Monday, December 29, 2014

Te hallaré mi querido amigo

This week was a week to remember. We went to a ward activity to visit a old folk´s home...its called a retiredship home in English I think?? But we went and it was interesting...and so humbling. We arrived there and thinking we would just be talking and singing Christmas songs to the old folks...but no...oh no. hahaha we enter we greet them and the workers tell us, "Put on some gloves and grab some clippers cuz we are going to cut their toenails...but dont worry they are cleanly and bathed well." We looked at each other not knowing how to react, but we put on some gloves and we grabbed some clippers and began to trim toenails. Many of the people there are uncapable of speaking nor thinking for themselves. It was such a pity but a humbling experience really. I would begin to take off their shoes and try not to breathe in....but it was a must. Lots of hairy toes, ingrowned toenails, and who knows what....I would begin to trim and then I´ll ask them, how old are you? Then they´ll they me. I´m 92 years old. Wow...I´m trimming toenails off of a 92 year old man. What a priviledge. But really it was. I got more to tell my kids about the mission life. I had already bathed a 80 year old women and now I´m trimming off toenails. The life of the learn so much haha. A few of them old men blew me some kisses...and tried to hug my companion. As for the old ladies...they gave a good smack on the behind to one of the elders and gave him a kiss on the cheek because she wouldn´t let him reject was hilarious. When we went to visit the old ladies, it was even more humbling to see so many old ladies.....special ladies who are daughters of God. One of them could speak. She was so friendly so I took some time to get to know her. She was telling me how grateful she was to God to have her sent to this place that takes care of her and gives her the love that she needs. But then she began to cry. She also told me that sometimes she feels like her children had forgotten her there and has left her. But overall she is content with life to be able to spend Christmas with others who are left in the same situation. It broke my heart to hear her express her worries and hope of being happy in a place full of others like her. There was also another lady in a wheelchair who was obviously depressed. She told me that many of them suffer from the fact that their children had left them there.....but they are so grateful that we had came to visit them. They asked us when we would come back. We also heard that we were on the news that day......hahahaha. It was a wonderful experience. It broke my heart but helped me to really lose myself to serve others. And mom and dad, don´t worry, I will not let you guys go to such a place like wayyyy jose.

Hermana Rosmery, our pensionista took really good care of us on Christmas. We had a christmas dinner on christmas eve. It was sooooo delicious. The elders danced and sang christmas songs. We laughed all night. Its a tough time here during the holidays, because no one is home and finding people to teach is a struggle. But we are working hard as we can to find people. On Christmas morning I woke up soooooo trunky missing home. I had never felt sooooo home sick before. I hated it. hahaha. I was so nervous to skype you guys that day that I swear I went to the bathroom 12 times that morning. Our bishop was so kind to lend us his house, his computers, and internet to skype you all. It was a blessing. To see you guys, brought me to tears. I was so happy to see each of you. It filled me up with so much joy. I am sooo happy Christmas is over though..hahaha The next day, I took down the Christmas trees that I did and changed things up in our house to start new and get ready for New Years because I didn´t want to think about Christmas and how trunky I was. I want to work. 

To reflect at this time which I had these 10 past months away from home....I have seen many miracles...I was in an appointment with a less active member, her mother in law who is our investigator, and a member who was accompanying us in the lesson. We taught about the Restoration and I did it with all my heart and lots of love....testifying that these things were true. In this lesson, I was able to share the first vision and I held back my tears and I said it and looked directly in the eyes of the sisters. I felt the power and authority which I have in this calling and I felt the truthfulness of the message in my heart. I felt strongly impressed to invite her to be baptized and to be honest, I was always scared of inviting people to have a date to be baptized because they usually have their doubts or they tell us no. But when she had told us that from the very first visit with her, she had felt great peace and love directly into her heart...I knew that the spirit was working through her and the Lord has helped us to achieve to bring the spirit into her life. I looked directly at her and saw her as a spirit and daughter of God dying for us to invite her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and to receive His many blessings. I invited her......"A medida que ore y reciba su respuesta, seguirá el ejemplo de Jesucristo y sea bautizada por alguien que tenga el sacerdocio?" She told me yes of course....then I asked if she would prepare to be baptized on 31 de Enero..."Tendremos un servicio bautismal el 31 de enero. Se preparará para ser bautizada ese día?" Ella me dijo..she told me. "me prepararé...I will prepare myself". That very moment, my heart was full and the tears began to fall. I was tremendously happy to hear her tell me that she would prepare herself to be baptized...I felt that in that very moment that I was truly an instrument of God and that He has prepared her in this time to know the Gospel. 
I read Te Hallaré mi querido amigo this morning. And i think about that day before I went to the airport..when we ate at Jack in the box and mom and I were crying as i waited to eat my taco. Because she told me about that story that grandpa left behind for us to read and mom said, "They found me". I´m finding those people that I had promised to find in this life to be able to receive the many blessings from our Heavenly Father. I am working on leaving that story with investigators and our recent converts. Its sucha beautiful story.
My companion and I are having a blast together. I had never laughed so hard in the mission before. She makes me laugh so hard that I think I´ll be using my inhaler. haha. We laugh all the time in the day, in the street. She teaches me so much about being a strong person. I was able to know her and her past and her struggles. She has gone through so much and I respect her for that.

