kind of sick this week that I had to go to the hospital. I had a fever for two days and my stomach was hurting. I did everything possible to avoid going to see the doctor because I have seen what they do, and the hospital here sucks.....Then after waiting hours at the hospital for the results, I found out that I have Amebas. Its bacteria in my stomach....they usually have those who have amebas stay three days in the hospital to recover, but they told me that my body is fighting it really well. Then they gave me nasty tasting medication to take and told me that I couldn´t eat veggies and only eat white sucked. They also told me that my blood pressure was high...which was really weird. So I am trying to cut down on the fry foods, but all the foods we are given are fried...and really they don´t have salt in I was confused. With being sick, I was so worried about not being able to work and fulfill our goal for the week. It was a MIRACLE that I was able to work and to recover so quickly. That I am so grateful for. We were able to also have 11 new investigators in one week. We found a family! A golden family!!! Its really a miracle. I love ittttt!!! ahhhh!!! 

We have exchanges this coming Sunday, and the next cambio will be 8 weeks long. President Dyer told me that he will not change our companionship but who knows what will happen. If I am with her again...I will be with her for 2 more months...thats 5 months total. Can you imagine being with the same person for that long? Its a blessing in disguise......President Dyer gave me that impression that he is looking forward for me to begin training new sisters after this next cambio...and that I am soooo nervous for because I am not ready. He kept telling me, you only have 3 months in the mission and your spanish is fantastic and you know how the mission goes. I honestly doubt in myself for that because I still want to be so much better as I am now. I lack so much and I hunger for more knowledge and experience. So we´ll see....I don´t want to train because I don´t feel ready, but we will see....

We are planning an activity for our ward in our area. They are making me dance Hawaiian -_____-.......I am soooooooo not ready for that. It has been way too long. 

Our house is great. We live with two other sisters. Hermana Wingate had an emergency cambio, so I live with three latinas....the only north american in the house. It was so funny because now I teach three of them English. One day the all came into our room and we read the BOM in Ingles. It was the cutest thing ever to hear each of them to read in Ingles. But because I live with three latinas, my spanish is a must...MUST MUST MUST. It´ll be good....cuz I need the extra push. 

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE LAST WEEK TUESDAY!!!! :) Thank you for all the gifts and whatnots! I love the purse! Its soooo beautiful!!! I got super trunky for shopping in Hawaii. Because here, its so different to shop. I can´t wait for tomorrow to see if I got your mail or not. 

I miss taking legit fotos...Marvy, the pics turned out beautiful. I miss Hawaii. I miss you all, but from being here so long, the homesickness has became a lot easier to deal with. I miss you all, but I am so happy to be here. I have never felt so right in place of where I am. I feel so different. I wake up and think, "Who am I?...oh a daughter of God". 

Daddy, thank you for your FUNNY email. I miss your cooking and your filipino accent! I can´t wait to talk to you in spanish, because I know you will be able to understand me a little :). 

It makes me so happy to hear that you are all going to the temple and getting our family work done. Thank you for doing that. I miss the temple too. I hunger to go inside, but I won´t go in until next month. I am happy that Jesse is going too. Enjoy your summer and go to WARD CAMP!!! Ahhhh.....good times. You may feel at times that there is nothing to do since its summer, but there is a lot to do. I am going to be the missionary that I am and tell you to read the BOM together as a family. Its essencial. Its a commandment from our Heavenly Father. And also prayer. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Eat for me please because really......I miss the food at home. I really appreciate everything you all do for me. The prayers, the support, everything. I am so glad to know the truth from the gospel. Se que abuelita esta con nuestra familia en los cielos. Ella esta con nosotros también. Se que nuestra familia serán juntas para siempre. Dios esta bendiciendo a nosotros hoy, y para siempre. A veces la vida en la tierra es difícil, pero con el amor de Dios, todos es posible. Estoy muy agradecida por la expiación y el poder que la tiene. Por medio de la expiación, podemos cambiar y mejorar nuestras vidas. Se que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y redentor...y es nuestro ejemplo de lo que tenemos que llegar a ser. Por lo que tengo que ser. Más como Jesucristo. 

Les amo mucho. Les envío muchos abrazos y bendiciones.

Hermana Santeco :)

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