Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jenny got Baptized!

Read the Book of Mormon 15 minutes everyday. whether it be personally or together as a family. Do it! Its a beautiful thing to do.....I love it and I hope I can keep doing it when I get home.

hna santeco

Good luck!

So here are a few links of a few pictures that President Hansen has taken of us. Its been great really!
I have been just so happy this past week. We had worked so hard and yet we have to work even harder as the days go by. We had been working a lot with the members and the miracle was that they were punctual and came on time where we told them to be. I loved it! We were able to see many people progress and see how every lesson that we had was inspired. Last Pday we did a zone activity and played capture the flag with paint, waterballons, mud, and IN THE RAIN. It was sooo much fun. Another Zone was also there. I was able to see Hna Trujillo! Its awesome to see old companions again.

The highlight of my week was when Jenny got baptized. It just filled my soul with so much light. I just remembered when I met her at her door and when we found each other in the street and when we first entered her house and everything...I remembered when the spirit told me to invited to be baptized and she said yes. She go baptized and receieved the Holy Ghost. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....The Lord has led us to her and brought her to our path. What a blessing it was to meet her and see how the spirit has worked through her. Her son is the one who is deaf. This past sunday and on the day of her baptism, I conversed with him almost the whole time. I am improving so much in speaking Bolivian Sign Language. Its amazing how it just happens.

We wil having a zone conference this week with president. They asked us, my companion and I to prepare ourselves to do a practice role play in front of everyone....scary but I´m excited! Oh did I tell you I spoke in Sacrament Meeting again....its the 4th time in this ward....hahahaha

We were able to go to the temple this past week as well. One night I was thinking about extending my time in the mission for 6 more weeks long, but I knew I had to pray about it. I was blessed to go to the temple and do that. I got my answer and it was a big NO. So don´t worry family, I´ll be home when I´m supposed to.

I love doing companion exchanges. I had seen how it helps me become selfless and seek opportunities to serve my companions. I was blessed to be in the companion exchange with Hermana Wingate! My first companion in the CCM! It was crazy because I remember when we first taught a fake lesson in the CCM and we couldn´t speak Spanish and that day we taught like pros. I loved it. We laughed all day. We were talking in English and I had the hardest time to say "Jesus Christ" because it kept coming out in Spanish. We LAUGHED SO HARD at that. Hermana Wingate is training right now and she is just doing so great. I love her so much. In that companion exchange we were able to see after a year, we had changed so much...that we would had been so different if we had stayed at home. We were so happy and absolutely grateful to be missionaries. We had so much trials in the mission, but they did nothing but strengthen us.

It was Carnavales...carnivals! It was crazy. People would wet us form their cars with water balloons or soapy water or buckets of water. On sunday there was a huge truck full of people with buckets of water in the back and they totally wet us. We couldn´t escape. I was my skirt. I laughed so hard after that. But these past two days we stayed home to study, clean the house, wash clothes, and all the PDAY stuff that we normally do, except writing to our families via email. Going outside was scary. But yesterday we had to do it to have lunch. My companion and I walk outside like ninjas and tried to escape from every kid with a waterballon or watergun. We were able to arrive tothe pension dry and safe. We made some salteñas with Hna Rosmery! It was delicious! I can totally make them with Sis. Hurst or with you guys! It was fun. After eating.......the Elders took us by surprise and attacked us with waterballons, foamy soap, and BUCKETS of WATER. The funny part was the Hna Rosmery stepped in and the elders also attacked her. She helped my companion and I to attack the elders back. I think I went a little crazy and realized I didn´t have anything to use to attack them so I grabbed the broom and started chasing them. Then I knocked out their bucket full of waterballoons and stepped on all of them so they wouldn´t have a stash anymore. It was hilarious! Then after a truce,we when out in the corner of the street and started to wet the people who were walking by. It was soooooo funny. Its so normal to do that here.

The elders had to accompany us to our house because it was a hour when everyone was outside wettig people in the street. Once we reached the street of our house, all we saw was TONS OF PEOPLE with waterballoons in their hands. The elders tried to do a secret service thing and surround us, but they totally left us that very moment and I got wet. We all ran to our house laughing sooooo hard. And Joshua and Kim, elder Balderrama´s kids were outside wetting people too. I changed my clothes and came out to the yard to see what they were doing...and they wet me AGAIN. I had to change twice.........but it was a good day! :) I still laugh about it.

ahhh....I can´t not believe that I will be completing a year already in the misson. It scares me to be honest how time goes by....I just wish it would never end and that I can be a missionary forever.
But know this...I know that I need to be here...that at times I lay in bed and ask my companion, "Is it bad that I don´t miss home?"...I don´t miss home. I love being a missionary and love it all.
It makes me happy to always receive emails from you guys to see how things are going at home. I love this gospel so much because it just blesses everyone everywhere.
I´ll be writing you on Monday. I love you all so much.

Until then,
Hna Santeco

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