Monday, November 10, 2014

ALOJA (How you spell it with spanish characters haha)

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am screaming my minddddd and heart out here because one of my best friends just got called to Chile!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Dang......I know one elder from Chile and he talks so fast....that when I first met him, I did everything I could to not talk to him because I couldn´t understand him...hahahahaha but that is sooooo awesome!!!! Congratulations Nye-nye!!! I am soooooo happy and filled with joy for you!!!!! We are going to be speaking EspaƱol!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! But I´ll be just returning home when you are in Chile.....oh well. MUCHO ANIMO! MUCHO EXITO!!!! AHHH!!! FELICIDADES!!!!!! 

But anyways...last pday I was sooooooooo Navidad sickkkk. My companion and I were doing our nightly planning and all we see through our window is that the family that we live with, putting up their christmas tree, with music, lights, and other decorations. We stood at the window soooooo TRUNKY......saying oh no.......November just begun!!!! But coming and I am sick inside of me, thinking about all of you enjoying the rain...when its sooooo HOT in Cochabamba. My companion and I are going to search for Christmas things to put around in our little house of ours. 
We were contacting an reference one night who works in a store that sells DVDs. It was the funniest thing ever. Many people here love Korean Soap Dramas. And when this young girl saw me, and when I saw she had a whole corner dedicated to Soap Dramas, I already knew. She was so eager to ask me where I am from. She approached me quickly even before we could ask her what was her name to make sure it was the right person that we were looking for. She looked at me, with eyes, opened wide..WHERE ARE YOU FROM?! It was sooooo funny!!! The chinese traits that I have call people towards me. hehehe. 
Patrick, our recent convert was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday! We are working on getting his temple recommendation so that we can go with him and escourt him to do baptisms this week or the following week. Its amazing! 

In Bolivia, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints makes 50 years and so they had an event that is pretty much like a culture night. It was beautiful. It made me think of home, but I loved it so much because I could really learn to love the culture here. All the stakes of Cochabamba were assigned a specific type of dance. I was able to see ward members of the ward I was in before in my first area, Linde. I constantly heard, "Hermana Santeco"! everywhere. I would look around and around and find a family that I was teaching!!! I saw many of them that I just wanted to cry because I realized that I do LOVE these people! I took a picture with Hermana Mariel Teran, I lived in her house the first 3 months in the mission field with my trainer. Her son, Manuelito said my name too! It was adorable. I miss them all! 

Because many missionaries are getting sick, they made a change in the mission that we can no longer eat with members on the weekends. It made us so sad because it was the best way to really get to know the members in our ward and to gain their trust to help us in the obra misional. But these past two days, as our last meals with members, we ate with this one was a lot of food. Soup, second meal, and ICECREAM GRANDE. I ate it all.............I ate every drop of it every grain of it. I ate it allllllllll. We were already late for an appointment because we had to push ourselves to eat everything, and we were in the areas of the elders, up on a hill...we weren´t capable to run.....we were rolling practically down the street and hoping that none of our investigators give us food. And so we will be eating with our pensionista everyday. :) 
I am learning a lot about the application of the things we are learning in the mission. A really prepares you for life...for marriage...for living the gospel and enduring to the end. I cannot believe that in a few weeks I will be out and away from home for 9 months already. It scares me at the same time because the time goes by so fast, and next thing you know I am home, in pants, alone without a companion, and I have to speak english.....haha.....But I am so excited to see you all on SKYPE!! Poco a poco its coming closer!!!!! 
But this is my weekly update. I love the gospel and being a servant of our savior!!!
I love you all and have a wonderful week. 
Hermana Santeco

PS: My companion and I are going shopping for clothes today. I am sooooo tired of my clothes. lol

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