Monday, January 26, 2015

La vida como capacitadora! Sister training Life here I come!!!

I ammmmmmm soooo excited and I am you are happy for me because...I´m sister trainer this transfer!!!! I am blessed to stay in my area and have an wonderful sister to be sister trainer with me to help the sisters in various zones in Cochabamba. I have been chosen and called to be able to train sister missionaries to teach, to find people to teach, to be a happy and effective missionary! I am honestly so happy and so blessed because its a blessing to be able to help other sisters out here. I will be doing companion exchanges weekly....and it will be an adventure! I am a little nervous because its a lot of new responsibilities, but I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be called as one of the sister leaders of this mission. WHOOOO-HOOOO!!! So its most likely that I will stay here for 3 more months...and hey! I hit my 11 month mark! Its going by so fast and I´m learning so much and yet have so much to learn. I only have 5 transfers left here in the mission. Its going to be the best! I honestly thought I would leave this area, but it looks like I´m staying and the Lord wants me to do more. 
And I have a special shout out for Jasmine Emerson...Your christmas letter arrive!!! Thank you sooo much!!! It made me so happy. It made me wanna go back to basics and dance with you. I need to get back into shape (like if I ever was in shape bahahaha). I love you and I´ll write you!!

So this week was a week where I literally gave it my all to teach, to contact people and find new people to teach, to call members to accompany us in lessons, I felt like I was doing all I could. It was also a rough week. Its sad when we are with a member for two hours going to house to house looking for someone to teach because the set appointments which we had, had fallen through. Plus every member´s phone was shut was frustrating. But what I learned which is more important is the efforts we make....I made it a goal to include in my prayers at night to really tell my Heavenly Father of the things I had done throughout the day and ask Him if He was pleased with our work and efforts. I can say that He was pleased. I was sad because no one was home, but happy because we did all that we could. The mission is hard. It is really hard, but last night I realized that its hard for me because I worry about the people here that I don´t even worry about myself. But when we are home...when I go home, I will have to worry about myself and my future. The mission is seen to be a lot easier in that perspective. The mission is the best. You literally learn to forget yourself and just focus on the lives of others. Going home is rough, you have to face the real world...but the gospel blesses us. But I made it a goal to continue to be a member missionary when I get home. I want to be able to enjoy seeing the gospel change the lives of others. Its the best feeling ever. 

I saw something really funny people buy clothes from the states and as we know there are shirts that have funny sayings on it, but its in English and so they don´t know what it says. One day, I was helping my Pensionista sell bread at her house as she was preparing dinner and a girl comes to buy bread. I look at her shirt and it was a nice shirt. Nice, clean, white...but it had an image of a boy that didn´t look so happy. Do you know what the shirt said?? It said, "I´m not smiling, I´m just passing gas." I LAUGHED SO HARD. The poor girl doesn´t even know...and plus she was with her boyfriend and he didn´t even know. I told sis. Rosmery and my companion of what happened and we laughed soooo hard. Our Pensionista hna Rosmery told us that is why she refuses to buy American Clothes with things written on it. She has a good point. I had seen many shirts with interesting things on it. 
Yesterday in sacrament meeting we heard a talk given by one of the senior companion missionaries that work in the temple. They talked about something that I really liked. They said that the number of baptisms in the temple, baptisms for the dead, in a year should be bigger than the number of baptisms of the living. We have lots of work to do in the temple. We have many responsibilities to help souls on both sides of the veil. This work is wonderful and I love it. 
I would never think of myself getting to where I am today....I can make people laugh when I speak spanish and its not because I make mistakes speaking spanish, I make them laugh with my jokes and comments! Haha! I can be myself here.....and I can be happy, obedient, blessed, and an instrument of the Lord´s hands. I had grown to love the people even more week after week. I love being a missionary and this I tell you every week because I really do love being a missionary and if I could stay here forever, I would do it...but at the same time I think about how much I miss sundays with family and eating food at home...then I say, there is always a time and place for everything. I will be coming home in 7 months. 
I had made friends and family here and I enjoy everyday that I have here. I love the mission with all my heart and I made the promise with the Lord that I would forget myself and get to work. Its truly a blessing to be called as one of His leaders in the Cochabamba Mission and to be able to serve my neighbors. Its going to be wonderful 7 months...
I just want to bare my humble testimony that I know that our Savior and Redeemer lives and loves us. I know that our Heavenly Father has sent His beloved son to die for us so that we can live with Him again...I know that we can have eternal life as we live the gospel. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the father and the Son, Jesus Christ. Yo lo se con todo mi corazón. Yo lo se porque he sentido el espíritu decirme. Estamos en la verdad. Hay que hacer más...mucho más para que esta obra crezca. Soy Mormona, yo lo se, yo lo vivo. y yo lo amo. Les amo a cada de ustedes.......
I hope that my emails are uplifting to you and can help a few of you in your struggles which you may be passing through..remember that our Heavenly loves us and He knows us perfectly. Estas cosas, les testifico en el sagrado nombre de Jesucrist, Amén.
Sigan adelante. Hasta una semana!!!
Hna Santeco

i took photos with the 70ty son, Joshua in his traje. he is a darling.
Mariano the dog who lives at our house and always follows me in the street. 
sonia and her son owen from our ward. shes a true friend!
the girl with the shirt I pee in pools is going home tonight. she was my sister trainer this passed transfer. and we ate lots of pizza that day. my zone leader and district leader took a selfie with my camera

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