Monday, December 1, 2014


Wowwwww.....I woke this morning screaming to my companion...ES DICIEMBRE!! Where did November go....I am still waiting for those precious packages to get but know this, I heard from an elder, that his mom said that there is a possiblity that Bolivia will no longer receive packages from the US in 2015......Do you know what that means? Ya no more packages with snacks from the islands......but we shall seeeeeee.

Happy birthday this week to daddy! I remembered your birthday! I made sure to write it down in my agenda so I don´t forget....because to be honest...I do forget things so easily here. 

My companion and I had a miraculous week.....the most miraculous day was on wednesday when I made nine months. We are teaching Patrick´s dad´s girlfriend and her daughter who are so eagerly to be baptized. Ever since she was there during Patrick´s baptism, she had felt her life change tremendously. She constantly feels the holy ghost with her, and desires to feel it all the time. It was the first visit with her this week. She told us how she had saw a huge difference in her life. Her parents who never talked to each other for 8 years was now beggining to talk. I just wanted to cry during that whole lesson to she how blessed she was now and how blessed she will be. We taught her and invited to be baptized. Without hesistating, she said yes. We are working with her and her daughter to be baptized on the 13th of December. We are working hard. 

I enjoy reading Preach my Gospel so much. Our mission had started a thing where the whole mission is to read 3 pages of PMG cover to cover every day. It really changes everything that we do. It brings us miracles. 
Our Zone is working hard. Our mission president was going to let us go on a field trip together tomorrow, but because he felt impressed that its better that we don´t go, our zone had decided instead to do an activity to bring gifts to an orphanage for Christmas. We are so hyped to do it. We are enjoying the holiday season. 

My companion and I cut Julia´s hair. One of our less active member´s daughter who is discapacidad, has disabilities...neither of us know how to cut hair. But we did it! We weren´t too worried because she doesn´t leave her house. hahaha it was a good practice for us to learn. She was so calm when we were cutting her hair. That was a good thing. We kept telling her as we cut her hair, Que bonita estas!!!! And she kept saying, Me estas cortando mi cabello! Hahaha it was sooooo funny. But she is adorable really. 
Being able to be in the mission for 9 months gone by so fast. It amazes me sooooo much. My time here....where does it go. I have greater desires to work harder and harder each day. My companion and I were focusing ourselves much in how we can help the people here. And we were able to do it. 
I have seen how my patriarchal blessing, blessings are being fulfilled while I am out here. I am truly grateful for the many wonderful spiritually gifts that I am given. 
I dedicated a night after everything to decorate the house with festival christmas things. Its really simple stuff really, but my companion and I are really happy with what we have. I made three trees out of gift paper. The biggest tree has photos of us both and moments we had together. The other two trees are at our bed side, we are going to put photos of our families there. I most likely only have two weeks with Hermana Callata. It saddens me but excitens me at the same time because we are really willing to do the Lord´s will even if it means we have to apart from one another. 
We visited Chilimarca that last Pday. It filled my heart with so much joy to see the Mollericona family and the Callata familiy. Hermana Esperanza wasn´t there, but I was able to see Fernando and his sisters. It made me so happy to see them and to be able to help them in that very moment. Walking up those hills for one more time again, was a sign to me that I am getting out of But I´m working on that. I look forward to 2015 to be honest because I don´t want to pass through Christmas missing home. But I am truly grateful to share this message of Christ....
I taught hermana Callata, my companion how to make leis out of yarn. We have to make 80 to 100 leis for the ward activity that we are going to have. We are so excited! Viaje a Hawaii! 
This is the first week of December......I wouldn´t have imagined that it is finally here...the end of 2014. I swear I just left home just yesterday...but really....its been almost a full year. I have so much to learn still and so much to do....I wish and hope that you all enjoy the holidays in Hawaii...and enjoy it all with family. I look forward to see your smiling faces in 3 weeks!!!!! 3???? a little over 3, menos 4. haha....i miss you alll...i love you all!!!!!
Hermana Santeco

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