Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days in Counting!

rainbows!! its the first time i seen that here!!
gadiel graduated from high school

lazy dogs in the street......they make me jealous to sleep

pizza party with the bishopric

Giovi´s baptism

Bishop baptized her"!

Jimmy, Patrick, Giovana, and Kelly

lots of leis. but it wasn´t enough...

cool palm trees made of balloons.

doing decorations was but it fell through

we said bye to elder watts who is going home.
andddd we did secret santas with the girls who live with us.

Soooooo........did you know that Christmas is in 10 days???? and that I recieved the packages??????????!!! Thank you for the shoes!!! My shoes are tiiiiirraaaaaas these days. Its a miracle. lol. And the presents...thank you :´) and the letters.... :´´´´´´). It filled me up with so much joy and alegria. I felt as if I were holding home in my hands. 
Last pday we went to the orphanage to bring them presents. It was a precious day really. I met such wonderful angels and children of God. They were so happy to receive gifts and celebrate Christmas with us. I love doing service during the holidays!!! It makes me a cheery inside of me!
We had a baptism this saturday. Giovana got baptized :). Her daughter...we are still preparing her to be baptized. But we knew she needs more time to prepare and learn. I love her family! They are just amazing. The baptism went well. It was beautiful. Hearing her testimony of how the gospel changed her life made me feel that I had done the Lord´s work here....and it helped me to remember why I am here. It amazes me how after 6 weeks with her, she had gotten baptized. Hermana Callata and I had seen how the Lord has worked through her and how she has became a true convert. It fills me up with so much joy.

Within that very same day, we had the ward activity, Viaje a Hawaii. Because the baptism and the activity was on the same was a crazy day for my companion and I. We were in the chapel all day...from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. The only time we left was at 12 to go to lunch..then we ran back to the chapel to start the baptism. The decorations and the set ups were marvelous. It was wasn´t exactly like Hawaii, but the spirit was there. Everyone enjoyed themselves that day. 
The weather here is bipolar. Its supposed to rain cats and dogs here since november until february, but its been preeeeettttyyyy hot and dry here. It would rain for a hour and then it would go back to being hot. So I am pretty indecisive about buying myself we will seeeeeeee. 
And as for those transfers that we had since last night. I will be staying in Villa Luz, hna Callata will be in Tiquipaya ex-zona!!!! I´m super happy for her, plus she will be with Hermana Hulinger who came to the mission the same time as me. Immmm so happy for them! Andddd my new companion is Hermana Muralles! She is from Guatemala. Chevere!! I never liked cambios..transfers whatever its called. Because my heart always leave and change everything. But it has been a wonderful 2 transfers with Hermana Callata. We ended each cambio with a baptism and a rescue...reactivation. We saw many miracles together....we laughed, we cried, we fought a little lol, but we learned to love each other as sisters and companions. I´m pretty positive that I will be here until I make a full year out in the mission. I´m almost sure. I could be here for 3 more months..But I love it here really. I continually see the Lord´s hand with us helping along the way of everything. I never liked being the one who stays in the area because it gives me so much responsibilities....but at the same time I love it because it makes me work harder. I will be the only missionary in our ward that has been here the longest...who has the most time in this ward...and so...the pressure is but we have lots of activities coming up this month. I´m pretty stoked!!! 
I always think about christmas a year ago, when I truly had felt the reason why I want to be a missionary and to serve the Lord. I always wanted to bring a soul unto Christ, whether it be my own soul or of another´s. And I was able to bring, and Giovana....its a true joy really. 
But there is one thing I really want to change about myself....I want to be so much more humble. I want to be humble......I´m working hard on that. 10 days I will talk to you allllll on skypeeeeeee....I am so exciteddddddddddddddddd. I love you all...thank you for the letters and packages...I misssss you alllll so muchhh but I don´t want to be home...hehehehehe I just want to eat with you all. lol. But really. I wish you guys could be here with me too. so you can meet all the wonderful people here. 
And I am happy to be an aunty!!!!!! And you can´t name my nephew Riss......that´s a girls name! Maybe Marcus just to add a little of me in there..heheh jokes. but I do know what names I want to name my kids. My 6 future kids...:) yes I have a goal. Goals are good right??? 
les amo muchisimo. se cuiden y sigan adelante!!!!!
Hna Santeco
PS: I hope you have a funnnnnnnnnnnn adventureee with the Thai crew this Christmas!!!!!

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