Saturday, September 12, 2015

Now that I'm home. Wrapping it up.

It was a long trip home and a really short weekend. I spent my last few days in Bolivia visiting old areas. We also had a wonderful opportunity in a life time that maybe is common to happen in Hawaii because almost everyone goes to Hawaii. Haha. But our loving Apostle, Elder David A. Bednar and 3 other general authorities came to do a special conference for all the missionaries in the Bolivia Cochabamba mission. I spent my last saturday morning sitting in the front row listening to Elder Bednar speak english. It was an emotional day for me. The entire mission of approximately 215 missionaries were all there in the same place at the same time...which almost never happens. We all came and sat and listened. It was beautiful. He talked a lot of the things that I honestly did need to hear.

To briefly share of the things he spoke about. He spoke about faith, testimony, and conversion. It was a different kind of conference. Instead of listening to him talk the whole time, he allowed us to interact, to speak, to ask questions. He told us not to write what he says, but rather to write what isn't said...but what is heard, felt, and if not...what is said by the spirit. BEAUTIFUL. He helped me to be more of an agent than an object. To act with faith....

When he left the room, unable to shake our hands because there were too many of us, I just bawled. I looked around and paid attention to what I was much love. I saw every one of my companions there at the same time, at the same place and thought.."This is it..I am going to be home...and I do not know when I will see these wonderful sisters again.." My companions had all shaped me and helped me to become who I am today....and I love them...I departed from my companion Hermana Vilchez that day and left her with her new companion. I went off to visit Chilimarca.

Seeing Chilimarca brought so many memories to my mind. It was my first area where it all began. I was able to see the Callata Family, the Mollericona Family, and a few members more. The Teran family...I stood at their doorstep remembering my very first night there..with 2 days in Bolivia and 1 day in the mission field. Standing there with Hermana Donoso, my trainer with my luggages. Then pulling them up 3 flights of stairs..entering a birthday party. I remember the picture we took..and boy did I look fat in that picture. Haha.

I left Chilimarca that night. Knowing that I would probably not go back until who knows...

My last sunday, I was in Villa Luz. Unfortunately I was unable to see the Martinez Family...which was really sad, but I snuck into their home and left a photo on their dining table. Hehe...I always was welcomed in their home even when they weren't home anyways. I was able to see my pensionista, Rosmery and her daughters. I saw the Balderrama Family....I felt the bittersweetness of it all. After a night of visiting and catching up with a few of the folks in Villa Luz, I went back to Cala Cala to reunite with Hermana Wingate, my companion until I got home. We honestly stayed up all night because it couldn't get wrapped around our minds that we were going home. We talked all night about all of the things we learned and went through. I love Hermana Wingate...we both have grown these 18 months.

Next morning we got up and got ready for our last day. We had breakfast. Chilled. Did our hair. Went to get a taxi and headed down to the mission home for lunch and our family home evening with our mission president and wife. It was really sweet...and it was full of tears...and happy faces. After that, we got sent off in the taxi with our luggages and we were off to the airport.

I went from Cochabamba to Santa Cruz, from Santa Cruz to Panama, from Panama to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Hawaii.  Lots of traveling. But honestly all I just wanted was to be home. I was TIRED. Haha.

I got home. I am home. I am happy. I miss the mission...but I am happy. I have been thinking a lot of the things I learned on the mission. I ask myself, "Have I changed?" I talk to a few people that I knew before going on a mission...and the answer is yes....I feel so different...but different in a way of being so much more happier...stronger..and a disciple of Christ.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hermana San-flecha

