Monday, November 3, 2014

Patrick got baptized!!!! By President Hansen!!!

It was a stressful week. Planning everything for a baptism, we literally were running all week getting things done. But things fell through fine. The baptism was beautiful. I had to sing in his baptism with a sister and two elders. The entire Martinez family, Patrick´s family came to his baptism and we had work miracles. After his baptism, two people came up to us and told us they want to be baptized too and they had felt something so different being inside the chapel during the baptismal service. The spirit worked through them. Yesterday Patrick received the holy ghost. Hermana Callata and I are tremendously happy. And with transfers this week, we were so nervous about being sent out to a different area. We both did´nt want to leave. Luckily and happily we are both staying. I have a high chance of staying here until new year and I would love to do that! I love it here in my area. I truly see so many miracles and meet wonderful people. The Martinez family literally had become like our family. We have family home evenings with them every monday and they always feed us haha. After the baptism they invited us to have dinner with them at their house. We even helped them make bread early that morning. President Hansen and his wife came. President Hansen baptized Patrick.  
It was such a beautiful thing to see. Patrick is only 12 years old and goes to seminaries and loves going to church during all the 3 hours. He truly understands why is it necessary to be baptized. He is a true convert. He will bless his family tremendously. He came to his baptism and to church yesterday in his suit. But he didn´t have a tie. President Hansen asked him if he had a tie, and he told him no. And so president got down on his knees and took of his own tie and placed it around Patrick´s neck. It was so precious. So yesterday Patrick came to church with his suit and tie. He really looked like Jesse. I was telling him to look at the picture I had of our family with jesse in his suit and red tie. I told him to look and see how much he is like jesse haha. I carry family pictures with me everywhere I go. But I have a transparent BOM case to place my BOM inside and I put pictures inside for others to see my family and to call attention and help me to conversate with people that I meet.


Oh and I won free icecream this week. They sell icecream here and its like charlie and the chocolate factory. Inside they have stickers. I won!!! :) it was perfect for a hot day. 

Halloween has past and just as many had told me, they don´t have halloween here. It made me sad. There weren´t any kids in costumes or passing out candies. My comp and I just ate brownies that day and took pictures because we missed home haha. Here, they give food to the dead. The day of the dead? Something like that? I don´t know how to translate it. But Thanksgiving? Really?! I won´t be home for that!? When I eat the most......when I was home. Which reminds me. Yesterday I found a scale in bishop´s house. I was sooooo scared to weigh myself, but you won´t believe me. I hadn´t lost or gain a single pound. I am the same weight........:) But I think I lost muscles...and so I will be exercising more. Its sooooo hot here now. Hot and dry. Its strange though because I can´t eat too much now. I just can´t. I try, but I get full easily. Today in Pday, various wards including ours, we went to a park with a huge pool, soccer field, volleyball, swings, etc- it was tempting for all the missionaries to swim....ahhhh....I miss swimming. But we ate good food. BBQ, potatoes...rice. The regular bolivian stuff. haha

We went to the temple. It was a beautiful experience. I understand more and more as I keep going. Not just the language, but the teachings and sacredness inside. The temple literally is such a beautiful place. Lately I have been feeling the spirit stronger than ever. I feel it when I hear primary kids singing, I feel it when I testify the truthfullness of the gospel, I feel it when I reflect on the blessings that the Lord blesses me with. My comp and I are looking forward to go to the temple with Patrick, our recent convert and watch him grow and progress. He is already preparing himself to receive the aaronic priesthood and looking forward to passing the sacrament. 
I cannot believe I will be almost halfway done with the mission. It goes by too fast and slow haha. I talked to president about school and everything and he told me we will talk about the timing for my departure during our next interview. So we will see...but honestly I do not want to leave earlier than I am planned for. We will see...

I am honestly so happy to be here. With Hermana Callata, with all the wonderful bolivians, and seeing the miracles....I can truly say I have so much to learn still and I look forward to learn more. The blessings come really does. They do. I miss you all. And I do not want to be home sick this christmas! But we will see...haha I am losing myself in this work...that I forgotten it was halloween and that it is already november and that transfers are this week. Its a wonderful thing. I love youuuu alllll soooo muchhhh and I constantly think about the awkward attempts to speak english with everyone when I get home because its not easy...its not easy at all. hahaha
I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you allllllll.
Hna Santeco

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