Monday, August 3, 2015

Es Agosto!

Que rapido! Es agosto! The time is flying and soon I will be flying in an airplane. This week.....I was able to be in America this week with my sister training leader for a companion exchange. America was the place where I had my first companion exchange in the mission. Isnt that crazy? My first and last companion exchange in the mission was in the same area, same pension....same was really weird to go back because we would walk down the same roads where I walked about 17 months ago with my first STL, Hermana Flores. I remember not speaking so much because Spanish was hard. But when I walked into that house and searched the Hermana who lived with us, I screamed and said, "HERMANA!! DE TANTO TIEMPO!!" It was bittersweet. I was able to see the same sister landlord that continues to live in the same house. She asked me to bless the food during lunch and after the prayer she said, "100% spanish! ya puede hablar!" Time flies...and it continues to fly. 

We have another baptism this week. Isn't that crazy? We are going to see how the lessons go because we still have to teach him a little more to help him feel ready for the big day! I am running in circles these days now, trying to find a member to be with my companion so she won't be alone when I leave, trying to find a member to accompany to visit my ex/areas so I'm not alone....calling people that I can't remember their names nor their phone number...I am doing lots of stuff. 

I learned more words in spanish....I'm lucky because my companion is still new in the mission and because of that, she remembers the language better hahaha. And she helps me a lot. I am hoping that I can be understood when I get home because they tell me sometimes I speak Boliviano! 

Its been super hot here...and I can't imagine how hot it is at home.

They made me share my last testimony in our zone meeting this past week. I cried like a baby. I don't want to go but I'm coming home!

Tomorrow we will be going to the temple and having Zone conference with our mission president. Its going to be a beautiful day!

I feel that I don't write a lot to you guys now that I feel that time has gotten shorter and my mind is constantly occupied with thoughts and fears of going home, but its a beautiful adventure really.

So next week....I'll be writing again. then the next monday, again. then the following, I'm flying out!!!!

I love you,

Hna Santeco

PS. We walked a whole lot in the dirt this companion copies my she loves me.

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