Monday, March 2, 2015


Its already March...what on earth...I swear it was Christmas just yesterday. I say it all the time, Where did the time go???

This week was a lot of learning for me. The Cochabamba mission is doing an activity to become true disciples of Christ. They gave us a list of scriptures for us to study and analize..meditate...and then think in such ways of how we can improve individually. I LOVE THIS ACTIVITY. We make personal goals everyday to become better. The things that I learned....I promised to carry with me for the rest of my life.

1. Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is a process....You can never be a true disciple of Christ just in one day. We are humans and we do make mistakes constantly.

2. We all go through our personal atonements one way or another. We suffer sometimes for our own sins...and the sins of others as parents, missionaries, leaders...we suffer through Godly sorrow and try to submit ourselves to the will of the Father. 

3. Everyone has free agency...that is a constant thing I must learn. I had realized that I need to change my nature of being....and if you know me..I can be controlling. I was to control what my neighbor does sometimes if they aren´t obedient....I have come to know that I just CANT do that. But the intentions I have to want such a thing is nothing bad...I just want people to choose the right.....but I had chosen to live the Plan of Salvation. God´s plan to give every one of His children free agency. That´s a tough one for me....But I´m learning and I´m accepting it more and more each day even if it makes me sad to see people I love be disobedient....but the joy does come through. To see the people we just met a month ago, grow and progress...and have more light of Christ in their lives. That is a beautiful thing to see.

4. Being a true disciple of Christ requires obedience..compasion and love. 

I love that you are going to give a sacrament talk about coming unto Christ. This is exactly what I am learning through the transcourse of the mission. To come unto Christ and to invite others to come unto Him as well. I´ll include a little message in another email to help dad talk less in his talk hahahaha.

I received your package. Thank you soooo much. Muchisimas gracias. I was so happy to see the chocolate. To see the photos from the apple store, mom´s letter, and my debit card.....I had no idea that it expired...hahahaha. But thank you really for the goodies. I appreciate.

As I am coming closer to that day when I am going, I have thinking a lot about what I will be doing when I get home in regards of where I will be studying. I am praying and fasting a lot about that....but I know that I will just do exactly what the Lord wants me to do.

I was able to be with Hermana Hansen this past week in a companion exchange. It was awesome to be with her. We made it a goal to contact a LOT of people in the street and throughout the day. We were able to talk to 14 people. It was awesome. She taught me a lot about being bold and just going for it. I was able to be with her when we made a year in the mission.

I am learning a lot about the weakness I have and the things I do lack. I want nothing to become a better person, a true disciple, and missionary. I am so grateful to be here....I only have one more week in this transfer and I really don´t know if I will be staying here. Last night I dreamed that I was sent to Potosi and I was so worried about having to buy clothes to stay warm...because the cold days are coming up. Oh which reminds me. Embarassing night I was not just talking in my sleep...I was singing and laughing.....My companion told me just when the alarm went off in the morning and asked me, "Hermana Santeco, what did you dream??" Hahaha.....I honestly don´t remember anything....even last night I caught myself talking in my sleep....I was teaching a lesson again..but the thing was that I knew I was talking, but the thing was that I wasn´t completely conscience to stop talking......

I really don´t want to count the days anymore. I don´t want to count down when I´ll be home...its just going by so fast and I still have so much to learn. But I am absolutely grateful to be here and to have such a supportive family at home.

I do want to bare my testimony that I know that this is the Lord´s work and we are His disciples. We are to be His hands in this life. I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that through him, our loving Heavenly Father restored His gospel. I know that God lives...that Jesus Christ lives. That He is our Redeemer and Savior. I know that He is my Shephard. And we are His sheep. To guide us and lead us to His Father. I am absolutely grateful for this gospel. For the Atonement. For its power to free us from all the afflictions that we have in this life. I know that its true and this I can never reject. I can never reject its truthfulness and power.

I invite you all to become like a child, humble, meek, and loving...and a child submits himself to his father.

I love you all,
Hna Santeco

Do a testimony meeting in family home evening! after studying about that conference talk by Pdt. Thomas s. monson.

sharing a testimony can build the testimony of others!

love you all.
hna santeco

ps: share with me how it went

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