Monday, June 2, 2014

We gained an Angel

We went on top of the world :)

I have been so worried about the day I would have to open an email that says that Grandma has passed away...but I have been praying so hard that this "small moment" of our life wouldn´t crush my faith in things..and that I would be able to continue to work hard and effectively in the mission. As loving our father in Heaven is, He has blessed me and prepared me for this day. It saddens me to know that she is no longer on earth, but really...after I have read the news in the email, I could feel the peace from the spirit...telling me that she is finally reunited with our family in heaven, she is at rest from her labors on earth, and that she is free from pains and the sadness that we have experience here on earth. She has gone into the heavens and has become one of our guardian angels. I know that she is with me..with us even if we can´t see her with us physically. I am so comforted to know that this is only a part of the plan of salvation. Mom and Dad, in one year from now, we can do her temple work....when I come home, I promise to get that done for her and for every member of our family. 
It may seem weird, but I pray for our ancestors in the heavens to be willing to accept the gospel. I honestly even pray for my future children who are waiting to come to earth. I found that praying for those beyond the veil, creates a connection between us and our ancestors. Its really a blessing...because I know that they help me here in Bolivia.

So this week was hectic. We finally found a house. Its GORGEOUS. Its NEW. Its honestly the most beautiful house in the whole mission that the missionaries live in. It was a blessing to find it. We pay 1300 Bolivianos a month for rent (7 BS = 1 dollahhhh). 12 Bolivianos for light per month, and 20 BS for water per month. We are living with two other sisters, so we split the cost in 4s. If you do that math....really its a blessing. We had to bless the house twice because well...our first night, a few sketchy things happened in the house. But its all good now. Its all gooooood. One of the things were that we couldn´t unlock our front door yesterday to get to church in time....for some reason our key that was working last night, couldn´t unlock the door....and so we were stuck. We live on the third floor again. So when we moved our things from our other house we walked down three floors and climbed three floors multiple times. Its good exercise, but really I was dying. I miss Tahitian practice. Is Marvy still going? I miss NonosinaHawaii!!!!  Tell uncle Jon and aunty Tiani that I say hi :).

So yesterday someone was trying to guess where I am from and usually they will say China or Japan, but this guy was saying every country in south America. :) He said I talk and look like a Latina. I was flattered. Really flattered haha. I have been helping my companion with English and she has improved so much. You would be surprised how much she can understand now when I talk to her in English or her prayers are so much fluent and smoothly said. The Lord really blesses us with the gift of tongues.

MOM! I GOT YOUR POSTCARD! The one of Seattle. Thank you thank you thank you! I was sooooo happy to get it! Its my first mail in Bolivia! Whoot whoot! I figured that the more thicker the letter or bigger the package, the longer it takes to arrive here. appears that your postcard took a month to get here....but so it goes...patience is a virtue. 
We have an investigadora that is so ready to be baptized but the problem is that we need permission from her father first. At first he told us that he supported her decision if she wants to be baptized. Oh and did I mention that he is a pastor of a different church? And so we visited them again, but this time it was hard....he kept saying that she doesn´t want to be baptized. But she told us that she does. We noticed that she is scared of being honest about it with her dad and so we are praying SO HARD that God will provide a way for it to happen. Pray for her please. Her name is Delia :). 
So I found a scale in a member´s house....I lost 5 lbs :) therefore I have decided to continue eating whatever I like. Hna Wingate lost 25 lbs......Bolivia will not make us fat. It honestly makes me hungry. 
We have two weeks left in this cambio....It really goes by so fast. Tomorrow I will find out if I have more mail from you guys. I have to wait every tuesdays for that during our zone meetings. 

I washed my clothes by hand for the very first time this was dang freezing cold. The weather here is really cold in the morning and night. The afternoons are really hot but I think Hawaii is much more hotter. 
You have asked me what I do on a daily basis. This is my schedule:
6:30 wake up and exercise
7:00 Shower and breakfast
8:00 Estudio Personal
9:00 Estudio Companerismo
10:00 12 Semanas (Its because I am still being trained)
11:00 Idioma Estudio
1:00 Almuerzo (Lunch)
2:00-7:00 Prostelismo (appointments, etc)
7:00 La Cena (Dinner)
8:00 Regresar a la casa
9:00 Planificar
10:30 Go to bed
It really depends on your area to determine your schedule because we live a little far (2 trufis) away from our area. We are supposed to live within our area, but due to certain circumstances of safety and that there aren´t any houses, all we could find is a house 5 minutes away by automobile. 
Oh and we visited this less active old lady, señora who lives alone and has a hard time walking. We are her "granddaughters" in the mish :) I just can´t understand her.....she doesn´t really have teeth that´s why. And so its hard to hear her clearly....jajajaja.

Sooooo....because this week went by so fast and that I have a little hard time remembering what has happened...all I say is that I LOVE YOU CHOKEST MOKEST. I love you family in Thailand and Philippines and in the whole world. I was watching a mormon message that had people speak in Tagalog, it made me miss aunty beth and dad so much! All I hear is spanish, english, or quecha here....i miss the diversity!!! 

I wish you all a wonderful week. I send my love especially to you mom and family in Thailand....we have lost a mother, a grandmother, but we had gained an angel. She is at rest and will be always be in our hearts. I love you all. Tenga una buena semana. Dios nos bendice mucho por medio de las familias. Estoy muy agradecida por ustedes...por todo. El Evangelio es muy todo para mí, y tambien la familia es toda para mi...les amo mucho. 
Hasta proxima vez!
Hna Santeco :)
look up this song. i love it so much. i hear it on the radio in the trufis. it reminds me of home a little bit. 
Solo quiero darte un beso - prince royce
plus...i saw a blue wall once at the end of the road and I thought it was the ocean.....but it was a blue wall...i miss the sea. i miss it sooo much.

I made a promise with the Lord ;) hahaha

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