With new year coming up, we had made a few goals for the year 2015. As I had set my goals, I had realized of the many wonderful things that are yet to come in this new year. Gabriel will be getting his mission call, Marvy´s gonna be a mom, mom and dad are going to be grandparents, I´m gonna be an aunt!, we´ll be able to do Grandma´s work in the temple..I´ll be coming home!:..and many wonderful things. I don´t doubt that there will be trials...I know that there will be...but I made the goal to put into practice everything which I had learn into my daily life. The mission trains you for life..

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season together! Have a happy new year! Un feliz año nuevo! Thank you for the christmas gifts. For the two trunky shirts...hahaha the chocolates...the card. the letters. My companion and I are going to make sushi today in the house with the things you had sent me. We also have a trampoline at our house from the family we live with....I´m pretty stoked! Hahaha. I miss you allllll sooooo much. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Les amo!!!
Hna Santeco

Monday, December 22, 2014

I´ll be in Bolivia for Christmas

LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACIAS POR TODO!!!!!!!!   se que no soy perfecto pero siempre voy estar carda uno de ustedes cualquier coas que necesita :):) en verdad Les Quiero!!! 

I´m sooooo sure you are all busy with your christmas plans with our family from Thailand in Hawaii. It makes me so happy that you all get to be together and to enjoy the holiday seasons. Enjoy it!!!! :) 

Something that I loved about the Christmas Conference with Presidente Hansen was a quote said by Elder Bednar. "Permiten que su absencia de su familia en casa sea un testigo de su amor por su Redentor". Allow that your absence from your family at home be a witness of your love for your redeemer. It helped me a lot to be able to keep my thoughts on the work and be motivated to share the message of Jesus Christ with others. Last night we had a Christmas Conference with President. It was beautiful. He showed us the video of the Piano Guys with David Archuleta singing the song....what´s it called? But all I know is that it says, Glooooooriaaaa....hark the angels herald sing...there it is...that´s the name haha. I loved the part when all the angels are watching the little boy Jesus in the arms of Mary. I loved hearing testimonies of how we knew that we were there in the pre-mortal life rejoicing about the birth of Christ.....its such a joy really.
I am so excited to skype with you guys this week. Just to give you a heads up...just like last time when we skyped, if I am late to log in its because there are a few complications with internet.....or finding a place to skype.....I´m in Bolivia...and its a struggle to find a place.... :( but hopefully things goes well in Bishop´s house. Fingers crossed..and lots of prayers. I wish I could talk with you guys for more than 40 minutes...but I must be obedient and make use of those 40 minutes wisely. I warn you that my english terrible. I´m better at typing than speaking. I can´t even teach formal english to my companions anymore because I don´t know what is right..haha. 
So I am with Hermana Muralles from Guatemala. She is a good missionary. There is no such thing as a bad missionary. They had closed one of the areas in our there were a few changes of boundaries of every area. Our area is bigger...and I have so much to learn and to get to know. It so happens though that every missionary in our ward practically has to open an area...and so we are all going to be getting to know our area and the members. We are praying so hard that we will be guided to do so. But ever since I got here, I find joy in learning my way around and getting lost here and there just to become an expert of the names of the streets and who lives where and what is there....its the first time..well I only had two areas..but its the first time that I have to get to know an area by the names of the street. Because my first area was according to stores..bus stops..and what nots...I got so used to that, that learning an area for its street, it takes getting used to. Being the one who is supposed to know the area when it comes to me and my companion, pushes me a whole lot to work and to look for people to teach. Now that its the week of the holidays and one is home....or they are home but they don´t want us to let us in their homes...or they´re traveling....or they don´t believe in Jesus. Its been a rough week and we are hoping to not let those little things keep us from keep trying. To be honest I do miss Hermana Callata. I was able to see her last night at the conference. I miss all of my old companions. But I do enjoy meeting new sisters and being able to learn more from each and every one of them. 