I have developed the reputation here in the mission for being a "flecha". Those who served spanish missions, probably understand what I mean by "flecha". I am a flecha, or in English, I am an is an arrow? Its sharp, its straight, it goes in one means to be obedient, to enforce the rules as it is, and to sometimes, ocassionally, tell others that what should be done and what shouldn´t. I am not going to lie. I have changed a lot after these 18 months, and I am no longer afraid for standing up for what´s right....if I have to walk out of a movie theatre because its inappropriate, I´ll do it. If a person is mistaken, of course as a missionary, I´ll tell them otherwise, but with LOVE. I learned that.....I know at home I have been known as this type of person also, but I learned to do it better. Mom and dad always called me the police cop at home, but really this is different. I had definitely found the joy in being obedienct with exactness.....After being sister training leader, I developed this...I overcame the fear of correcting other them (better said). I was really scared at first because I didn´t want to offend or make them feel bad, but I learned to do it in a way that is loving and helpful. The Lord helped me with this...and because of that, I can see how I can improve and as well as those who I´m will to speak up to. An elder asked me this past week, "Hermana Santeco have you always been a flecha your whole mission?" I honestly didn´t know how to understand. But at the same time, as a human being I felt bad to here such a question....because sometimes when I speak up, I get teased for saying if I suck out the fun of things. But my perspective changed. I know that the Savior recognizes that I want to obedient and that this is HIS MISSION and it was and is never mine. Because of that, I can never say, "in my mission my mission that." Its THE MISSION...the mission of the savior.
I was able to go to the temple this past saturday. (mother I bought you garments, you got lucky). It was my last session here in Bolivia. We did a session with our mission president and wife. It was a beautiful session. I sat in the celestial room remembering the first night I arrived in Cochabamba and went straight to do a session in the temple....and then there I was in the temple for the last time. I love the temple here. Its a special place. After the session, I had my final interview with president Hansen. Everyone says that its really trunky, because president asks us to bring documents of things....a list of things we learned in the mission, a list of things we seek in a future spouce, and our testimony. It was a beautiful interview. It was really heart touching for me because I could really feel content for what I did in the mission. I don´t regret anything.....he first asked me how I felt about the mission and he asked which companions I had, that had a huge influence on me. I reflected and just in tears, I could feel the spiritual growth I had throughout these 18 months....then we went over the documents. He explained to me how I should be looking for a husband (funny stuff, I will tell you bout that stuff when i get home), and he read my testimony. I love being a missionary...
Towards the end of the interview, he tells me, "Hermana Santeco, I am really happy with you. I am happy that you are a flecha. I can't think of a greater compliment than to be thought of as a flecha for one's entire mission." I teared up more because honestly I felt that no one here sometimes can see me for who I really am and what intentions I have to be better each day. Then he tells me, "You know what hermana santeco? You need not to worry for being one. I am a flecha too. Joseph Smith was a flecha. President Monson is a flecha. But most of all, Jesus Christ was a flecha and we are all supporting your side." I could feel that God was content with me and with the desires of my heart. President Hansen told me that he knows that I won´t be one of those returned missionaries that go inactive. I told him, that I will sure stay active. How can I ever go inactive after all the things I learned here?
I can not believe that my time here is really running thin. I realize each day, that I love Bolivia...that it is really hard for me to say goodbye. I called one of my converts and met up with her a bit ago and I could feel how hard it was for her to realize that I´m leaving.....I ran into two members from my first ward yesterday who moved to my last area. The first thing they told me was, "hermana santeco! you are talking really well now!!!" Hahaha.....after so much time...i can finally speak...I can connect with the people here. Bolivia has taken captive over my heart...but mostly the Savior. After these 18 months I have really came to know my Savior and Redeemer more. I have seen the imperfections I have and seen how much I do need my Savior. I am nothing compared to Him, but with Him, each day I can become more like Him. I love being a missionary and I am sure going to miss being one, but I must keep moving on.
I know this is my last email in the mission field. But know that I love you all......It is really bittersweet for me to write this and ponder on the wonderful things that I have experienced here....I testify that our Lord lives and loves us. I know that we are in the true gospel. I know that we are His hands. He needs us more than ever to serve Him, whereever it shall be. At home, in the mission. Wherever. I love this gospel. I love the Savior and the example His has set for us. He has blessed my life tremendously for what He has done for us and what He continues to do for us.
I am a flecha and I love the way that I am. I have a reputation in the mission here as a flecha. An obedient one who enforces the rules that sometimes others think I cant have fun. I know that people look at me such a way, but i know that the Lord recognizes that I do it because i found happiness in being exactly obedient...and no one can tell me otherwise if i do something wrong...i love the savior enough to do it and continue to push myself to be more obedient each day. And that way....we do really become closer to our Savior and become more like Him...

I will see you in a week! I love you,
Hermana Santeco

PS: If I gotten fat.....its because this past week and probably this week I am eating a lot because my pensionista loves me and wants me to enjoy the food while I am still out here.
PPS: I wont be able to receive more emails after this. Just wait til I get home.
PPPS: We went to incachaca today. It was a beautiful hike that reminded me of Hawaii.

Ready or Not...Here I come!!!

