Monday, July 20, 2015

I Love it all. I Love the mission

One week into the last transfer and I am just slowly accepting that my time in the mission is coming to an end. You have no idea how sad I am. Everyone keeps reminding me everyday, "Hermana Santeco, ya se va a ir a casa. Ya no le falta mucho." o "esta es mi compañera, ella es chinita y ya se va a ir en 5 semanas." I just laugh. I laugh and say, "Si se que me falta poco pero igual trabajo." I am going to miss the mission a whole lot.

My first week training Hna Vilchez was really humbling for me. This very same area is when my trainer, Hna Donoso finished the mission. I told hna Donoso in an email, "hey! voy a terminar donde terminó usted!" she was so happy. This area is great. Its HUGE and it has lots of potential. It apparently has a reputation for having a baptism every week...and that is actually a lot of pressure for us, but the Lord is really helping us...and we have a baptism this coming Sunday and maybe one more in two weeks. We are working. Now that I´m training when I have a lot more time in the mission, I can see a huge difference of how I trained Hna Trujillo and how I am now training hna Vilchez. I know what I´m doing...and I know how to help her adjust to the mission life.

I have to start preparing myself for my last interview with the mission president. One of the things I have to come prepared with is a list of things I learned in the mission....I started to list it out and I just look at it and learned a whole lot...and I love it. I can´t imagine life without serving a mission. Without being in Bolivia. Without knowing spanish...I love the culture here. The food. The people. This mission is so unique. An elder that is going home next week asked me, "Hna Santeco, what where your most memorable moments you had in the mission? your highlights? the things you don´t hear often from other missions?" I came to a conclusion of 4 things. 1. I bathed a 86 year old woman, 2. I help kill 120 ducks and pluck off its feathers. 3. I trimmed old people´s toenails in an elderly home. 4. I got chased out of Potosi by miners with Dynamite. I love this mission so much....and I love the things that I am learning and experiencing. I know that I can´t experience these things in no other place and no other moment in my life. I love being a missionary and I can say that more and more each day.

I dread the day that I go home. I dread it so much because I feel that the real life is hard compared to the mission...but its something I need to face.

My companion and I had a great lesson yesterday. We were with our mission leader and the investigator we are teaching. We invited him to be baptized and he actually told us that he was waiting for us to invite him to be baptized. I loved the spirit that we felt. I love feeling the spirit.

Today we went out as a zone to play paintball. Funnest thing ever. Loved it. I love the zone. All of the sisters in our zone are training this transfer. Its pretty cool.

But this is my email. I only got 4 more emails to go...where did the time go.

Se que esta iglesia es verdadera....y que Dios nos llama a hacer Su que Él me ama y me conoce. Se que Él me ha llamado para servirle aca en Bolivia. Estoy tan agradecida por el evangelio restaurado...que se restauró por un profeta...José Smith....gracias a Dios y Su plan perfecto, podemos obtener la vida eterna.

Con mucho mucho amor,

Hna Santeco

potosi!!!!! walking with luggages and all and last district photo

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