With Hermana Muralles, we laugh all day in the street. She is a funny girl, but to be honest I can´t always understand what she says.......I´m still getting used to her Its been really cold with rain for two days and after that its been hot.......oh the weather in Bolivia. 
I am so blessed to be with an amazing Pensionista who loves missionaries and wants to make sure that we are able to have a wonderful Christmas. She will be doing a special dinner for us on Christmas eve. I love her so much...she is always worried about our well-being. 
We have a progressing investigator and she happily received an answer to her prayers to know if the church is true, if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the BOM, too..she accepted the baptismal date and she is progressing sooooo much...I feel tremendously blessed to be able to watch them grow closer to our Heavenly Father. 
Giovanna got her temple recommend. Our recent convert. We will be going to the temple with her the following week. 
To think about how the following week will be 2015.......wwwwwwoooooowwwww...oh how the year went by so fast. How is it that everything happens so quickly? 
I love you all so much....and I can´t wait to see you this thursday. One of the things I also loved last night from the conference was that President said that one of the recent returned missionaries from Bolivia said, "I love my family and I love my country, but my heart is still in Bolivia." I love being a missionary and I love that I get to serve the Lord during the holidays. Sure I do miss you all...but like it says at the beginning of this absence is a witness of my testimony of my Redeemer Jesus Christ. He lives. He loves us. And what a joy to know these things to be true. I´ll see you in a few! 
Hna Santeco
PS: The photos are from last night. Its the first time our group is together in Cochabamba. Hna Wingate, Hna Hansen, Hna Hullinger, and I. Whooo-hoo!!! 10 months out! And I also got to see Hna Donoso (my first companion in the field :)) Then also a foto with my new companion-hna Muralles. 
PPS: Presidente made it clear that I can only speak with family on skype and that friends should not be invited to be in our house while I speak with but its all good with me. I want to see your faces!!! not your faces being fed with ono food from the islands though..yeah??? haha...

here is a story by the way of one of the days i had this week...

i was walking in the street and one ant bite my foot.......and i was like...well its like my childhood when ants bite me...i havent gotten bitten by one for ages...then...we walk across the street...full of cars and in the midway...of going we have to stop to wait for cars to pass and my companion tells me that there are ANTS on the ground. i was looking at the other side of the ants crawling...then my feet (BOTH OF THEM) starts to hurt.......i look at my feet and there is like 20 of them on my foot biting me!!! i freaked out and wiped them off of me......ahhhhh!!! i hate was terrible.

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days in Counting!

rainbows!! its the first time i seen that here!!
gadiel graduated from high school

lazy dogs in the street......they make me jealous to sleep

pizza party with the bishopric

Giovi´s baptism

Bishop baptized her"!

Jimmy, Patrick, Giovana, and Kelly

lots of leis. but it wasn´t enough...

cool palm trees made of balloons.

doing decorations was but it fell through

we said bye to elder watts who is going home.
andddd we did secret santas with the girls who live with us.

Soooooo........did you know that Christmas is in 10 days???? and that I recieved the packages??????????!!! Thank you for the shoes!!! My shoes are tiiiiirraaaaaas these days. Its a miracle. lol. And the presents...thank you :´) and the letters.... :´´´´´´). It filled me up with so much joy and alegria. I felt as if I were holding home in my hands. 
Last pday we went to the orphanage to bring them presents. It was a precious day really. I met such wonderful angels and children of God. They were so happy to receive gifts and celebrate Christmas with us. I love doing service during the holidays!!! It makes me a cheery inside of me!
We had a baptism this saturday. Giovana got baptized :). Her daughter...we are still preparing her to be baptized. But we knew she needs more time to prepare and learn. I love her family! They are just amazing. The baptism went well. It was beautiful. Hearing her testimony of how the gospel changed her life made me feel that I had done the Lord´s work here....and it helped me to remember why I am here. It amazes me how after 6 weeks with her, she had gotten baptized. Hermana Callata and I had seen how the Lord has worked through her and how she has became a true convert. It fills me up with so much joy.