I am no longer sad...well until right now. I prayed super hard to find a way to accept that I am going home...and I accepted it and I feel so much better. I am actually really happy that I am going home. I can not wait to sleep on sundays....I am not going to lie. I think my body is giving up slowly as I keep doing the same things everyday. But do not get me wrong, I am not TRUNKY! I am  just ready to go home. Haha.
Yesterday we had a baptism. It is probably my last baptism I will have here. It was an interesting experience. It was so interesting that I went for a "swim" and  got a little wet as I lifted up my dress to see if the water was leaving the font. It was really funny really.......why are they so complicated to fill up and to heat up??? I ask myself, are the baptismal fonts the same in the states? Haha..... I enjoyed getting in the font......I miss entering waters.
I love the pension. They already had known me since day one for eating a lot. The elders asked me one day, "hermana santeco,  how do you each soooo much?? where did you put it all???" then the next day they tell me, "hey hermana santeco, my companion and I had been talking about this all day and we think we know how you do it.  We came up with a logical reason why and how you can eat and not get fat." I would tell you the response...but its too funny that I will just have to tell you when I get home what they told me. hahaha. one day i finished eating my lunch and said to my pensionista,  "hey hermana angelica, what are we going to have for dinner?" she laughed so hard and said, "hermana santeco! you just ate and now you are thinking about dinner?!"  I am going to miss her food.

We went to the temple and had our zone conference with president. It was a beautiful session. I love going to the temple. I really look forward to going to the temple often at home. I had to give my last testimony in our zone conference. I did not cry. Mission accomplished. I did fine and my spanish did not suck inspite of the nerves I had. This morning I read something in English for my companion. My mouth was so confused.....
I only have 2 weeks left- ready or not here I come!  One more letter after this!!!
I love you all,
Hermana Santeco                          
PS: funny note. i saw a fresh cow tail cutted off from the cow itself.......walking in the street.   

Monday, August 3, 2015

Es Agosto!

Que rapido! Es agosto! The time is flying and soon I will be flying in an airplane. This week.....I was able to be in America this week with my sister training leader for a companion exchange. America was the place where I had my first companion exchange in the mission. Isnt that crazy? My first and last companion exchange in the mission was in the same area, same pension....same was really weird to go back because we would walk down the same roads where I walked about 17 months ago with my first STL, Hermana Flores. I remember not speaking so much because Spanish was hard. But when I walked into that house and searched the Hermana who lived with us, I screamed and said, "HERMANA!! DE TANTO TIEMPO!!" It was bittersweet. I was able to see the same sister landlord that continues to live in the same house. She asked me to bless the food during lunch and after the prayer she said, "100% spanish! ya puede hablar!" Time flies...and it continues to fly. 

We have another baptism this week. Isn't that crazy? We are going to see how the lessons go because we still have to teach him a little more to help him feel ready for the big day! I am running in circles these days now, trying to find a member to be with my companion so she won't be alone when I leave, trying to find a member to accompany to visit my ex/areas so I'm not alone....calling people that I can't remember their names nor their phone number...I am doing lots of stuff. 

I learned more words in spanish....I'm lucky because my companion is still new in the mission and because of that, she remembers the language better hahaha. And she helps me a lot. I am hoping that I can be understood when I get home because they tell me sometimes I speak Boliviano! 

Its been super hot here...and I can't imagine how hot it is at home.

They made me share my last testimony in our zone meeting this past week. I cried like a baby. I don't want to go but I'm coming home!

Tomorrow we will be going to the temple and having Zone conference with our mission president. Its going to be a beautiful day!

I feel that I don't write a lot to you guys now that I feel that time has gotten shorter and my mind is constantly occupied with thoughts and fears of going home, but its a beautiful adventure really.

So next week....I'll be writing again. then the next monday, again. then the following, I'm flying out!!!!

I love you,

Hna Santeco

PS. We walked a whole lot in the dirt this companion copies my she loves me.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Diecisiete meses

I am absolutely content. This week was a lot of work....and lot of walking. I thought I escaped from bloqueos y paros.....blockages and strikes, but...there was one in my area...hahaha but it is nothing compared to Potosi thank goodness. They  just blocked off the street the whole day and so we had to walk allllll day without going in autos to take us farther down the road. I was joking around with my companion saying, "I thought I left the strikes in Potosi! They keep following me." Which reminds me...the strike continues in Potosi...its been 3 weeks already. 

I am getting my luggage fixed. I am no way going to buy a new one. I realized that there isnt just one wheel that is broken. Two wheels....dang Potosi burnt off my wheels walking down that road. Haha. Good memories.

