Monday, June 15, 2015

el Espíritu y el amor de Díos tocó su corazón y el mío

This week.....I loved it and it went by really fast....but anyways we went to Cochabamba for a conference of leaders and we ate chinese food. I was once again a happy chinese girl. I took all the extra chopsticks to use later. I love chinese food! But in that conference, I had learned a whole lot about the Sabbath Day. It is a concern for the church that many members are not keeping the sabbath day holy. And its true....the world has changed a whole lot. Its hard to keep the sabbath day holy but it is a blessing.

We made it a goal as missionaries to help the people of Bolivia to understand better the importance of keeping the Lord´s day holy. The scriptures even say it. We have to keep the sabbath day holy because the Lord said so. Its a blessing and it comes with the blessing to strength us every week. 3 days before Elder Perry´s passing, he gave wonderful counsel in terms of keeping the sabbath day holy. I don´t have my book of all my notes, but it was talking about what we should do when we take the sacrament. We should ask ourselves, "Who am I? What am I doing? What should I be doing? What am I doing in my life?" I have made the effort to do so and I do find the sacrament to be even more meaningful for me.

I am not going to lie. The traveling really killed me but at the same time I was able to get back to work. I gained my energy back this week and I am pumped to work. I am in awe...we are already half way through the transfer. Its kind of hard to not count the weeks. I don´t count the days, but the weeks...I do because I see how fast it goes and how much time I do have left to keep working. And plus...there are a few missionaries in my zone who are counting and going home with me. But I am really enjoying my time here while I´m at it.

Leticia gotten a little better this week. But will be going to the doctors to see how the cancer is going. I am hoping everything will go fine with her.

Yesterday the teenager pianist showed up a little late to I had to play the piano....with one wasn´t so bad, but it was funny. I did my best! At the same time only in Bolivia you can find three dogs randomly walk into the sacrament room out of nowhere and no one will do anything....I was the one that had to shoooo them out. There are so many dogs here. The poor things..they freeze in the cold.

Oh this week it has gotten so much colder, but I feel that I have gotten used to the cold. I do get tired of having to put on so much clothes though.

The spiritual note....I have been reading the Liahonas of this month of June and I loved one of the articles that I read. It is called, "No Hubo Traslado" por Lena Hsin-Yao Cho en la Liahona Junio de 2015. It is about a missionary that has been in her area for awhile and she was kind of hoping to be transferred out because it has been so discouraging for her to keep working in a dificult area where it never seemed that there was any success. But she said something at the end that I really love. She said, (It was a liahona in Spanish) "Si bien algunos de ellos decidieron no bautizarse, yo nunce olvidaré sus rostros radiantes y la forma en la que el Espíritu y el amor de Díos tocó su corazón y el mío." This girl eventually had one baptism before the very next transfer and could see the joy of being able to help the people feel the spirit and love of God even if they didn´t get baptized. And this I will carry with me and will always remind me of Potosí. Its a hard place. A cold place, but I won´t forget the same things as she will never forget as well. I will never forget their faces radiating after the way the spirit and love of God touched their hearts, including mines...even if they didn´t get baptized. I have seen how helping the Potosinos to witness these things...the presence of the spirit and the love of God in their lives, I know that at the same time I am doing the will of the Savior. We are His hands.

We are doing all we can now to help the people to get to church on time to take the sacraments. It is a little hard here....I would think that Hawaiian time is late but Bolivian later. We called a family that we are working on, whose daughter will be getting baptized soon so that they could come to church early. They came to church on time the first time and could finally partake of the sacrament. I was really happy to see them walk in early and take the sacrament as a family.

I do testify the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy....and I encourage you all to try to take it in see how we can stand a little taller and keep the day holy.

I am so sorry if my email does not make sense. My english has gotten worse. I am living with 3 latins. But I love Spanish! Hahaha

Les quiero!!!
Hna Santeco

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