Within that very same day, we had the ward activity, Viaje a Hawaii. Because the baptism and the activity was on the same was a crazy day for my companion and I. We were in the chapel all day...from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. The only time we left was at 12 to go to lunch..then we ran back to the chapel to start the baptism. The decorations and the set ups were marvelous. It was wasn´t exactly like Hawaii, but the spirit was there. Everyone enjoyed themselves that day. 
The weather here is bipolar. Its supposed to rain cats and dogs here since november until february, but its been preeeeettttyyyy hot and dry here. It would rain for a hour and then it would go back to being hot. So I am pretty indecisive about buying myself we will seeeeeeee. 
And as for those transfers that we had since last night. I will be staying in Villa Luz, hna Callata will be in Tiquipaya ex-zona!!!! I´m super happy for her, plus she will be with Hermana Hulinger who came to the mission the same time as me. Immmm so happy for them! Andddd my new companion is Hermana Muralles! She is from Guatemala. Chevere!! I never liked cambios..transfers whatever its called. Because my heart always leave and change everything. But it has been a wonderful 2 transfers with Hermana Callata. We ended each cambio with a baptism and a rescue...reactivation. We saw many miracles together....we laughed, we cried, we fought a little lol, but we learned to love each other as sisters and companions. I´m pretty positive that I will be here until I make a full year out in the mission. I´m almost sure. I could be here for 3 more months..But I love it here really. I continually see the Lord´s hand with us helping along the way of everything. I never liked being the one who stays in the area because it gives me so much responsibilities....but at the same time I love it because it makes me work harder. I will be the only missionary in our ward that has been here the longest...who has the most time in this ward...and so...the pressure is but we have lots of activities coming up this month. I´m pretty stoked!!! 
I always think about christmas a year ago, when I truly had felt the reason why I want to be a missionary and to serve the Lord. I always wanted to bring a soul unto Christ, whether it be my own soul or of another´s. And I was able to bring, and Giovana....its a true joy really. 
But there is one thing I really want to change about myself....I want to be so much more humble. I want to be humble......I´m working hard on that. 10 days I will talk to you allllll on skypeeeeeee....I am so exciteddddddddddddddddd. I love you all...thank you for the letters and packages...I misssss you alllll so muchhh but I don´t want to be home...hehehehehe I just want to eat with you all. lol. But really. I wish you guys could be here with me too. so you can meet all the wonderful people here. 
And I am happy to be an aunty!!!!!! And you can´t name my nephew Riss......that´s a girls name! Maybe Marcus just to add a little of me in there..heheh jokes. but I do know what names I want to name my kids. My 6 future kids...:) yes I have a goal. Goals are good right??? 
les amo muchisimo. se cuiden y sigan adelante!!!!!
Hna Santeco
PS: I hope you have a funnnnnnnnnnnn adventureee with the Thai crew this Christmas!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Mission is a Rollercoaster Ride

