Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz año nuevo!!!! 2015!! cheee-heee!

Its finally here. 2015. When many things will happen.....yay!!! I am so happy to know that time moves forward and things happen everything...just to help me to count my many blessings. 
This week was like every other week, but not quite. It was a little rough to be honest. Why do people drink on New Years??? What are they going to remember anyways when they wake up and find themselves sleeping in front of a random door in the street.....On new year´s eve and new year´s day, everyone was either sleeping...or partying..or drinking...or drunk at the and this was in daylight. But after this week, everything should go back to little normal. 

Last pday was awesome! My companion and I did a house cleaning and sushi day for new years. We cleaned up and changed the furniture around. It made me super excited to study in the mornings to be able to look out the window (and what did I see....popcorn popping on the aprocot tree!..i just had to do it) and ponder on the things I learn and read. We made sushi!!! It was deliciousssss!!! With the nori you sent me, the spam...we bought a liter of cocacola, rice, eggs, and mayonesa and soy sauce to make us a little of home in my mouth. IT WAS GOOOOOD. My companion loved the sushi. I have not eaten sushi for over 10 months....and it was a lovely day. After cleaning the house, we jumped on the trampoline at our house. The family Balderrama got a trampoline from the states. It was rad. But I kept getting shocked when I touched someone or the metal on the tramp...hahaha

With new years here and because my companion is going home in 5 months, we are determined to do some exercise. We exercise in the morning and night. I´m loving it....oh which reminds me one morning my companion and I were thinking about McDonalds...I was craving a burger and fries....I could taste it in my mouth...and I just wanted to cry. lol who knew that I would miss the fast food restaurant that makes me fat.....but really I miss the flavors in Hawaii. 
It was my companion´s birthday on Tuesday. Did I ever tell you guys the traditions of Bolivia when it comes to birthdays?? If its your birthday in Bolivia, you don´t want anyone to know that its your birthday. They throw eggs and flour at your poor companion. I told her I would protect her, but the elders....the four of them attacked her. I didn´t know what to do, but try to clean it off...But she had an awesome day!!! She ran after the elders afterwards and wiped off the egg and flour on their shirts...hahaha. 
Last night I was laughing in my sleep again....I don´t know why I do it...but I laugh in my sleep. Hna Callata was scared when I did that and now Hna Muralles is scared of me when I laugh in my sleep.....but in my dream, there wasn´t anything funny. Hahaha. 

But as for the miracles of this week...I literally had grown to love the people here. I had never worked so hard to help them here. We are so blessed to have 2 people progressing so beautifully in our area. We are hoping to have 1 or 2 baptisms this month. But they are really progressing well in their church assistance and their efforts to learn more about the gospel. For this past 2 sundays, my recient convert Giovana hasn´t came to church and I was sooooo worried. To see your convert not come to church after being baptized hurts a lot. I was able to talk to her and she told me that she will never miss a sunday again. She was on a business trip. Please pray for her. She is really a wonderful woman. I just love her so much and she knows that. We are hoping we can really take her to do baptisms for the dead soon. There is a huge importance of members in the ward and their efforts in this work. We were able to have a few sisters accompany us in an appointment with our progressing investigator Jenny. And because of those appointments and that the sisters already knew who she was, yesterday at church when I couldn´t attend to Jenny the sisters were already talking to her. Sundays in the mission are crazy. I miss sundays at home, but literally you are running from one corner to the other to make sure your investigators, your less actives, recient converts are in their classes and with a friend. Its rough....but its a blessing. On top of that I´ll be talking to members to ask them to accompany us in appointments throughout the week, making appointments with less-actives.....its a crazy day that all I want is to sleep...but that is not possible in the mission. lol Jenny is progressing. The other is Melany who is a 12 year old girl who had never missed a sunday since december. She is our miracle including Jenny. I love having lessons with them because I can truly see how the Lord prepares people to receive the gospel. 
I enjoy each day  here although there are its struggles. I enjoy learning and serving the Lord. We are so blessed to be called as His servants to be here. 

This Pday we are going to eat lunch at the mission home with President and his know what that means.....FOOD FROM THE STATES! hahaha...:) I love being a missionary and seeing how fasting really brings miracles......I love fast sundays. I love the gospel and I love the Lord. I love you guys!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Hna Santeco

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