Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Day Out :)

First off......CONGRATULATIONS to Josie for getting called to Japan!!!! You have know idea how happy I am for her! I am screaming in the computer lab. hahahahaha

Today was pretty awesome. We went to the temple and out on a little adventure. We went to a gold museum and then to some church on a mountain. It was quite a walk. We were on top of the world.

Can you believe it? I am getting a Latin Companion tomorrow! It was so sad to say bye to the last group last night, but new ones are surely coming tonight and tomorrow. It was funny because one of the elders who can barely speak english kept telling me, "I am a baby, fat and ugly". And I was like "Who taught you that?!" Apparently he did not understand me. 

It has been really tough here. The language is tough as usual but I know that I can do it. We no longer have grammar classes or language study in the CCM. Not until we are out in the field. I am really working hard on keeping myself patient. I realized that I have so much to work so much harder than I already do. 

And also...Gabriel!!! I love the color! I am so happy to see pictures of you all. How was prom?! Tell me everything! As far as your letters, they have not gotten here yet...:( but if they do I will let you know. I look forward to getting them! 

I prayed in English outloud during our room prayer last night and it was so weird because I have not said a prayer in English for a long time...that I took long to think of what to say.

I grow to love the gospel more and more. Even if I do not know all the answers to life questions. 

The sisters here are stressed as I am. One of them actually talks in her sleep. She literally recites D&C 4 in her sleep and sometimes the baptismal invitation. Its hilarious. I am not gonna mention her name....hahahaha But she is awesome. The sisters are awesome because they keep me sane and we are all going through the same thing of course. We are all struggling but staying faithful in our calling.

I love laughing with the sisters here. I manage to make them laugh here and there. Its great. I am going to work harder this week. All my classes are ALL in SPANISH. NO ENGLISH. Its getting real...and its only the CCM.

Next Pday is next week Friday. 10 days again....It will be my last Pday here at the CCM until I leave to Bolivia! Can you believe it!!!!! Two weeks and I am out to work. Its scary but its amazing. I love it. I love it sooooo much. I love you guys so much too. I can not wait to really lose myself in the work! Please tell me how you are all doing and I am sorry if I do not respond to all your questions because I only have so little time to be on here. I love you. Les amo mucho. Be safe. Take care always.

Hermana Santeco

Alma 26:12

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