Monday, February 2, 2015

Soy yo, Señor? Hacía donde miramos?

I loved this week so much...and plus I finally learned what my calling is in English...
I´m a sister training leader. That is the word! Oh which reminds me, I learned a word last night that made me laugh so much. I learn new words each day. My companion and I were planning an activity for our family home evening with the Martinez Family. The activity includes handcuffs. Do you know how to say handcuffs in spanish??? "Esposas".....did you know esposas also means wives????? I cracked up so hard. We had to call one of our investigators who is a police officer to see if he would have a pair that he could lend us tonight, we called him and asked, "Tal vez tiene esposas????" And in my mind I just thought...He is probably thinking that we are asking him if he has wives.....hahahahaha. We had to explain that we were directing to handcuffs. Oh and his only has one wife by the way. 

But as I was saying, I loved this week so much. I am tremendously blessed to be with Hermana Rumualdo as sister leader trainer. I love her so much already and I continue to learn so much from her. I waited for her at the airport to arrive from Tupiza and when I saw her, I just ran up to her and gave her a big hug. We were excited to work together. First day together, we worked until we were tired. I loved to hear to teach and see how she taught with all her heart even from the first day she got here. She has become a huge example to me to become an effective missionary. I am soooo blessed to be here companion. We planned out the companion exchanges and looks like we were asked to sing in our leader trainingship conference this wednesday. We are stoking! Yesterday on fast sunday, I loved how she involuntarily got up to share her testimony that she was not afraid to share her testimony....because it was something she learned in the mission. She honestly trusts in the authority which she has to be a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Now that is it February...I am constantly reflecting on the things I had improved spiritually and on the things of how I can become better..last night I thought back to that day when I opened the mailbox and saw the big envelope. Not knowing where I would be....and here I am. It filled me with joy to know where I am today. I read my mission letter call over and over and saw the fulfilled blessings that I could experience thus far in the mission. I went to bed a little sad because I hate imagining them remove my mission plaque...this has become my life....and I wouldn´t want it to end just yet. 

President Hansen recommended me to read a conference talk called, "Which way do you face". It impacted my week tremendously and it answered my prayers. I learned to fear God more than my neighbors....I recommend you to read this conference talk. Its wonderful...sometimes we allow the first and greatest 2 commandments to we placed out of order...we are to love God with all our heart....and our neighbor as well...but do we really love our Heavenly Father more than our neighbor to be willing to be obedient??? Or do we love our neighbor more than God to lower our standards??? I also read another conference talk...I´m not sure what it is called in English, but its "Soy yo, Señor?". This talk hit me hard. I want to be humble. But also what I loved from this talk the most is that if we have the desire to develop the attributes of Christ, the Lord will makes us instruments in His hands. Its gospel truth right there. 

We have 4 greenies in our zone. To see them come fresh from the CCM makes me so happy and see how the time goes by so fast and how we really grow spiritually. My pensionista told me that my Spanish had improved tremendously since I came here in September. YAY!

I have been practicing a little Bolivian Sign Language with our investigator´s son. Its a struggle because I´m so used to signing in English, but I´m learning! 

This month and transfer is going to be wonderful. I have a great feeling about it. We will be going to the temple, having a baptism, a few conferences, and carnivals! Its an exciting month. I am so happy to be here with my companion and to see how the Lord guides us to people. 

I had grown to be grateful for the priesthood this morning as I reflected upon the blessings that we receive when we have the restored keys of the priesthood in the earth...I am so grateful to have a father and two brothers who hold the priesthood and have the responsibility to bless the children of God. 

I have grown to have a firm testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel and the love of Christ. I know that these things are true....I love being a missionary and love being a representative of Christ. Recuerden hacía donde miramos y quienes somos nosotros. 

Les amo mucho,

Hna Santeco
PS: Thank you for sending the package!!!

i want to start doing this thing with you guys and give you a challenge. I want you guys to try to keep the sabbath day holy as much as possible which includes not watching movies on sundays. i invite you guys to allow the sabbath day be a day of rest, but also a day of spiritual growth. i invite you guys to study  1 nephi 8-11 to study the tree of life. and i want you guys to share with me what you guys liked from the vision of lehi. 

i want to see progress at home as im here too!! haha...but i promise that if we keep the sabbath day holy with can became a day full of testimony building experiences...

i love you.

hna santeco

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