Monday, October 6, 2014

Si Señor, Te Seguiré

I had never felt the spirit so strongly with any other companion that I had until I met Hermana Callata. We have been fasting and praying like no other to be able to be true servants of the Lord to bring others unto Christ. We had a special fast this past week and it was actually because an investigator asked us to join her in a fast. It was such a special experience for me because I had never felt the spirit so strong in my life. I was in a struggle of my own personal testimony searching for ways to find my way back to my feet. We were having companionship inventory and we talked so much about the many spiritual experiences that we had in our lives. My companion was having a pretty rough week and I who was still trying to get to know the area and love people that I don´t quite know very well yet, I tried to understand her and fulfill her needs as her companion the spirit guided me...We talked things out of how we felt, our preocupations about our investigators and everything. I literally felt the spirit touch the corners of my heart telling me, "Hey. I am here with you. Don´t forget me." I thought about those times I had at home and even on the mission where I realized the spirit really guided me to do the things that I did. I am teaching people about the Holy Ghost and how can I forget that I have the very same gift? Its literally a true gift that is so sacred..what a priviledge to have it with me always.
Did I tell you that Hermana Callata´s family is receiving the missionaries and she fasted and prayed that her mom and dad can get married so her mom can get baptized. Her mom got married last week saturday and will be getting baptized this saturday. Her family is absolutely blessed!

We were able to watch General conference. And I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP. It was like Christmas for me. Excitement and literally attentive. My soul literally hungered to hear the words and messages from the many wonderful leaders of the church. I was able to watch 2 of the sessions in english. I was thinking quite profoundly in what my mission president told us in a conference. He said, "The most important part of this conference is the holy ghost". I thought pretty hard and realized....the most important thing in our lessons with investigators is the holy ghost. My companion and I are working so hard to teach by the spirit and to help our investigators to feel it too. I read 2 Nephi 33:1 this week and the BOM really answered our prayers. But about conference, the holy ghost was the most important thing to me. Because it helped me to become converted unto Christ and to receive personal revelation. The many wonderful lessons about prophets, building and obtaining a testimony, and being was just exactly what I needed. My questions and doubts were taken care of. The sad part was that in our chapel, yesterday we werent able to watch the morning session because....the internet went out. I missed the prophet´s message. My soul is still hungry.....and so I am downloading his message unto my thumbdrive to watch it in my house at night.
We are in a constant war our here in the mission field. We have investigators progressing ..and it so happens that those who are progressing are also receiving lessons from the Jehova Witnesses. I am not sure if I told you last week but they happened to have their own church conference this past weekend during the same times as our conference, but it is 9am-5pm...that is LONG. My companion and I were so sad to hear that they were planning to go to their conference and not with us. My companion prayed so hard with faith that night before saturday and knew that they would be able to go. The next day she told me she wanted to pass by to see if they were home. THEY WERE HOME. She later told me about the impressions she was getting....she is a spiritual giant.
I had read the emails from mom. Don´t worry about me. Just leave it to God. I had mentioned this before many times. That I really had learned that this is the will of the Lord. And I just need to accept it as it is humbling and endure it to the end. This was never my will and never will be my will. There is a piece of cloth hung in our study room that says "Mi Voluntad" which means "my will". It is ripped from the middle into two constantly reminds me that this is not my will...this is not my mission...this is not my is all to the Lord. As a representative of Jesus Christ...I have to say that I do feel the feelings that the Lord feels when things like this happen so suddenly...because obviously we aren´t perfect but he loves us perfectly enough to put difficulties in our ways to reach our potential. That I can testify.
I thought of Grandma and Grandpa when the general authority was speaking in Catonese. I said a prayer in my heart that they were listening to his talk...I honestly believe that they did....with God all is posible.

I know that the Lord really loves me....and He is comforting me at this very moment. I had been to the temple and had seen of its importance to get there. Always look towards the temple....I love you all so much. I am so grateful for all of you and all of your prayers.
El Señor nos da las dificultades para que podamos aprender algo mas que podemos imaginarnos. Les testifico que el Señor sabe perfectamente porque estas cosas estan pasando...pero es para que realmente podamos volver en su presencia....en Su gloria y en un gozo pleno y eterno. Sigan orando...sigan adelante...sigan en sus dificultades con fe y esperanza en el Señor y su amor infinito.
Les amo.
Hermana Santeco

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