Monday, September 1, 2014

Los Milagros del Señor

We worked so many miracles this week. It was the most tiring week I had for so long and plus difficult. We had intercambios or companion exchanges this week and we were focusing on learning how to talk with everyone. It is something I don´t quite enjoy sometimes because its just having to get over the awkward part of approaching people in the street. But we did it. The intercambios we had started a fire in our companionship to work harder and to be diligent in completing our goals. This week we taught 41 lessons. As a companionship, we have the most number of lessons that were taught in our district. It was amazing. We found 19 new investigators, taught 11 with member present, 18 without member present, and 12 lessons to in-actives and recent converts. We enjoyed the work we were doing. There were people in the street, in their houses, it was a miracle. When we had absolutely nothing to do because appointments fell through, we continued to walk and to search for people to teach. There was a lady that was carrying heavy things in her hands, climbing up the many hills in our area, and I said to my companion, ¿Le ayudamos? We help her? and we did. I first thought she wouldn´t let us attempt to even touch her things, but she gladly passed everything to us to help her carry the load. As we were walking up the hills we talked and conversed just to get to know her a little bit. And this part is funny.....she lives in a house where the Baptist church has their meetings.....but get this, there is more than just her, we found her family! They gladly welcomed us into their home and had us meet every single of her children. We gave them a little message, an invitation to read one of the pamphlets, and we said a prayer. We scheduled an appointment to meet with them this week. It was a miracle and really funny because they live in a chapel practically, but they were so receptive. We had many experiences like that. We would talk to one person and slowly one by one, their other family members would arrive home and so we would have another new investigator. It made us so happy. sunday without going to church. She got baptized and now is a member of the church. And so this is not only for me, but for all of you. Invite everyone to church, invite them to activities, to parties, to everything that might help them feel like they do belong with us especially as children of God. Invite todos!!

We even found a new investigator who loves the bible and when we were explaining to him why we have the Book of Mormon and a little of the Restoration, he said that he was worried that he didn´t have the truth in his life. So we invited him to find the truth for himself and we scheduled another appointment with him this week. ITS AMAZING. Its the first time that I every contributed in finding 19 new investigators in one week. The most I ever found in a week was 10 or 7 average. I really enjoyed the intercambio that we had because I also learned to invite everyone to church. Hermana Hill, my companion for the day during the intercambio told me about when she was in a different area with a different companion, she invited everyone to church and as normally missionaries know that we do invite and there is a huge chance that they won´t come, but we still invite anyways. She told me that she invited a elderly woman one day thinking that she wouldn´t even come. But the thing is that she went to church, and from that day, she never missed a

So this coming Sunday is el dia de peaton....which means Pedestrian Day....which means there will be no cars, no trufis, no buses, NADA. Everyone will be walking. Did I tell you that the chapel is like 45 to 60 minutes away from our house? and that we start church at 8? and our area is in the mountains? Pray for my investigators please that they will make the sacrifice to walk to church even if its far....hahaha I am really hoping they will do it. But it will show a lot of their faith. We already walk so much, only this sunday, we will have to walk even more. 

Hey Marvy, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! Happy birthday this week! 22???? I think of Taylor Swift. Hahahaha I hope you all eat something delicious and enjoy yourselves. 

So funny story, during intercambios we were talking to the driver in the trufi and guess what his name is. His name is Jesus. And guess what are the names of his parents? Maria y Jose. hahaha which is Mary and Joseph in english. It was a crack up! Oh the life in the has its moments. 

I made a bucklet list of what I want to do before I finish the mission. One of the things I want to do is teach a Nun. There are tons of nuns outside our house. I just wanna try one I don´t have to baptize her, I just wanna preach the gospel. 
There is a young boy that I mentioned long ago who is deaf and knows sign language. He ran into me this past week and we conversed. It was soooo cool because I could understand his spanish sign language kind of...and I could respond...kind of. I am forgetting so much of sign language and ingles. We sang a song in English in intercambios because hna Hill is from the States too because we wanted to try. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I don´t even want to imagine me home trying to speak.  

Fernando´s sister came home from her mission. She left on the 27th of February and recently came home. She made me so sad to leave the mission one day. She left the same time I have left but the other year and she came home. She told us how hard it was to have the stake president remove her plaque off of made me soooooo sad. I am trying my best to enjoy every day now. haha with the plaque and skirt and all. 
I found a map of hawaii. Hawaii is never one the map or is just cut off at the edge. But I found it and now I really realize how small Hawaii is........and how far I am. hahaha. 

I miss you all so much and I am so grateful for all you do for me. Thank you for your prayers and your support. There is really no other place I rather be. I have learned so much and I am changing so much....I have learned to not look for problems, but to look for solutions. I have learned to endure to the end. The mission teaches you that. You learn to endure to the end and to endure it with pacience. I love you all and have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!

Con cariño,
Hermana Santeco :)

PS-oh i bought scripture covers for my ingles scriptures!!!! :)

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