Monday, October 13, 2014

Mire adelante..​...mira hacia al Señor

Te amo, Jesus!

This week was something for me. My thoughts were constantly on Marvelyn. I tried so hard to not let such thing affect me in this work, but it did. My soul hungered.....I was having one of those weeks where I lost it, but eventually found myself. I fasted and prayed so hard so that I could learn something more from the difficulties and the trials I have here during the mission.

Last pday I could not sleep. I realized that I didn´t write that message for Marvelyn that day and that I totally forgot to do it. And I only realized that I didn´t do it, 10 oclock at night. I could not sleep.......I called my mission president and he gave me the permission to write you the folowing day. But the thing was that I had no idea what to write....that night I prayed so hard, trying to find the right words to say. I went to sleep. Woke up the next day, said my prayer, went to the bathroom...and the busy week that we had...I had no time to waste. I sacrificed my exercise time to write your message. But I woke up, inspired to write...I wrote and wrote and wrote...and thought of what I would have said if I were there. Writing this message brought me so much peace and allowed me to really just keep moving on. I realized that I really needed to put into practice of what I had learned. Talking to president Hansen helped me a lot. We had interviews with him. But throughout the week, the Lord was certainly answering all of my questions and prayers. I met at least one person each day who is facing difficulties much larger than my own and it made me realize that I need not to worry of my own problems, but as a servant of my Savior, to worry about others. What I loved the most from my interview with President Hansen was that I need not to dwell upon the things that I can´t change..but the things I can change. 

I did have my ups and downs this week...I am not going to lie. I hungered to fast...and so I fasted and found the strength to keep moving on. I received a comfort blessing from the 70ty that we live with, Elder Balderrama....and he gave me wonderful counsel to help me back to track into this work that I am in. I know you told me not to worry and that you hoped that I wouldn´t be affected by this...but I was. But it was for a good purpose which I may not know why...but God does. Just know that every trial that I have, strengthens me and prepares me for the greater trial that I will have. I need to go through these trials to test my faith and to help me grow and progress. I had met so many people this week...parents who are worried about their children´s choices, couples with marriage problems, single parents who are ill and are sick, unable to work and having to find a way to take care of 5 children...I had seen it all. The Lord has truly answered all of my prayers and fulfilled my needs.

My poor companion had such a hard time understanding how I was feeling this entire week..and had a hard time comforting me. But she did do a good job. The Lord did a good job.

But more about the week that I had, I was thinking.....Is Marvy taking all my clothes with her and all the bathing suits????? Hahahahah sorry but I need to know. I hope you didn´t take all of it! I need to come home to normal clothes....not just skirts and blouses that I wore for 18 months. 

We had a companion exchange this week. I was with Hermana Morales from Peru. She is awesome! She reminds me so much of people from Thailand. She looks so Thai. That day with her we taught 11 lessons......and I had met so many wonderful people. In her area, you can see the Cochabamba temple from afar and at night you can see it iluminated amongst the other buildings. Mira hacia el templo....It was so funny because we were walking and she asks me, do you like bread? And I was like...yes I like bread! And we ran to the store and bought bread and pilfruits (juice in bags). It was delicious. We laughed the entire day. 

We have an investigator that has 7 kids. Every year they had a kid...the oldest kid is 7 years old. We went to visit them and it was crazy...we opened the door and they all ran out. But the baby was inside their house crying. So one of the kids carries him out and it so happens that their baby doesn´t have a name yet. I told him that they should name him Nefi, which is Nephi in spanish. He might actually do that. But can you imagine having a kid every year?! That´s crazy...

Oh....and it so looks like we are having a baptism the 25th of October....:) But it all depends on the will of the Lord...we are praying so hard and working so hard so it will fall into place. We are so excited!

Yesterday was sunday, election day in Bolivia and we were given strict instructions that we cannot leave the house...until 6pm unless we have a set appointment. We stayed home all day...we studied and right after...we SLEPT. It was the first Dia de Reposo for us. The first sunday that I could rest. Sundays are usually CRAZY. But we rested :). But that night...I couldn´t sleep...I was not sleep. I was not tired because we didn´t work and because I slept all day...hehehe. It made me appreciate the times we do get to work so that we can sleep normally.

I love being a missionary and I CANNOT BELIEVE I have been out here for more than 7 months. It drives me crazy to think about it. I talked to President Hansen about applying for school and he said I can begin now if I´d like and so I´m slowing reapplying for BYUH. Ahhhh...I can´t believe it...President also already told me when I will be released from Bolivia...I will be flying home on the 25th of August...thats just an estimate....but its most likely will be the date I will leave and with travel time, I might arrive home on the 26 or 27 of August....THAT IS CRAZY.  

I am happy the wedding went well and that all is good at home. I am back on track working in the labor of love.....and I love it all. I love my life as a missionary and I wouldn´t trade it for anything.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Hermana Santeco

3 Nefi 5:13
He aquí, soy discípulo de Jesucristo, el Hijo de Dios. He sido llamado por Él para declarar su palabra entre los de su pueblo, a fin de que alcancen la vida eterna.
What the area looks like...luckily that hill isn´t my area. lol

i finally got my ID card in bolivia.....

elders in the hot hot hot sun. ITS HOT in BOLIVIA. Poor things in their suits. 

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