Monday, March 16, 2015

I´m in Potosí y.......

I am in good old Potosí and I am just absolutely loving it! Leaving Villa Luz was heartaching, but a beautiful transition because I could look back and see the wonderful miracles that we had in that very area. Saying goodbye to a feel investigators and the Martinez family was just hard. I never cried so much saying bye to someone when knowing the next time I would go back would be even harder because it would be before I would be going home...One of the people I visited for sure was one of our investigators, named Melany. She is a young girl who from the very beginning never missed a sunday of church. Before telling her that I was leaving I wanted to know what difference she could see in her life from the gospel. I asked her....what difference can you see from since the very beginning to this very day...and she said...that her life has changed tremendously. It made me cry....Then I told her that I would be going to Potosí the very next day. I could honestly feel that very moment that I knew with a certainty that she would be getting baptized one day, if not yet, soon and it will happen...I know it.

Then the Martinez family. We went to her house and not everyone was home. I was sad......Patrick wasn´t even there. Only a few of them....but Patrick´s dad, Jimmy explained to me that it was because they avoided saying bye to me.....he said its "doloroso" or painful for they avoided coming home. But the heart touching words of the Martinez family filled my soul with absolute joy. They told me they are determined to visit me in Hawaii not just to visit Hawaii, but to meet my family and thank them for everything......I love them so much.......It was a bittersweet birthday of farewells and leaving behind Villa Luz. The next day just when we were waiting for the taxi with my luggages, Patrick passed by for our house and I was able to say our goodbyes.
Traveling to Potosí was a trip. It was half an hour in plane until Sucre and a 3 hour taxi ride to Potosí. You question is probably, "Is it cold there?" Its colddddddddd! I love it sooo much. I love the cold and its nothing like Cochabamba. Its so beautiful in Potosí and I already hope to finish the mission here. The life here is great really...but if anything I´m still adjusting to the air. I can´t breathe sometimes...hahaha my lungs are constantly pumping for oxygen, but need not to worry because I´ve gotten a little better at breathing here...The air is just so thin! Its lots of hills and lots of beautiful house and plazas. I feel so blessed to be out here...and to be with Hna Crawford, even better! We are loving being sister training leaders together. We will be going to Tupiza this week which is a 5 hour bus ride to do companion exchanges with the sisters. We will be traveling at night til morning. Its gonna be an adventure and we are going to be dead tired.
In our ward, they recently closed the elders´area and gave it all to us. And so we are the only

missionaries in our ward and we have the whole ward area and its not normal for having just two missionaries in the ward in Bolivia. In the states yes...because they have cars. We have to walk the whole area...ITS HUGE....but its absolutely excited and I can´t wait to do this! My companion and I are feeling just a little pressured with the new changes but we are really excited and trusting the Lord to do this.
My daughter in the mission who I trained almost a year ago, Hna Trujillo gave me a call one day and......she went home this week...I was lucky to see her on my last day in Cochabamba on my birthday....she was really sick....It broke my heart to not be able to see her....but I´m so grateful to know her. I´ve gotten to a point that I can see how amazing our companions are for us......I always find something interesting....for example with Hna Rumualdo, she got baptized on March 10th, 2012 and I got baptized on March 10th, 2002. Who knew that? With Hna Crawford...both of our moms went through uterus cancer and had to get surgery to get it out just about the same time period about 2-3 years ago...and they both go through the struggles of controlling their emotions..but they are both healthy and living and happy. To find that out about Hna Crawford, it literally amazed me....Everyday I ask myself, why does the Lord want me to be here and be with Hna Crawford? He answers me through the wonderful people I meet and my companions. Yesterday we were teaching a lady who has a boyfriend who is 12 years older than her...that made me think of mom and dad. Hahaha but she totally reminded me of you guys and I could totally comprehend them.
I have to wish a very happy birthday to my little brother who isn´t so little any more. Happy Birthday Jesse! I can not even believe you are 13 are a teenager......that freaks me out....even the did cali get so big so fast! I like kittens better...oh do we still have fishes? she doesn´t eat them right? hahaha random thought.
Today we are going to the mines! We are going on a zone activity! Its gonna be sweet! I am absolutely loving the mission...and I hate to think that I´ll only have 5 months left soon......I don´t want this to end!
I love Potosí....or they say Poto-yes! Hahahaha. I love this. I love my life and its just awesome.
I know the Lord lives and loves us. I know He answers our prayers and is happy to see us live the gospel. I invite you all to live the gospel happily!!!!
Con mucho amor,
Hna Santeco

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