This week we also had a baptism. We completed a family and the Lord really prepared this family to accept that gospel. Jose's father got baptized three weeks ago and just recieved the priesthood yesterday and that very same day, baptized his son. Oh was he nervous, but he did great. This family is really special. They will be getting sealed in the temple in a year. I love seeing people get blessed from the gospel. 

We did a special number in the baptism...I sang again and I was sooooo nervous again. Our mission president and the temple president were present in our baptism too......But it turned out great! But dang....I was shaking in my skirt. 

I know you are all excited for me to come home.....that you WOULD tell me that I'm invited to a wedding on my very first saturday being back at home.......that just made me shiver....where is time going. 

I have been studying a lot in the mornings finding ways to really ponder on the things that I learned throughout the mission and really see if I'm applying those things right now. I have been reading my diary to remember everything that happened. I developed really bad memory being out here for so long and doing the same thing everyday, but I have grown so much grateful for my diary and now I'm writing everyday because really...I am forgetting a lot of stuff. But I read it every night before I go to bed and I tell my companion all of the funniest things that happened to me in the mission. For example, that one time that I went to the doctors to do some immigration paper work and we had to do a few tests. I was sitting in line waiting for the nurse to tell me to come in to take out my blood. I was sitting next to a few elders who were north american. They were coming out and going in the bathroom to fill up their cup with their urine. One elder said that he had so much pee that he could have filled up his cup even more, but his cup was already really full. And the other elder said that he didn't have anything to give. He couldn't pee out anything. Then after a few moments, one of them asks me, "Hey Hermana. Where are you from?" I told him that I was from the States. He was soooo embarassed and said, "Oh my gosh! You understood everything we said!" They thought I was latin...and that I didn't speak English. Funnyyyyy...I laughed out loud reading about that day.

I am filling out my diary with lots of memories worth remembering...I am really going to miss the mission. I am really going to miss the authority I have to teach and to preach the gospel. Just gotta enjoy it til the end right? I love being a missionary and I hate how fast its ending, but we just keep swimming. 

Love you all and this is my week! 

Love you,
Hermana Santeco

my pensionista feeds me well. 

im living with a dog named spy. 

eating soooooommmeeee grinds boliviano!

we both wear glasses!

Monday, July 20, 2015

I Love it all. I Love the mission

One week into the last transfer and I am just slowly accepting that my time in the mission is coming to an end. You have no idea how sad I am. Everyone keeps reminding me everyday, "Hermana Santeco, ya se va a ir a casa. Ya no le falta mucho." o "esta es mi compañera, ella es chinita y ya se va a ir en 5 semanas." I just laugh. I laugh and say, "Si se que me falta poco pero igual trabajo." I am going to miss the mission a whole lot.

My first week training Hna Vilchez was really humbling for me. This very same area is when my trainer, Hna Donoso finished the mission. I told hna Donoso in an email, "hey! voy a terminar donde terminó usted!" she was so happy. This area is great. Its HUGE and it has lots of potential. It apparently has a reputation for having a baptism every week...and that is actually a lot of pressure for us, but the Lord is really helping us...and we have a baptism this coming Sunday and maybe one more in two weeks. We are working. Now that I´m training when I have a lot more time in the mission, I can see a huge difference of how I trained Hna Trujillo and how I am now training hna Vilchez. I know what I´m doing...and I know how to help her adjust to the mission life.

I have to start preparing myself for my last interview with the mission president. One of the things I have to come prepared with is a list of things I learned in the mission....I started to list it out and I just look at it and learned a whole lot...and I love it. I can´t imagine life without serving a mission. Without being in Bolivia. Without knowing spanish...I love the culture here. The food. The people. This mission is so unique. An elder that is going home next week asked me, "Hna Santeco, what where your most memorable moments you had in the mission? your highlights? the things you don´t hear often from other missions?" I came to a conclusion of 4 things. 1. I bathed a 86 year old woman, 2. I help kill 120 ducks and pluck off its feathers. 3. I trimmed old people´s toenails in an elderly home. 4. I got chased out of Potosi by miners with Dynamite. I love this mission so much....and I love the things that I am learning and experiencing. I know that I can´t experience these things in no other place and no other moment in my life. I love being a missionary and I can say that more and more each day.

I dread the day that I go home. I dread it so much because I feel that the real life is hard compared to the mission...but its something I need to face.

My companion and I had a great lesson yesterday. We were with our mission leader and the investigator we are teaching. We invited him to be baptized and he actually told us that he was waiting for us to invite him to be baptized. I loved the spirit that we felt. I love feeling the spirit.

