Monday, July 27, 2015

Diecisiete meses

I am absolutely content. This week was a lot of work....and lot of walking. I thought I escaped from bloqueos y paros.....blockages and strikes, but...there was one in my area...hahaha but it is nothing compared to Potosi thank goodness. They  just blocked off the street the whole day and so we had to walk allllll day without going in autos to take us farther down the road. I was joking around with my companion saying, "I thought I left the strikes in Potosi! They keep following me." Which reminds me...the strike continues in Potosi...its been 3 weeks already. 

I am getting my luggage fixed. I am no way going to buy a new one. I realized that there isnt just one wheel that is broken. Two wheels....dang Potosi burnt off my wheels walking down that road. Haha. Good memories.

This week we also had a baptism. We completed a family and the Lord really prepared this family to accept that gospel. Jose's father got baptized three weeks ago and just recieved the priesthood yesterday and that very same day, baptized his son. Oh was he nervous, but he did great. This family is really special. They will be getting sealed in the temple in a year. I love seeing people get blessed from the gospel. 

We did a special number in the baptism...I sang again and I was sooooo nervous again. Our mission president and the temple president were present in our baptism too......But it turned out great! But dang....I was shaking in my skirt. 

I know you are all excited for me to come home.....that you WOULD tell me that I'm invited to a wedding on my very first saturday being back at home.......that just made me shiver....where is time going. 

I have been studying a lot in the mornings finding ways to really ponder on the things that I learned throughout the mission and really see if I'm applying those things right now. I have been reading my diary to remember everything that happened. I developed really bad memory being out here for so long and doing the same thing everyday, but I have grown so much grateful for my diary and now I'm writing everyday because really...I am forgetting a lot of stuff. But I read it every night before I go to bed and I tell my companion all of the funniest things that happened to me in the mission. For example, that one time that I went to the doctors to do some immigration paper work and we had to do a few tests. I was sitting in line waiting for the nurse to tell me to come in to take out my blood. I was sitting next to a few elders who were north american. They were coming out and going in the bathroom to fill up their cup with their urine. One elder said that he had so much pee that he could have filled up his cup even more, but his cup was already really full. And the other elder said that he didn't have anything to give. He couldn't pee out anything. Then after a few moments, one of them asks me, "Hey Hermana. Where are you from?" I told him that I was from the States. He was soooo embarassed and said, "Oh my gosh! You understood everything we said!" They thought I was latin...and that I didn't speak English. Funnyyyyy...I laughed out loud reading about that day.

I am filling out my diary with lots of memories worth remembering...I am really going to miss the mission. I am really going to miss the authority I have to teach and to preach the gospel. Just gotta enjoy it til the end right? I love being a missionary and I hate how fast its ending, but we just keep swimming. 

Love you all and this is my week! 

Love you,
Hermana Santeco

my pensionista feeds me well. 

im living with a dog named spy. 

eating soooooommmeeee grinds boliviano!

we both wear glasses!

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