Monday, November 17, 2014

Half way through November

A 11 yr old investigator did my hair one day.

my watch (im gonna get it repaired soon)
camera case.....
shoes. they arent so bad after cleaning them. haha

my shoes are tiras!

we ate with a family for the last time. they did a bbq. we were soooo full. lol

Patrick passed the sacrament this past sunday! And now we are working on going to the temple with him :). Yesterday Hermana Callata and I gave talks in sacrament meeting. The bishopric only told us the night before....we were soooo nervous....considering that it was my first time to give a talk in sacrament completely in spanish....I was sooooooo scared, but I did it! My companion and I have been getting to know many families...with lots of problems. We were happy because we were finding families that need the gospel, but their problems began to stress us out..we are working hard on finding ways to help and serve them one family at a time. As so, we talked about how the gospel blesses families. The Familia Martinez was there when we talked, my companion told me that their eyes were full of tears during our messages were given. I was certainly guided by the spirit to give that talk..because I was dead scared. 
My companion noticed that I am always carrying my purple pillow around our house. I told her how Jesse would be a bully and take it away from me, and then she told me that she would do the same to bother me...-_____- everyone is being bully with my pillow. haha jokes. 
Mom gave me the ganas, she made me soooo excited to shop for new clothes last week. I was able to buy a blue long skirt, a red dress for 20 bs each which is a little less than 3 dollars. I bought a thin hoodie for 5 bs..less for a dollar, and a blouse for 18 bs, a little less than 5 dollars. 
We haven´t been able to decorate the house yet, but we are making some plans. I recieved the package with the chocolates, spam, maui onions, gummy worms, and soap. and the letters that were inside. Thank you for the package!! and for leaving letters inside. :) It made my day. Last night I dreamed that I was eating was a deceiving dream. I woke up craving for it. 
The missionaries in our ward, we are planning a ward activity called, Viaje a Hawaii! It a Trip to Hawaii activity that teaches about the plan of salvation. Its gonna be awesome!!! The missionaries were joking and saying that we are all going to Hermana Santeco´s house. 

My companion and I passed a huge beautiful red tree yesterday and took pictures with it. If you look behind me in the photo, theres a dog pooping in the yard...dang it. There are so many dogs here that I developed almost a phobia of dogs. Because there was a month that every week, there was a dog that almost bit me....its terrible. I´m holding tight to my book of mormon with me to defend me from those dang dogs. There is a street near our house that has at least 15 dogs....its terrible. 
We met a 82 year old woman who LOVES the bible that she is apart of a bible society. We visited her yesterday and she should us her bible collection. She has over 5 different versions of the bible and she read them all. We tried teaching her about the restoration but she has a little hard time understanding our message. She says that she already believes our message to be true because its the word of God, but we are sure she believes we are going to work harder with her. Poor thing, though, she lives all by herself in her house, but she always says that she is always with the Lord and so it isn´t so bad. 
We are teaching english classes on Saturdays in the chapel and we had sisters wait outside and call people in. A family came in into our class. It was a good turn out. :) 
We have been doing family home evening with the Martinez Family every monday and we see miracles in this family. We have been teaching them the lessons in FHE and we would always end the lesson in tears. 
I cannot believe that in two weeks, I will be out here for 9 months. It goes by so fast....and so slow lol. But since Christmas time is coming up, I miss home more than usual...the last thing I want is to feel homesick on Christmas, but its only normal. I made family here too :). Thank you for sending me emails and packages. I feel so loved :) haha. 

but this is my week. as far as I can remember. I am making sure to take pictures and to write in my journal every night. I do love the things that I do learn here. I learn so much about applying what you learn in your works miracles.
I love you all and only one more month before I can see all your smiling faces on Skype!!!
Hermana Santeco 

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