Monday, August 18, 2014

Amo a Bolivia bastante

I have learned so much this past week and I have seen how much I have grown. With a new companion, I have realized so much of what Hermana Trujillo has taught me. I was training, but really she was training me to become a better person. Now that she is gone in a different area, I have seen all of the little things that she would do and bug me..(haha) are something I can learn from..but things I actually really appreciate me. She would always look back to see if I was with her or made sure she was walking by my side. She would always wait on her knees even if she was done praying for me to finish praying so that she wouldn´t be up on her feet while I was praying. It was things out of respect, love, and a true companion. I have mostly importantly have learned to love the people here. I have seen her example of how to teach with so much love for the people and also how she has prepared me to have a new my companion. I don´t know, but she is kind of special. I love her already, but she is special. I had a little hard time because she tends to not listen or pay attention during the lessons that we teach and so its just a little frustrating. And its her first "poor" area, its a lot for her to adjust. But then I really do realize how much I do love my area, the people, the members, and my calling in the church. Its hard in our area because people aren´t progressing or coming to church, but I keep moving forward with faith. I am reading the book of mormon again and I am finally in Ether. Ether 12 has taught me a lot this week about faith before miracles. We always pray for miracles but why don´t we pray for faith? It says in this chapter that faith brings forth the miracles. I have been praying for faith and I see the difference of how I react to the trials and the difficulties of when investigators don´t pray or read the BOM or just don´t progress. I am learning to be humble to accept the will that God has for me and its such a great feeling to be able to do it. 
I love Bolivia so much. It has changed everything for me. The mission changes lives, the gospel changes lives. I am so different now. I can see things in a greater and eternal perspective and it just brings so much joy and comfort. We are helping a few families to be sealed in the temple right now and now that I have been there, I really want ALL families to enter the temple. There is a great need and importance to go...because it is the Lord´s house. 
I can not believe that next week I will be out for 6 months. I can´t believe that in one year from now, I will be on a plane ride home. I counted the exchanges I have left. I have 8 left including this one that I am in. It really goes by too fast. 
I really think so much in what God wants me to learn when we have so many trials and challenges. It helps you know? When you are struggling with something, thinking of what He wants you to learn from it, it helps you grow really. Every companion I had prepares me to learn something knew or in other words, to really become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I have grown to love our Savior more too. 
I have so many responsibilities now as senor companion. I have been in Bolivia for 5 months and it just gets bigger and bigger the amount of responsibilities that we have. But I love it. I have grown to know how to submit to God´s will and to see the importance of the commandments. 

Its really cold here lately. Lots of rain, a little of snow. I love the food here. Well depend of what I eat. I took a picture of one of the plates I ate. Its called Silpancho. Its delicious with egg and a salad and potatoes. I also love this type of soup called Sopa de Mani. I think I´ll bring some of it with me when I do go home.

I think of the ward often and each of you. I hope and pray all is well and that you all have a wonderful week. I love you.
El evangelio me ha bendecido en muchas maneras. Aprendí amar a los demas como Dios ama a sus hijos. Aprendí y recibí el atributo semejante de Dios de la caridad esta semana y es incredible. Aprendí que tenemos que tener mucha fe antes de los milagros. Saben que les amo a ustedes y que realmente quiero estar aqui en la misión. Lo siento, esta carta de esta semana es mas corta que usual. Que tengan una buenisima semana!
Con cariño,
Hermana Santeco

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