Monday, June 16, 2014

Greenie and all....but yet...I´m....

This week are exchanges...cambios. I was really calm about it last night waiting for the district leaders to call us because I was set in mind that we wouldn´t change companionship, especially since President Dyer told us that we would be together for 8 more weeks. So last night I was trying to sleep, but people kept calling us to see if we have cambios. Finally the district leaders called us, and the elder said, "You wanna know if you have cambios? Ready?"...I said..."yah. Diga me..." "Hermana Santeco va a entrenador." "WHAT!!!!??? I´m not ready! Are you serious?". "Yes. You are going to train this cambio in your area. You are ready. It was called through inspiration. You are ready to train." I cried and cried and cried and criedddd. I am not even done with my training and they are having me train and to be the one who is familiar with the area. Then he tells me, "And Hermana Donoso se va a Potosi como capaticadora". She cried and cried and cried. Both of us feeling so inadequate of raising up in higher responsibilities. 

I am so scared. Scared of training and having the responsibilities of our investigatores who are dated to be baptized in a couple weeks when I still am learning the language and struggling to teach effectively. But after feeling so scared, an overwhelming feeling of peace and surety enters into my heart..and the spirit tells me that I can do this. That I can trust in Him to help me and that I am ready or in other words, God is ready to help me. haha. Nah He has always helped me. But hear this, we will be the youngest companionship in the mission. My companion will only have two weeks in the mission and I will have 4 months. I am a greenie training a greenie. I am the only one in my group of missionaries (that came in the same cambio) that is training and that scares me so much. God has called and qualified me to train someone who hasn´t taught real investigatores yet and I am still learning myself. It was weird though because lately I have been working hard in trying to be sensitive to the promptings of the spirit and to recognize the promptings. This week I have done so. Before I knew I was going to stay in my area and train, I had an impression to pray for my future, new companion that she would be patient with me and willing to work hard. A part of me knew that I would train this cambio, but I didn´t want to believe it. Especially after interviews with President, I also had the same impression. 
I learned that the spirit works in sensitive ways...really through thoughts and feelings. Its just like that scripture in D&C that says that He will tell you in your mind and heart and if it right, you will know. Algo asi. I can really testify that, that is how the spirit works. We just have to be receptive and hungry for its promptings and as well worthy of its promptings. 

So how do I feel? I feel slfkjsadlkfjsdlkfjsadlkfjdskfajsdf. Its a lot of feelings. But really I feel so blessed to be given such an opportunity to progress and to help a sister who is new to the mission. 
This wouldn´t believe what else happened. Which do you want to know first? I had to do medical stuff for my visa tramites paperwork, and so I had to take out blood again.....two times in one month! It was dreadful. It was funny because I was sitting with Elders waiting in line to take out blood and the Elders were going to the bathroom to fill up their cup with their urine. And they filled it completely....Two of them were north americans and one of them was talking to me in spanish. Then after they were talking in English to each other saying, "Fill it up alllllll the wayyyyy!!!" And I just sat there quietly. Then I said something in English and one of the Elder exclames to me, "YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?! OH MY GOSH YOU UNDERSTOOD ME WHEN I WAS TALKING ABOUT MY PEE!" I crackkkkkk uppppp sooooo hardddd! He thought I was a latina. 
Another thing that you wouldn´t have guessed that have happened is that I ate.....guinea pig for lunch a few days ago. It was dreadful. I kept telling myself, "Its like chicken, its like chicken, its like chicken"...but it wasn´t like chicken. It was like hard to chew pig meat and flavorless chicken. I drank a lot of fanta to shove it down my throat. Another funny thing was that we ordered for lemon and toast one night and apparently lemon is lemonade and toast is some kind of tea. I drank lemon and toast. Oh Bolivia.......eversince that situation, my companion and I always ask before we order of what it really is. 
What else happened? Oh so we went to an investigator´s house and we saw someone naked bathing...they dont have curtains at their window!!!!!! I didn´t see much, don´t worry. As a missionary, I am really strict about looking away quickly in these kinds of situations.
Happy Father´s Day, daddy!! I miss your BBQ and sticky rice and mac salad. Sorry I can´t skype with you. hahaha
I will complete 4 months soon....the time really passes by so fast. Really fast and I am learning really fast at the same time. Since I am about to train this week, please pray for really pray for me. I need not to show her that I feel inadequate, but that I really do know what I am doing. I am glad I am still in Cochabamba though because I can go to the temple in July :). I really miss the temple and doing the work inside. But for now, I´ll work outside. 
Oh and I played the piano at a baptism for the elders in our zone. I `played Im trying to be like usual :)

A member of the church added me on facebook....since when was my name on facebook Hermana Marisa Santeco?? And my profile picture? Its when I was in Bogota! haha....but anyways the member, her name is Naida Perez. Accept her as my friend please :) She´s an awesome girl. She thought I was from China. In one day I was asked if I was from China. But she thought I was from China also because I had a bag of ramen noodles on my lap. Oh I have been making soupless saimin with spam just like we do at home for breakfast. My companion loves it. She tells me my husband will be so happy with my cooking abilities...bahahahaha I wish!
Thank you for all your prayers and all your love and support. No me siento lista en verdad a entrenador, pero se que Dios va a ayudarme......oren por mi compañera también porfavor. Me encanta la compañia del Espirítu Santo como mi compañero constante. Me ayuda mucho....mucho mucho mucho. Confien en Dios, tengan fe....siga adelante. Les amo mucho! Y esta es mi semana. Hasta proxima vez!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Santeco 
 Oh and I played the piano at a baptism for the elders in our zone. I `played Im trying to be like usual :) 
ps: one more experience!!!

so one night my companion and I ran into two kids that we visit often. 3 years old and 7 years old. They were home alone at 6:30 pm and were hungry. Their mom had left them awhile ago and so they only live with their older siblings and father, but they weren´t home..and in fact barely home. They were crying and really hungry. So we bought them something to eat and stayed with them until their dad returned. I cried with them...watching them eat what we got them as if they haven´t eaten for days. Right there, I knew why I am here in Bolivia. I am here as an angel and instrument of God to help His children to receive blessings in their lives. And as well..I am here to understand why we are living here on earth...why we have trials and why it is so hard. I am so thankful for my family en verdad. I am so thankful to have a home to go to and to be with my family. These kids are just kids and they don´t have the gospel....they don´t hav a mother. I can´t imagine life such as that for me. It just breaks my heart. But experiences like this really helps me to develop the same love that God has for His children. I just have never felt so passionate towards someone I barely know until now....its such a blessing.
fotos: With Hermana Torrico, Hna Donoso, and the two girls, Carlita y Mar. They are the daughters of our pensionista. 

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  1. Hi Hermana Santeco! I was thinking of you out in the field today and read your blog-I hope you have many more faith building experiences this week. My testimony of missionary work has been strengthened. Keep up the great work and I hope you find many 'hungry children' of our Heavenly Father to share not only comfort and food but the true gospel of Jesus Christ.