Today we went out as a zone to play paintball. Funnest thing ever. Loved it. I love the zone. All of the sisters in our zone are training this transfer. Its pretty cool.

But this is my email. I only got 4 more emails to go...where did the time go.

Se que esta iglesia es verdadera....y que Dios nos llama a hacer Su que Él me ama y me conoce. Se que Él me ha llamado para servirle aca en Bolivia. Estoy tan agradecida por el evangelio restaurado...que se restauró por un profeta...José Smith....gracias a Dios y Su plan perfecto, podemos obtener la vida eterna.

Con mucho mucho amor,

Hna Santeco

potosi!!!!! walking with luggages and all and last district photo

Monday, July 13, 2015

Second Daughter, Last Transfer

So......I am in Sucre. We left Potosi this morning....I have been transferered out and it looks like I´m training this last transfer and second time training. It looks like that my time is flying faster each day.

So I have a long story to tell...I don´t want you to worry, but to know that I´m safe and out of Potosi finally haha. There has been a huge strike going on in Potosi and it has been a week already. But in this strike, they close down everything. Stores, restaurants...everything. There aren´t any cars, taxis, or buses. Nothing. I liked it in the beginning because everyone was home and my companion and I could find lots of people home, but as the days past....people left Potosi because of the strike. The dangers of the strike was the fact that a few people still continued to open their stores, drive, or open their restaurants. And that....caused lots of angry people to come by with sticks and motors to tell them to close their shop. We witnessed a few things....people throwing rocks at cars...a bomb go off....marches....but these past days it has gone bad. Mineros...mine workers are angry with the government here. I honestly do not know a lot that is going on because we do not watch not news, but poor Potosi is fighting the government for a few causes. There are apparently mine workers walking around Potosi with Dynamite...and because stores are closed, the stock of food is going down. Everyone is running out of food...but the strike continues...once again, as I tell you of these things, I do it because the missionaries in Potosi need your prayers and because I have escaped from the chaos. 

There is apparently no way to get out of Potosi. What they do here in Bolivia when they are protesting or on strike is leave rocks in the middle of the road. Lots of rocks so cars can not pass by. Getting out of Potosi reminded me of two things...the halocaust and a war movie. We got up at 3:45am to have my pensionista and her boyfriend drive us to meet up with other missionaries and a member to accompany us to walk 10 miles to where we were to meet the car that took us to Sucre. I was honestly scared and on a verge of tears......I was already sad for leaving Potosi, but leaving like this was terrible. Haha. We were lucky to find a way to walk less..finding cars between closed off roads (with rocks), but after we had to walk a little more with our luggages......we walked tso much that the Elder that was helping me with my of the wheels burnt off. We walked past a bunch of mine workers...drunk and probably with dynamite.....I swear I was praying the whole way..we finally got to the place where the car was waiting with the other missionaries coming from Cochabamba to enter Potosi. We ran.....and we saw mine workers running behind us....drunk and wanting us to stop. Not wanting us to leave. It was a huge group of them.....They wanted to flatten the tires of the cars so that we would not been able to leave. They attempted, but it did not work. Then I heard, "Well then, lets bring out the dynamite." The member who accompanied us kept saying, "Let them leave. They are from the church!" I just started to tear up...and I just wanted to leave.......We got in the car and ran off from the mob and headed out. But the roads were blocked and so we had to drive up hills and mountains of rock......we got lost a few times....a road that we couldn´t pass, we couldn´t have passed it in 15 minutes, but going through stony roads that weren´t even roads, we got back to the same route in 2 hours. Then we had to go through the same and arrive to Sucre at noon.We had to push the stick shift car up the hills...and choose between fork paths many times.....I swear.....the Lord has helped us escape and has protected us from harm......Everyone told us that we wouldn´t make it, but we did. And tonight I´ll be going to Cochabamba in a bus ride of 8 hours.

I found out about my transfer early. I found out friday night, but I only knew that I was going to Cochabamba. I had to pack early and prepare to leave. I was really sad...really sad to leave Potosi because I don´t know when I´ll ever go back. I had grown to love so many people there and leaving them was really hard. But I had seen the fruits of our labors this transfer...and the area and ward will be blessed with a few baptisms this month as I leave it with Hna Barzola. I am hoping that it can continue to progress.

Last night when I found out that I was going to train, I honestly didn´t know what to think. I am really happy though because I´m pretty stoked to work hard til the end. My new companion is Hna Vilchez from Nicaragua and she is new. Brand new in the mission. I´ll be finishing training her. I know that Lord calls and gives revelation to God´s children. I have been released to serve as Sister training leader and its really bittersweet....I had learned so much and I still have so much to learn yet.

