Monday, October 20, 2014

Midway through Octubre

I am going to start this letter directly to the point. This week my companion and I got into a big fight. Walking in the street together, yelling at one was ugly. turned out to be a beautiful thing. hahaha. I have never felt so relieved after a fight with my companion. The fight was necessary. We put aside our differences and learned actually a lot from the fight. I am learning so much from hermana Callata. With her, after every fight I can really feel that we are strengthening our companionship and that we both do want the same thing. She is so wonderful, really. One of the things she told me that I loved so much is that she wants to her heart to ache when she has to change companions so that she knows for sure that she has truly learned to love each and every companion she has. That made a huge impact on me...I never thought of such a thing to do towards my companions. She is the only companion I have so far that I am not counting down the weeks until the next transfer. I am really losing myself in the work. We actually had two fights this past week, but the second one was just like a talk. No screaming just venting. But I told her my constant worry of being a burden to my companions when I don´t have self confidence when it comes to speaking the language. She clearly told me flat out that I CAN DO IT. And how she is amazed how the gift of tongues works through every haole here. She admires that and she knows I can do it. She told me, "Speak directly from your heart. Pray deep down in your heart when you speak. And if you confuse them, oh well. Its not important if you confuse them because you are giving it your all. You speak from ALL YOUR HEART and from the spirit and they will feel your efforts your love you spirit. And they will feel it too and remember exactly what they felt with you." I am learning how to work with all my heart and I enjoy working that way. I am constantly trying so hard to put my all in every lesson. Trying to find ways to improve and become an effective missionary. 
We did have an interesting week. Yesterday we were in a lesson and 5 Jehova Witnesses began to knock on doors at the houses nearby us. We were teaching outside a house with chairs. But luckily it began to rain, and they left. Even this morning something happened outside. We heard a girl scream while we were studying.We ran out, and found out a 15 year old girl was robbed. She was walking with her phone in her hand and a car, passed by and robbed her. She was trembling...I felt so bad for her. So my companion and I went to comfort her. I asked her for her name and things about her family so that she would take her mind off of what had happened. We are being extremely careful and we acknowledge the dangers, but we know we are protected. 
We did a service project for a señora that cleans an entire elemantary campus by herself.....can you imagine? One person..only one person that cleans up the Kahuku Elementary campus? We went with the elders and cleaned up the place. Poor thing. After that we were walking down the street and we found one of our less active´s son drunk and wasted laying on the street. The elders had to help her carry her son in a wheel barrow to their house.´s trials. He was so wasted.......but he´s okay now. 
Saturday night was a bautism of an investigator of the elders in our ward. We met their investigator before she was baptized and actually became friends with one of our own investigators. Her name is Laura Marca. She is amazing. She actually won a free trip to China and will be in china for two weeks. She left last night. And was so excited to go to appointments with us. She was with us in two lessons before she left. She´s a gem!
We will be having a baptism of our own on the 1st of November. We planned out the date with our investigator and his dad. Its gonna happen! And we are so excited!!!!! 
As for don´t have to send me spam, but only if you´d like, because I know it adds more weight. But what I would will think its silly, but I miss Crest toothpaste...hahaha because they only have colgate here and I don´t like it.......and for the christmas lights. I don´t know what voltage it is, but if youd like to send me some, :) that´s really kind of you! I will let you the voltage the next week. 
I am happy to hear from you all. I can imagine mom being home with all the boys. Boys, you better be helping mom, now. I want to go to BYUH. I want to be home when I go home. lol. I miss the islands. 

Congrats to the new changes in the ward. New bishopric!! that´s crazy! time really goes by so fast. 

We see miracles everyday...and I love it so much. I have never wanted to be so obedient with exactness..its such a wonderful feeling. 

I love you all sooooo much!!!!!
Hna Santeco
"Eres una hija amada de nuestro Padre Celestial, preparada para venir a la tierra en esta epoca precisa para un proposito sagrado y glorioso." -elder utchdorf.

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