Hellllllloooooooooooooooo family,
So I need you guys to do me a huge favor because I only have two more Pdays to get things situated for the Christmas Skype event that we are going to dooooo :). You have to be really especific with me and I hope you can tell me directly by the next time. I will be talking to you all on skype from my bishop`s house and he told me that we can skype at any hour you guys would like. I was given the choice from our mission president to be able to communicate with you guys on the 24th or the 25th, but to be honest, I would like to skype you guys on the 25th :) I just need the if you would please tell me what hour you want me to call...that would make things easier. And now also because I had been here for so long...I already had forgotten the time difference from here and there...please figure that out for me and tell me at what time I would need to call (Bolivia time) and also from what skype account (with username and login included)...I need all your help to get this figured out because I really don´t have time or permission to do all that stuff....hahaha but really pleaseeeee...I don´t want to worry about it. And one more thing...just to warn you and let you know, I will only have 30-40 minutes to talk to you prepare yourselves and write down your questions and what not so that we don´t kill the time just staring at each other...hahaha. but really. I´m serious. And I am soooo excited!!!!! I get to see youuuuuu allllll!!!! Only in about 2 and a half weeks. 
How was dad´s birthday??? And Gabriel´s birthday is coming up!!!!!! Aw man...the holidays. Did you all eat something delicious??? 
You wouldn´t believe what happened last pday. I was walking in the super market doing my errands, buying myself a new toothbrush and things like that (I really needed a new toothbrush..even my companion told was just that there wasn´t any time to do and a song by Michael Jackson was playing on the radio. Then I hear one of the American sisters singing and I was like HEY SISTERS ARE HERE TOO. Then I looked at that sister that was singing...and I stood there quietly thinking to myself....WHERE DID I MEET YOU? LE CONOZCO? DO I KNOW YOU?? She looked at me and pointed at her plaque and asked me if her last name was familiar.....I first thought I met her at the CCM and she was supposed to be in Santa Cruz, but now she was here...but then it hit me......SHE WAS IN MY ASL CLASS!!! When I realized that it was her...I cried and hugged her and screamed...I WAS SOOOO HAPPY. DENISE DAVIS is in the SAME MISSION as me!! She told me when she got the call, she didn´t realize that it was the same mission where I was. AND SHE IS HERE!!! I can practice signs with her!!!...well that is only if I remember...hahaha. I took a picture with her...I was soooo HAPPY. She is from New York, but that doesn´t matter to me because she was in Hawaii with me!!! She has been out in the mission for 3 months now...and one month and a half in Bolivia. 
After happy moments like that...we do have sad moments in the week. One of the things I honestly don´t like about the mission are the heart aches....your heart literallly aches...from all the problems you face, your companion faces, other missionaries face, you family faces, your investigator faces, the member faces, everyone faces.......its rough. But you really feel the power of the atonement in your life and it heals your heart. 
We had intercambios (exchanges..i think that´s what its called) this week...and our goal was to forget ourselves and to get to work...because we were literally heart broken this week....I would wake up sooo sad..but after this exchange...I really had been healed. I was sooooo scared because I would be with a north american sister and I was the one who stayed in my area...I was practically being tested (well something like that) haha...I was sooo nervous. And plus my companion and I had to leave tons of investigators...our agenda was EMPTY....we had to find new people...which isn´t my favorite thing to do sometimes..but its the most miraculous :). Because you get to see how God places people in your path. I was with Hermana Gardiner. She will be going home next week. She is an awesome missionary and she helped me realized that I can do this...and I am doing it. I love being a missionary and seeing how we can all grow and develop. My heart has been healed from the service that we do here in the mission. 

People here love watching Korean Soap dramas....Gabriel...I´m gonna tell you straight up that there are many girls here that would die to marry you...because of your chinese traits...hahahha.
Yesterday was día de peaton....pedestrian day again.....and we had to walk to church which isn´t so far from our house...only 15 minutes away. We are all sharing a video which you might already know about. or in english, its Its such a beautiful video. We are sharing this video with everyone and passing out cards as well. We say how Christ is a gift to us and what gift is it for us to share with everyone. That made me think profoundly in christmas a year ago, when I saw that mormon message video of the Gifts of Ourselves. I had felt the love the Christ and grew the desire to share the Gospel and bring others to come unto Christ as a gift to Him..and sometimes that very gift can be ourselves. 11 missionaries, of us we did a kiosco of this video and pamphlets, with water to pass to people walking in the streets. Oh and día de peaton is when there aren´t any autos or cars all day. Everyone walks to rides their bikes. It was a successful event that we did. We had the ward lend us their tv, tables, tent. A member lended us their power and power cable. It was successful. We contacted over 100 people. My mouth was so tired and dry from talking so much and quickly and non-stop finding people to bring into to see the video. I loved it. 
We were so blessed to bring 10 less actives to church and 2 investigators too. We are working on having 2 baptisms this saturday..and it looks like it will be happening :) we just gotta remember that it is all in the Lord´s will. So we will be ending this transfer with 2 baptisms!! I´m so excited!!!
Our activity, Viaje a Hawaii (Trip to Hawaii) is also this Saturday. We are going to have a busy weekend. I´m a little stressed with all the decorations and having to do 70 more leis...but I´m gonna do it!!!!! 
Today our zone is going to do the activity to bring gifts and do activities with orphans!!! I love the christmas service spirit!!! I´m enjoying the mission more and more as I stay. 
But this is my week...and please remember that you need to tell me about skype and everything by the next week.....or I am going to die in preocupaciones. lol...I love you all. 
Les amooooooooo,
Hermana Santeco 
PS: I have to take a stinking spanish test today too....but I´m prepared!!! hehehe

