Monday, August 25, 2014

Half Way of a Year and One Year to Go.

HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!! :) I hate imagining myself going home in exactly one year from now....but I can´t help to do it. 
This week was......a lot of learning. With a new companion and her having to adjust to a completely different area wasn´t only hard for her, but it was hard for hear her compare every little thing to her old area. hahahaha...but really its hard. Plus with her, I have a greater responsibility to listen to the lessons a lot more attentively. But with this kind of companionship, it really has pushed me to teach, to understand, to speak, and to rely on the spirit. Teaching has gotten easier, loving the people, too. When you really love the people, teaching them is a lot easier. 

So...I FINISHED the BOOK OF MORMON the third time in my whole life this past week :). But its the first time that I read it completely in Spanish. It made me so happy, more than ever because everything that we do promise to our investigators, if you read this book and read and ponder of what it contains, the holy ghost will bear witness until you of its truthfullness...the whole time I read it, I could feel of its truthfullness and power and also the love that God has for His children. I have developed a stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, I recognize the spirit more, and I developed the charity that I desired to have for so long. With Hermana Trujillo gone, I can look back and really see how much I have learned from her. I believe I already told you last week, but really...I have learned to love the people here because of her and most of all, I have learned to love my Savior more than myself. 

We talk a few lessons to people who only speak Quechua. It was awesomeeeee! Because we had Hermana Esperanza there to translate and the funny thing was that I could actually understand what they were saying in Quechua :). When I was telling her what to translate, she could understand me enough to translate it to Quechua :). It made me so happy because I could be understood, I could understand and the spirit was there in the lesson. But like I said, I have gotten better at teaching at last. We also have an investigator who is still learning Spanish but speaks Quechua. And so we had the Book of Mormon in Quechua in her hands and a spanish one in our hands. It worked. She could finally understand what we were teaching. The Book of Mormon is key. It is the power to teach with the spirit and understanding. 
We have been walking A LOT. I love it really. Its good exercise. Plus I think I am getting a little fat. But oh well. We have been walking past the same street everyday and I had such a huge impression to talk to a lady who is there everyday but after 3 days I didn´t do anything about it....but this saturday, we had free time to contact people and I told my companion finally that I wanted to talk to this lady. It so happens that she had been having the same impression this week. So then we went and it turns out that her and her family are inactive. It made me happy to know the spirit is talking to me and my companion to do this work. 
I had a dream this past week that I finally went home but I still had my name tag and all...but we went to 7-11...and I was SOOOOOO happy to eat a manapua and pork hash. I woke up disappointed....I would like some 7-11 when I go home pleaseeeee!!!! 

With lots of hair is getting more blonde each day....I thought I cut it all out. After six months, I finally finished my tube of toothpaste I had since day one and as for the cocoa butter you gave me, I still have a little bit left. But I always had a little since the beginning. You guys gave it to me with one eighth left of it inside. Did you know there are hibiscus and plumerias here??? I always pick them and smell them. They remind me of home :). 
Hermana Donoso was here again for training for leaders meeting so we ate dinner together. She gave me photos to help me through the hard days of the mission. Lots of the missionaries are so helpful and supportive when its rough. I was having a rough week to be honest with many reasons. But I had managed to deal with it with a positive attitude and lots of faith and trust in the Lord. But yesterday morning when the other sisters who live with us knew that I was sad, they made me breakfast. Hahaha they know food makes things all better. Oh which reminds me, we ate the last can of spam this morning for breakfast...I am out of food from home. Just send me food in my packages. hahahaha that´s all I want really. And printed out photos and letters :). 
I just know that God is trying to teach me something. Everything when I have a trial, I ask Him want is it that He wants me to learn. I am so grateful to be here. 6 months and I am still here. I have never wanted to be here as much as I do now. You really learn to be a disciple of Christ. You learn to love, to serve, to trust, and to work. Doctrines and Convenants 12:8 taught me that. 

In three months I will see all your smiley facesssss!!!! 
I Love you all!!! Les amo bastante!!!
Hna Santeco

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