Monday, May 12, 2014

Its a beautiful rideeeeeeeee!

The Hermana with the Red headband is Marisa's Latina companion :)
I absolutely love being on a mission well because its such a beautiful ride! I was so happy to see all of your happy faces on skype yesterday. I woke up supahhhh trunky this morning but its all good. I am going back to work and forgetting myself. This week was a rollercoaster. As I have told you on skype, one of our family investigators told us that they no longer wanted us to come to their house and teach them anymore. After they closed their doors in our faces, we cried for a good two hours. But it was only because we had truly felt the Godly sorrow for them....we have grown to love their family so much and to have to no longer visit them just broke my heart...I have never felt something like that before in my life. I mean I have been heartbroken before in my life, but this was much hurtful...painful because their souls are on the line. But its fine. We did our part and planted the seeds in their hearts. They knew that the things we were teaching are true, but they were not ready to change. 
So last night after we talked on skype, I went to see my companion in the other room and she was bawling...talking to her family. When I went in to comfort her, she was saying how much of a wonderful companion I am. And of course I refused that it was true. It was such a blessing to be able to talk to our families. It made us so content with our decision to be here. Then we talked during dinner how much time in the mission we would have next time we skype. I will have 9 months! That is half of my mission! On Christmas I will exactly make 9 months! And I bet you that my spanish will be super better. I know it because I have God helping me. To be honest the whole time that we were talking last night, I had such a hard time speaking complete English. I had many urges to say certain words in made me feel so silly. My thoughts are all in spanish, well so far its beginning to be because I am making it a better effort to do so. So I am sorry if my English has gone terrible. jajaja. I have been so blessed to be here in Bolivia. We learn new things everyday of how to be better daughters of God and how to be more patient....I learn more of the doctrine and of course Spanish.
Speaking of Spanish...more spanish stuff, after we talked to our families my companion told me that she told her brothers about me and how my spanish abilities are pretty good... (not to brag but really she keeps telling me). This week I have been taking the intiative to begin the lessons with our investigators and to be more involved in the lessons. Her brother said that majority of North Americans never begin lessons or talk in lessons at 2 months in the mission...I am a miracle! lol. It made me so happy because I am really working hard and God is blessing me to be able to do these things. Its not easy but its really possible with faith and hard work.
In two weeks I will make three months.......and in one more month I will be done with training. I am sooooo freaked out about that. The time goes by so fast. I have seen how the life of missionaries is completely different from the norms. My companion and I have moved our investigator´s baptism date on week later because of some things which have come up. It was strange because...well not strange but incredible how the spirit really guides us. When we were teaching my companion had the strongest impression of something which could hold our investigator from being baptized this week. It was so specific and clear in her mind of what it was. The next day I had the same impression while I was studying. But the thing is that it is so quiet, still, and its THERE. When my companion later told me about her impression, I was so surprised because I had the exact same impression. Then that very day when we taught him a lesson, he had told us what he has commited...and it was EXACTLY what the spirit told us. It was a was the spirit. We are so grateful that we have the spirit with us during our lessons, in our days, and in our lives. I have learned that you constantly have to be REALLY sensitive to the spirit and to CHOOSE to act upon its promptings. Its not easy but as you continue to follow the promptings it will become easier to recognize it and to follow it...thereon blessings follow. 
Tonight we have a special Noche de Hogar (FHE) at the mission home with our mission president. Can you believe that? My companion told me that he NEVER invites missionaries for that. But he invited us! We are bringing our investigators to come with us and to enjoy what we have prepared for them. I am pretty excited and nervous because well....president Dyer will see how we teach as a companionship and spanish capabilities. But there is something that I constantly remember when I start to be afraid. Its the scripture that PERFECT LOVE CASTETH OUT FEAR. I can testify that with the perfect love of our Savior, I am able to do these things which I am actually really scared of doing. Relying on the spirit and trusting in the Lord to help you.....really helps you. 
I am constantly culture shocked everyday. I am still learning to understand the culture here. We would be teaching a lesson to a Cholita and while we are teaching her baby would start crying...then she´ll lift up her shirt and start breastfeeding her baby in front of us.......during the its awkward but its normal here. Oh much I love you and do understand you

A special shout out to KAYLA AFOA and JOSIE HOOD! I wished I could have been there are your farewells. I bet you have both rocked it at the podium. You will love the mission. Enjoy every moment you have...because we only have 18 months to dedicate every minute of our time to the Lord. It will be hard but it will be a wonderful blessing to you and your family. Thank you both for your friendship, sisterhood, love, and EVERYTHING. Muchas gracias por todos. Disfruten la comida de Hawaii will miss the food at home. TRUST. lol I told my family they can not send me photos of food. I will literally cry. I love you both. You are beautiful daughters of God! We are truly instruments in His hands. Mucho mucho amor para ustedes!
Back to my family.....It saddens me to hear about grandma reaching stage 4...but I know that it is all God´s will...and that we do have the true gospel to strengthen us and to give us the joy that we need in this life and the life to come in the eternities! Mom and dad go to the temple please! And read that scripture I gave you last night! Please send all my love to the ward, the people in Hawaii, our friends, EVERYONE. I will write a letter to the ward and send it to you sometime. 

Feliz Día de madres a todas madres en el barrio y en Hawaii tambien. Dios esta allí para nosotros....siempre. Para siempre......Oren siempre, lean el Libro de Mormó your love to others often....ahhh I love you all so much. This is the best thing I could ever do in my life. To serve the Lord....and to witness be a representative of Jesucristo. Les quiero mucho, mi familia! Disfruten cada momento juntos!
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Santeco
:) Abrazos!

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