Monday, December 1, 2014


Wowwwww.....I woke this morning screaming to my companion...ES DICIEMBRE!! Where did November go....I am still waiting for those precious packages to get but know this, I heard from an elder, that his mom said that there is a possiblity that Bolivia will no longer receive packages from the US in 2015......Do you know what that means? Ya no more packages with snacks from the islands......but we shall seeeeeee.

Happy birthday this week to daddy! I remembered your birthday! I made sure to write it down in my agenda so I don´t forget....because to be honest...I do forget things so easily here. 

My companion and I had a miraculous week.....the most miraculous day was on wednesday when I made nine months. We are teaching Patrick´s dad´s girlfriend and her daughter who are so eagerly to be baptized. Ever since she was there during Patrick´s baptism, she had felt her life change tremendously. She constantly feels the holy ghost with her, and desires to feel it all the time. It was the first visit with her this week. She told us how she had saw a huge difference in her life. Her parents who never talked to each other for 8 years was now beggining to talk. I just wanted to cry during that whole lesson to she how blessed she was now and how blessed she will be. We taught her and invited to be baptized. Without hesistating, she said yes. We are working with her and her daughter to be baptized on the 13th of December. We are working hard. 

I enjoy reading Preach my Gospel so much. Our mission had started a thing where the whole mission is to read 3 pages of PMG cover to cover every day. It really changes everything that we do. It brings us miracles. 
Our Zone is working hard. Our mission president was going to let us go on a field trip together tomorrow, but because he felt impressed that its better that we don´t go, our zone had decided instead to do an activity to bring gifts to an orphanage for Christmas. We are so hyped to do it. We are enjoying the holiday season. 

My companion and I cut Julia´s hair. One of our less active member´s daughter who is discapacidad, has disabilities...neither of us know how to cut hair. But we did it! We weren´t too worried because she doesn´t leave her house. hahaha it was a good practice for us to learn. She was so calm when we were cutting her hair. That was a good thing. We kept telling her as we cut her hair, Que bonita estas!!!! And she kept saying, Me estas cortando mi cabello! Hahaha it was sooooo funny. But she is adorable really. 
Being able to be in the mission for 9 months gone by so fast. It amazes me sooooo much. My time here....where does it go. I have greater desires to work harder and harder each day. My companion and I were focusing ourselves much in how we can help the people here. And we were able to do it. 
I have seen how my patriarchal blessing, blessings are being fulfilled while I am out here. I am truly grateful for the many wonderful spiritually gifts that I am given. 
I dedicated a night after everything to decorate the house with festival christmas things. Its really simple stuff really, but my companion and I are really happy with what we have. I made three trees out of gift paper. The biggest tree has photos of us both and moments we had together. The other two trees are at our bed side, we are going to put photos of our families there. I most likely only have two weeks with Hermana Callata. It saddens me but excitens me at the same time because we are really willing to do the Lord´s will even if it means we have to apart from one another. 
We visited Chilimarca that last Pday. It filled my heart with so much joy to see the Mollericona family and the Callata familiy. Hermana Esperanza wasn´t there, but I was able to see Fernando and his sisters. It made me so happy to see them and to be able to help them in that very moment. Walking up those hills for one more time again, was a sign to me that I am getting out of But I´m working on that. I look forward to 2015 to be honest because I don´t want to pass through Christmas missing home. But I am truly grateful to share this message of Christ....
I taught hermana Callata, my companion how to make leis out of yarn. We have to make 80 to 100 leis for the ward activity that we are going to have. We are so excited! Viaje a Hawaii! 
This is the first week of December......I wouldn´t have imagined that it is finally here...the end of 2014. I swear I just left home just yesterday...but really....its been almost a full year. I have so much to learn still and so much to do....I wish and hope that you all enjoy the holidays in Hawaii...and enjoy it all with family. I look forward to see your smiling faces in 3 weeks!!!!! 3???? a little over 3, menos 4. haha....i miss you alll...i love you all!!!!!
Hermana Santeco