Monday, September 22, 2014

Hola Villaluz. Chao Chilimarca.


I am leaving this transfer to Villaluz. Its a different part of Cochabamba and you have no idea how I am feeling right now. Mixed emotions to the max. To leave my first area really makes me reflect on everything that I had learned here and how much I had grown. I had grown to really love the people, the food, Bolivia, and everything. I am so grateful for the time that I had here in Chilimarca. Last night after when they told us that I was leaving, I was so excited and then I just got so sad. I started to pack my things and I was SO SAD. I hated it. My heart ached to leave the people here and so I got down on my knees and prayed and poured out my heart to God. I realized how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to grow and learn and to teach here. I look back and see the wonderful experiences I had here and really my time here has ended and that I had down my part in God´s will and now He is sending me to someone new. I am His servant and as the song goes, ¨I´ll go where He wants me to go, I´ll say what He wants me to say...¨. It is His will. My companion is opening a new area in Tupiza and firstly the elders said that new elders were going to take over our area, but after a few complications, it so happens the sisters that are already here in our zone are going to take over our area. Its complicated but I really can feel that our area is now in good hands. I am happy to look back and see how we had improved the work in our area and that we are leaving it better than it was when we found it. That is our work and our goal. To edify the church in our areas and hasten the work of the Lord.  

Transfers are crazy...It really gives you a little touch of the goodbyes you are to say in the mission. There is a sister, Hna Zavaleta that I know and am really good friends with. They recently found a tumor in her and she is being sent home tomorrow. Its sad to see so many getting sick and being sent home, but from her...she taught me so much about strength. We are all fasting and praying for her as a mission because when she goes home she will have to get surgery. 
As for my medallon, the bishop here gave me one but I have to pay...but now that you told me that you have one, I will give it back to bishop and ask you to send it to me if you would like or just hold it til I get home. What a miracle and coincidence that you have one. The bishop gave me one and I am actually wearing it now...but I´ll just give it back hahaha. Its like 10 dollars...but yeah. And plus its the silver one too. So please keep that for me! Thank you for the miracle for the day :). 
One night our pensionista did not cook dinner and so we went out to eat with her and her family. It made me think of our family outings to eat. It made me miss you guys so much. We even went out this past weekend with a member for lunch to a restaurant called Tuesdays. Its like Chilis in the states. ITS SO EXPENSIVE and DELICIOUS. We had a contest in our ward with the missionaries of who taught the most lessons in this transfer. My companion and I won. And so we ate :). It was awesome!!
We went out to do a service to kill and take out the feathers of ducks again.....I hated it. I didn´t do anything this time. I stayed in their garden to pull out weeds. And herded the ducks to the little room before they were grabbed out to die. 
I continue to scared north americans here when I speak English hahahaha. They don´t know I´m from the states. hehehehe. 
And yes...I am out for 7 months already its so dang fast. I am so happy to hear about Dad and Gabriel exercising the preisthood. As for Jesse, I hope he will get better soon. I will be praying for you all. Gabriel...enjoy the power of the priesthood. Good job dad for allowing him to begin to use it because when he comes out on the mission, he will be familiar in giving blessings and following the promptings of the spirit. 

I can´t help, but to watch the video ¨The reason behind christmas¨ I had the urge to watch it because as usual....I do have my downs in the mission and this video helps me to remember that day when I taught a lesson in relief society in the sunset singles branch and how right there and then...I understood the meaning of Christmas. The gift of ourselves....I made the convenant to be here and I promised to give of myself in this calling. This video strengthens me and lifts up my spirit. 
I received the package. Thank you for the spam, the kimchi powder, the blouse, and everything. But if anything....I would love to open a package with letters and notes inside...because as I had said, I do have hard times here in the mission. But you have no idea how happy the other sisters were when they saw that there was spam. Hahaha...they love spam. And the soap...the orange one please! 

I am going to Villaluz where there are lots of mosquitos and no hills. And a really good pension...which means I will get fat. And I will be living with one of the 70! In their house! I am so stoking! 
Know that I love you guys so much and I hope you are all well. Keep going to the temple and all those firesides that I can´t go to. Hahaha. 
Until Next time,
Hermana Santeco

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