Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter! Pascua!!!!

I am so happy.....To hear that there is going to be a temple in Bangkok, Thailand!!!!! That is just such a wonderful know that when we go to Thailand, we can also go to the temple...I would just love to be there and do a session...and visit all of the Lord´s temples..To hear that announced from the words of the prophet, I was uplifted and my eyes were filled with tears...for a place where a small percentage of people actually believe in christ. i know that was all based on inspiration...the Lord knows that it will move forward His work.

This week my companion and I traveled to Cochabamba for leadership training conference. We left tuesday night to take a 3 hour taxi ride to Sucre. It was a dreadful car ride. I do not know how people can go on road trips. Being outside of Cochabamba as a sister training leader is a lot of traveling...and I am always so tired, but I just love it. We slept with the other sister training leaders in Sucre that night and left the next morning to take a half a hour flight to Cochabamba. It was so weird to be there. In Cochabamba! I took pictures...but I forgot to bring my camera with me...this morning...i was rushing so sorry. But my companion passed me a few pictures that she took on her camera. But Cochabamba has perfect has begun to be cold. We arrived in Cochabamba and went directly to the stake chapel to our meeting conference. It was a loaded schedule for us. It was a wonderful trainingship. Inspite that I was really tired, I could see how the things I learned there has helped me to become a better missionary this week. Oh and I have to mention this part. We had chinese food for lunch! It was DELICIOUS. I had never eaten amazing chinese food in Bolivia before because it is usually just chicken......but this was like a Choy Mein! And there was chop sticks.....that just made me soooooo happy. I was a happy chinese girl! haha! We were welcomed into the Mission house, President Hansen and Hermana Hansen´s house that night. The beds were comfortable. The towels were so fluffy...and we were just outside across from the temple. They made hot chocolate fudge ice cream for the night and made breakfast for us. Bacon with scrambled eggs with cheese, banana bread, orange juice, and cinnamon rolls...I was in heaven. It was just like being at home. Hahaha my companion and I only went out to eat dinner after the conference and straight to the mission house to rest. We were so tired from traveling. We had this thing called Pipokids, which is popcorn chicken with lemonade. They had a cool container for it. I took a picture, but like I said I forgot my sorry haha.

We came home after having breakfast with president and his wife. A flight back, and a three hour taxi ride again....I slept the whole taxi ride. We got back to Potosi and directly went back to work. The following day we had to do companion exchanges and prepare a few things....It was a lot..of things to do. But I laughed through it all. Hahaha. I think the mission really helped me to handle stress better and to just take things little by little and just to really enjoy the ride.

General conference had a interesting topic in almost all the conference talks that were given...Marriage, having kids, family, being parents......I guess I receieved some revelation about that..but really I did. As I am finishing the mission....which I can´t believe its happening, I can see how the Lord is preparing me for what is to come after.

We were blessed to watch conference in English and Elder Johnston bought all of us snacks. It really helped me to stay awake. I think it was the first time that I watched all of the sessions without falling asleep. I watched it soooo happy. I love conference!

Today on Pday, the sisters in our zone might go out to eat lunch together at a Hawaiian Chicken place...its funny because I didn´t know that Hawaiian Chicken existed...hahahaha. Its almost like any other place...the chinese restaurants only have chicken...bolivian chicken..but I actually like their chicken so I can´t complain.

It has gotten so much colder these days. I´m being sure about this but either today or during these days, I´ll be pulling out some money from my card. I need to buy me some warm clothes. I am freezing. haha.

But the spiritual note of the things that happened this week...President Hansen gave us the challenge to focus on the Book of Mormon in our teachings. We were able to put into practice and into the test this week and we had seen how the lessons are so much powerful and spiritual when we focus on this book....I came to know that I truly had obtained a testimony of the Book of Mormon in the has made me who I am today. I love the Book of Mormon and see how it is truly our guide in our lives. President asked us, "How many of you or your investigators actually go to the Book of Mormon when they are passing through difficult times in their lives?" That made me we are trying to help ourselves and the people we are teaching to trust in the Book to help them....because it has really helped me. Talking about the Book of Mormon makes me realize that God truly loves His children and that He wants us to build our faith in Him and His son. And so, I´m reading more....everyday and seeing how the Book of Mormon teaches us and has all the answers of our souls.

I´m sure you saw the video, Gracias a que √Čl vive that is probably viral on the internet from the church. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us that he resurrected and has gave us the way to live with our Father again. Happy Easter.

Palm sunday came around again and it made me think when the bishopric came to the house to give mom the sacrament and a blessing after going through chemo. Its amazing how the gospel blesses us...I urge each of you to remember Christ in your can make a huge difference in your day. I promise.

I know that this Church is true and that He lives and loves us. I feel so blessed to know these things and to share it with His children.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Con muchisimo amor,

Hermana Santeco

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