Monday, February 9, 2015

I Love the Martinez Family

I had such a week. We had our first companion exchange, we have 4 investigators progressing, we are feeling the spirit, our first leadership training conference...its going just great. I had never ceased to be so grateful to be able to meet the wonderful people here where I am assigned to work. I had never felt so much like our Savior..but only close is what I can say. My mind is literally focused on the people and their needs...and how I can only become a better missionary. I came to a conclusion that as missionaries, we are literally just like walking bishops or walking Jesus Christs. You wouldn´t believe the things that we know, we hear, and what the people tell us when we walk into their homes and tell us sometimes gives me heartaches and makes me want nothing, but to help them. We know so much......we carry so much with us as we leave their homes after a long lesson of hearing the stories of the investigators and members...their lives of how they had faced numerous difficulties. Its a know. But what a honor is it to be trusted in to know these things..

I was asked to notify you all that next week, PDAY will be on Wednesday in the morning.. I will write you on Wednesday like at 8-9 around those hours because it will be Carnavales and we were given strict instructions to stay in the house all day.....Carnavales is Carnivals I believe. They already started a little....its when they don´t care who you are and throw water balloons at you in the street and whatnot. It will be a little crazy...We were already attacked by little boys on a way to an appointment and I only yelled at them saying, "CONOCZO DONDE VIVEN! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!" And as they arrived closer to us because we pressed the doorbell of the house where we were to visit, I told them, "OH yeah...I have a waterballoon in my bag too! But its without water....." My companion laughed so hard. But really I had a waterballoon that was unfilled. We entered that house dry. 

We had our first companion exchange with sisters in Cobija. They are just wonderful sisters. I had to stay in my area and it was just amazing.....I was sooooooooo mouth-blabbing and cheery talking to everyone. I was happy in every lesson and I was talking a lot....hahaha we were focusing in finding new people to teach. A miracle happened. As we were walking down the street, we were greeting everyone, Good afternoon, buenas tardes and a old woman says, "Buenas Tardes Jovencitas. Quiero invitarles a mi casa a tomar café!" And I was like when they say café. its not really coffee..its just a hot drink. It was strange because we just said good afternoona and she invited us into her house. Along the way to her house she tells me that she is 89 years old.......I was like WOWWWWW. We went into her house, her daughter was home and they really tried to make us drink coffee...they were really understanding though when we told her that we can´t drink coffee. These two women are so loving. Every time I spoke they 89 year old woman would tell me, "Que Lindo es...esta jovencita esta tan amorosa hablandonos de Díos...mi papito!" I just smiled the whole time. And as we were talking, she kept telling us, "Just a little glass of coffee. Just poquito!" I told her no probably 6 times lol. We were able to teach a little things with them and hear a little more about them where they come from. The daughter is divorced and has two kids who are now teenagers. She expressed to me how grateful she was to have the Lord in her life. I just already grew to love her that very moment...we were able to leave that house with a big welcome to their house and two new daughters of God who could be prepared to hear the gospel.

Yesterday...sundays....I try not to be stressed on sundays...but with tons of people in the chapel, running around to see if investigators have a friend and are in their classes, talking to members to receive references and to ask if they could accompany us in lessons...all of that in 3 rough. I go crazy.....I get stressed...but what stresses me the most is when people don´t come to church...mostly people that I love the most. I have been working with the Martinez family for a long time now. I love them so much and because I love them so much, when I see a little error here or there, it hurts me a lot. Yesterday my companion and I were able to teach Patrick´s dad, Jimmy. I literally just cried the entire lesson..because my heartached to see progress not  happen. It was a beautiful lesson...he told me in the end that one day he and his family will visit us in Hawaii....he told us his dreams and goals in life. And my companion and I helped him to see those dreams and goals that he has in a different the perspective to gain eternal life. Every dream, every goal...there are things to do in order to achieve that goal. He understood perfectly and commited to come to church every sunday. I could see the light of Christ in his eyes as he bore his testimony to us...I could see his soul wanting to be free from the trials of life. I love this family so much....that to imagine myself leaving this area..leaving Bolivia will be really hard for me. I had grown to have the perspective to see myself be before our Savior and Him asking me, Why isn´t the Martinez family not here?...My companion and I are doing our all to save this family...I want to see this family in the celestial kingdom. I want to enjoy exaltation with them...Patrick reminded me so much of Jesse. Patrick received the calling as 1st counselor in the Deacon´s Quorum. And he wore the tie you gave him for christmas. I realized that its the same time you guys have in the christmas photo of us. Thank you for that tie..:) he sends his love to you as well. I am so grateful.....I am soooooo grateful and filled with so much love to be able to meet the Martinez family. They make me so happy, sometimes frustrated, but happy, too. They became my family in Bolivia. They became a huge part in my life and in my heart. I can not imagine not meeting them if I were not to be here on a mission. My life would be missing something huge. My eyes are filled with tears as I type this and reflect on the wonderful experiences that I had with this very family. If they can´t visit us in Hawaii....all I want is that they can be in the celestial kingdom as a family...I want them to get to the temple...I just want them to live the gospel. I hope..I really hope that I carry these experiences, feelings, this testimony that I have with me for the rest of my life....

I want to become a consecrated missionary. I want to be a true instrument of the Lord´s hands. I love being Hermana Santeco and His disciple. I hope you all can feel of the Love of the savior with you throughout this week. That you may push yourselves to become a little more obedient and little more like Jesus...and then you will see the fruits of your labor..

I love you all,
Hermana Santeco

Read the Book of Mormon 15 minutes everyday. whether it be personally or together as a family. Do it! Its a beautiful thing to do.....I love it and I hope I can keep doing it when I get home.
Good luck!

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