Monday, May 18, 2015

Yay for baby Trey!!!!

I ammmmmm just screaming from my chair from a sucky internet place in Tupiza, he is finally here and he is an asian poly for sure!! Your emails brought me so much joy and I am just soooooooo excited to see him soon. I am in Tupiza right now. I was just here three days ago and had to go back to Potosi in a 5 hour bus right back, and we left this morning to come here for a zone conference. I´ve been traveling a lot. And its not the end just yet. The ride here wasn´t so bad just because we traveled in the morning. Usually I travel at night and try to sleep. 

This week was a lot for me. It was a little of a trial, but the fruits of the labors do show through it all. Potosi is not an easy area. It is cold here, the people can be cold too, and its just dark cold vibes, but don´t get me wrong, I love it here and its beautiful. We do meet some great people here. We left to Tupiza tuesday night and had the best seats ever. Top floor, window front seat. The only thing was that it was COLD. But we got there. We did companion exchanges with the sisters and it was a blast. It was exactly what I needed this week. Tupiza is hot......its a little cold, but Potosi...COLDER. I love being with the sisters that are finishing the mission. Some are trunky......and some are just awesome. They are working hard and doing all that they can to not even think about home even if they are going to be home in two weeks. I love their example. I do honestly feel that I learn more from them, than I teach them as their sister training leader. I love that the most. I was with Hermana Perez from Guatemala and the other day with Hermana Rhoton from Idaho. Hermana Perez is such a doll. I remember meeting her in Tiquipaya when I first started the mission in Linde. Its amazing how quickly the time went. She´s already going home!!! Hermana Rhoton is my favorite. She inspires me. She has 11 brothers and sisters. She told me that her mom has a saying that she would have as much children as the Lord permits her to have....she had 12. I think I will remember that and might do the same. I want to bring God´s children here on earth and see how many the Lord will allow me to have....but really I am inspired. Hermana Rhoton is a darling! She is a happy missionary and I told her twice already that if I were a new missionary, I would love to have her train me. 

My companion and I left Tupiza that very night and went back to work in Potosi. I was sick with a cold this whole week and it affected me a lot in how I was working, contacting people. teaching.....I was literally exhausted from the traveling, the weather, the altitude, everything. But I´ve gotten better. We have been able to meet wonderful people this week and see how much the work and efforts that we are doing do bring forth fruits. If I say that I had a hard week, I say it because I do sometimes feel sad that after working so hard with so many people, they just don´t seem to progress....but I keep thinking and remembering Alma 26. Patience in thy afflictions and thy shall be given success. Sunday came around and I dreaded it. For many reasons. Mostly because investigators don´t come to church. We called a few people to see if they were coming and they all said no. We were walking to the chapel that morning and we decided to pass for the Familia Vara inspite that they said that they weren´t going to come. We couldn´t give up so quickly so we knocked on the door...and they came. The kids came. I was just happy and they loved it. They absolutely loved it. The downside about the first impression in that sometimes kids are naughty. One of the little boys that came with us to church said, "A boy called me pregnant! They are bad behaved kids!" I was just like this kids am I going to have 10 kids if they are going to scare the investigators away. But he just took it as a joke at least. 
This week has gotten by so fast.......I did see miracles this week. A girl named Stephani is a less active in our ward and we finally got to find her. She has been inactive after going to a Catholic school where its required for her to go to the catholic church and when the elders that baptized her, left. When she heard we past by the first time and she wasn´t home she was so happy. She has been praying for the past few days to go back to church. She made a huge sacrifice and skipped the catholic church to come to the ward. I was happy to see her in the chapel. She even has brought a friend to her house one night to share the gospel and they were both in tears.......apparently they think that my companion and I are perfect. Or in other words, they just look up to us so much. They admire us for being happy and living good values. They kept saying, "You both just have something so different and we want that". I always heard that people say that about seeing mormons, but it was cool to actually hear it from someone in person with real intentions. 

Leticia. The grandmother that is sick with cancer has gotten worse these past weeks. She is in bed rest and really weak. Please pray for her. 
Oh I lost one of my agendas in the street while walking outside. It was terrible. Its my life. It has everything. I had to start over with a new one and the down side is that we are already more than half way through the transfer. 

I am sick of traveling. And to think of it, if I am really going to finish the mission here...its going to be more traveling. But its awesome really and a priviledge. I made spam for my companion one morning with eggs and rice. She liked it! I found Jazmin Rice (made in Bolivia) and it was not too bad. Funny story, I do have a hard time remembering things. My companion and I were sitting at the bus station waiting for the bus to come to go back to Potosi and trying to remember actors and actresses names. We couldn´t remember Hermione from Harry Potter´s name. We were it Emma Smith????? Hahahaha its Emma Watson. We got the restoration stuck on our minds. When we arrived at Potosi from the bus ride, it was 3am....I was DEAD. I was drowsy and walking practically half asleep. A member was actually there and said hi to us...I couldn´t...I just couldn´t go up to her and make a conversation. I just waved and walked out looking for a taxi with my companion (i am terrible for that........) but we got in the taxi and my companion starts contacting the driver trying to give him a pamphlet (im proud of her) and I was just DEAD. I could not talk, could not think, barely walk...I was dead tired. The mission is full of funny moments.....I am a funny person....I like making people laugh here by just being myself. 

This whole week I did think about Marvy and ask myself....hmmmm I wonder if she is in labor right now....hahahaha 

Congratulations to Marvy and TJ and Trey. I am happy to hear all about the good news and see the beautiful pictures of my nephew. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Hermana Santeco

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