Monday, August 11, 2014

The Errand of Angels

Familyyyyy and Friends, ALOHAAAA! 

Can you believe that it is August?! I will be falting one year! And....if you haven't english is getting terrible. You have no idea...I had to talk to La Hermana Hansen, the president's wife a lot this week because we went to the doctors and everything for my companion. I had to explain everything in english and was rough. It just came out terrible. I was translating spanish into mind is confused. And so if my email comes out broken english, just know that God is pushing me in the language. Hahaha. This week we went to the doctors. Big surprise there. We went this past thursday to a different hospital though because the first one was horrible.....the second one is amazing!

But we got some bad companion has injured her back really bad...we went to a few doctors who are professioned in those kinds of things and they told her that if she has another incident, she won't be able to walk nor go to the bathroom on her own. It will hurt to sneeze, it will hurt to breathe. It was rough...she cried so much and I just couldn't help to cry with her because we knew that she had a huge chance of being sent home. And so...they gave her pills and everything and the pills made her nauseous. She was throwing up and throwing was terrible. Poor girl...I felt so bad for her because really she wants to be here. And the thing is that our area is all mountains, hills, and rocks. And it hurts her back to climb and to go down. Now that exchanges were coming this week, I had an impression that she would be sent to a different area with flatter ground, and that I would that impression was correct. She is leaving our area and I am staying here...perhaps for one more exchange, 6 more weeks. I am honestly content because she can finally go to an area where she can work more. It was rough because every week we would have to go to the doctors or she would have an incident where she couldn't get up and things that like. I just hope and pray she can stay here in the mission because really she is really worried about going home. So please pray for her, Hermana Trujillo. She needs it..
I really can not believe that this is my 4th exchange now. My new companion will be Hermana Castro from Peru. She came to Bolivia the same time I did. We will see how things go. I am honestly really excited because we will be working together and I don't know, at first I said I don't like exchanges, but really I can see how its inspired and how obedience is key to follow it, 
So I went to the temple this past week. It was exactly what I needed. I found so much peace, and plus, I could finally understand everything inside because I know the language! hehe!! I bought my scriptures, and they don't accept cards...and so I had to pay with cash, But I have pretty spanish scriptures now! I love them! I have never loved the Book of Mormon so much until I came here. I found so much comfort and strength and as well as power from it. And plus I can finally read it in spanish and understand it. Its funny because I actually understand the context so much better in spanish more than english...I never really liked english was always a little complicated or old english for me to understand...
I love going to church here and see how children who live so far from the chapel, take the responsibility to come to church without their parents who are less active. It just makes me so happy to see so much faith and testimony that they have. 
I eat a lot here apparently? But I know that I actually eat less here than I do at home. We would eat with our pension and her daughter would say, "Hermana Santeco is so skinny, and she eats so much! Yet she is still skinny!!!" I just laughed so hard and continued to eat, Then this saturday we ate at a members house and they watched me grab for 4ths..not 3rds or 2nds...4ths...hahaha and they said, "Where do you put it all?" And I looked at my stomach and said...I honestly don't know. But it was because it was bien ricooooo! The food was sooooo good. I hate to admit it, but I wasn't full afterwards. I honestly wanted more...even yesterday when we ate at another member's house they kept tempting me to eat more..and so I couldn't refuse the offer and I ate. They are all asking for Thai, Hawaiian, Filipino platter recipes. Can you send me some? That perhaps is possible to make here? Because well we can't eat pig here or lettuce. Its sad. I miss it so dang much. 
Many people in our area don't have a source of water in  their homes for such a long period of time now. Its been such a struggle for them, but like I said before, they are always so happy. I have never seen someone who has so little, yet are so happy with what they do have. I seriously have never felt so humbled to be welcomed into their homes and to be offered bread and mandarinas and plantanos every time. They are just so kind to us. 
I have reflected back a lot of my time as a trainer and it saddens me that it has come to an end with my greenie companion. But I had learned so much. This past week, God really has helped me to enjoy my time with her and to really help her in her trials. I really enjoyed my time with her and the opportunity to be her trainer. I even reflected back to the time we were in Jack in the Box before you guys took me to the airport, I miss Jack in the Box and I miss you guys too. I thought of when in Jack in the Box, mom was telling me of the story, my dear friend, I will find you and how I just started to cry and mom started to cry. Then mom said, "they found me". I always think of that story and have it written in my journal in spanish. I think of how we find people and also we find ourselves in the mission. We find ourselves truly as His servants and His children on this earth, trying to find ourselves back to Him and to peace. I almost have 6 months and I have learned so much.....I want to learn more.
I am so happy to see all of you are safe from the hurricane. I always pray for your protection everyday. I am happy Jesse is enjoying the Priesthood and going to the temple. I am happy that Marvy has a steady job and that she was at least home when she fell asleep hahaha. I am happy that mom and dad are happy even if I am not home. I am so happy to be here and to be a missionary and representative of Jesucristo. He has blessed me so much and I have seen it in so many ways which He has. I am so happy to be a daughter of God who loves me and who loves you! Know that I love you and that I think of you all so often but of also my calling....this is by far the best calling from the church that I have and I never want it to end. You truly learn how to be obedient, to be patient, and loving here in the mission. You learn how to trust in the Lord and the spirit. This is better than BYUH. Sorry bout it. I have made the best decision to be here and I'll always remember it! Hahaha. 
I love you my family. 6 more weeks in cochabamba and who knows where I will be. The Errand of Angels is given to women. That I know. What a priviledge is it to be entrusted so much by our heavenly father to be a part of this marvelous work.
Hermana Santeco

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