I am going to miss Potosi so much and I hope that its not too cold in Cochabamba. I don´t think it is. But I am sure I can handle it after being in Potosi. I know that the Lord guides and protects His servants. Here´s too 6 more weeks as a missionary and representative of Christ. I need to live it to the very last.

I love you all. I hope I didn´t worry you. But know that I am safe.
Hna Santeco

PS: I can´t attach photos today. Sorry. Junk internet place. USB slots are jammed.

NEWS LINK --> Demonstrators of Potosi Department shout slogans against Bolivia's President Evo Morales government in La Paz

Monday, July 6, 2015

A little White 4th of July

It snowed on the 4th of July here in Potosi. Not like in Utah or in the states, but it snowed! We were walking in the street with a member to visit an investigator and it started to snow! Falling snow from the sky and all! The downside is that I forgot to bring my companion forgot to bring hers too...but we were walking in snow!! Snow that melted after a few moments,but it was snow...and it is because it has gotten SUPER mas colder here in Potosi. The wind kills me and my hands are dying. But I am putting on more clothes...mas y mas. 

This week....this fast did it go..just 7 more weeks and I will be home. We spent Pday in Sucre last week and we were able to eat some italian food that tasted like Mac and Cheese (that didnt matter to me because I miss me some Mac and Cheese) and we went to visit my companions old area there. After that we went to go visit Leticia in the hospital, our investigator in Potosi, but in Sucre to receive radiotherapy. It was really nice to see her. She aprpreciates your prayers, mom. She is a strong woman....the whole way from Potosi to sucre I thought deeply about the wonderful people that I am meeting here and learning to love...a less member who is a returned missionary said this, "If anything...what I remembered most and treasure the most is knowing that I really had learned to love the people in the mission". I in that very moment was realizing that its what I am treasuring the most right now...I love the people here. They arent perfect, but I unconditionally love them. For their culture, their smiles, and love and spirit. This...I am really going to miss. And I cant believe I am saying this, but I will even miss their food. Because there is nothing like it at home. Maybe a few things, but it just wont be the same after. This is the last week of this transfer and we will be entering my last transfer which means for me to work even harder and to dedicate this time to the Lord. I had grown to love Leticia....for being even one of my greatest examples of faith and strength...along with my own mother. 

We learned a whole lot in the Leadership training workshop in Cochabamba with President Hansen. I did hear the news about same-sex marriage being legalized in all states....and that just broke my heart and brought me the biggest preocupation for future and present families. But just as mom said, I have also grown even more grateful for the gospel for providing us a way to remember that Gods laws will always be greater than mans....and that we hate the sin and love the sinner. We made a huge new focus as missionaries to focus on the importance of families...of a father, a mother, and their children.....I can testify that marriage is ordained by God....that is is essencial for man and women to bring forth Gods children in the Lords way...Its essencial according to Gods plan for His children...I do hope and pray that we as a generation can prepare ourselves now and strengthen ourselves for what else Satan is preparing to attack the families with...I just know that the Lord will always win and provide a way for us to overcome the difficulties of life...

That very same night in Cochabamba I was able to go to the Cochabamba temple to do a was what I needed and what my sould hungered for after 5 months of being outside of Cocha. The interesting part is that I was able to do a few parts in the temple in English because the sisters that were there working were from the states...and it was WEIRD....but a lot more meaningful for me...because I can understand better...hahaha but I loved being at the temple and enjoying of its blessings and power. 

Our Ward is doing a whole lot better...with a bishop who is ready to work...our ward is beginning to become unified again. After being without a bishop for 5 months.....we are working miracles together. I loved it...and I can see that the Lord really calls those He prepares. 

I am hoping that as members of the church, we can reread the Family Proclamation to the World and hang it up on the wall to remember what Church Doctrine is and what isnt. I am so grateful for the gospel and the blessings that come forth from it....

I love my companion for helping me to learn of these things...for allowing me to work with her and to grow with her. I love having a companion...and I can see how having one will always help each one of us improve and grow spiritually.....

I love being a missionary and I love Potosi...even if its cold...and that I cant breathe at 13,420 feet above sea level...

just to tell a little of what i learned this week. i learned this: being a homemaker is much more important than being a doctor, lawyer, school teacher.....the lord trusts Gods daugthers to raise his children.....being a mom is more important.