Monday, July 28, 2014

5 meses ya?! Esa es una mano!

You wouldn´t guess what I did this week which has scarrrred me for life. Supposedly we were told that we were going to feed ducks for a service projects, but no.....we killed ducks and a few chickens, then we plucked the feathers off and took out its guts........I was scarrrred for life. It made me so sad because it was so much like the Holocaust....especially when I went with the Elders to choose the fat and big ducks to be taken to their death....then we would herd them out to a room and grab each one out one by one and hang them by their feet, slice them at their throats and let them die....after they die from there, we put them in boiling water. Luego, we pluck off their feathers off of their dead sad bodies. Me dio puso triste. Then at the same time, they were offering refreshments...ya...I couldn´t eat anything. I had to call in to cancel lunch. My stomach couldn´t handle it. So...every time I see or hear a duck or a chicken, I cringe....eating chicken....that´s worse. I will pick at the fried chicken wing, imagining plucking off its feathers at every detail.....It was terrible. I think I couldn´t eat for 3 days. My companion was concerned, but she is always concerned about me...sometimes too one day we woke up..well I was already wake and I told her that I couldn´t sleep all night because I was sick in my stomach. Then the first thing she tells me is that I need to go to the hospital... -____- she does a lot of things I don´t quite understand to be honest. Jaja. For example one night she wakes me up like at 2 in the morning saying my name. "Hermana Santeco?" and I would respond, "hmm?" and she told me...."Nada". Nada?????!!! I woke up for nada.....jajaja...but back to the ducks...yeah...I don´t know how I´ll go back to eating those poor things. I can remember hearing them cry and scream. It was brutal. I almost refused to eat any meat for the rest of my life..
I received the packages!!! Both of them! Thank you so much! Estaba tan feliz! I was soooo happy. Then I found that you have brought home in a box to my mouth. Popcorn with mochi crunch and furikaki???? ahhhh!! I already ate it twice. My companion loves it. Hawaiian Popcorn...hurricane popcorn. And maui onions?! Thank you! I was able to eat it in 3 days, trying to preserve it and make it last as long as possible. Thank you Marvy for the rings. I gave one away to Fernando because he kept asking me for my CTR ring and because he always helps us find more people to teach. Thank you for the goodies! One of the Elders told me to ask you mom to send me more Maui Onions. Hahahaha. I figured the its better if you add your letters in my packages! Because well the packages come quicker and surer much than the letters itself does. The packages came in, in 3 weeks. Pretty sweet! The Zone Leaders were holding on to it and they knew it had food in it. They wouldn´t give it to me until I did what they told me..they gave us the goal to teach a certain amount of lessons. Luckily we made it. 

I can´t believe I have been away from home for 5 months now. It really goes by so fast. I swear I just made 4 months and now...5??? As for the pareo, don´t worry about it. President gave me permission to teach, but it won´t be so often that I will be doing it. I have skirts and such. I will manage. But send me some more food! haha. That I want for sure. 
There were 3 different ward activities this week and so none of the members were home......and we wanted to teach with them. was rough, but we were able to see how a few of our investigators are really progressing. The only gold investigator that we have is a young girl who is 15 years old. She is amazing when we teach her. The only thing is that we still need permission for her to be baptized from her father...who is never home. So please pray for her. She really wants to be baptized, but she needs help. We need help. We pray all the time, but at the same time we try to understand the will of the Father. It was funny yesterday because she told us that she is afraid of water and yesterday we went to a baptismal service with her and the girl who got baptized was Carla. The little girl, the daughter of our lunch pensionista. Carla is also scared of water...she just turned 8 yesterday too. so happens that when she entered into the water, she was crying....and she screamed just before she was dipped down under. Then receiving the holy was the same. She was crying. Poor thing...I talked to her after and I asked her, are you sad? She told me, a little. I told her, ah don´t cry, its your birthday! She is such a sweetheart, every time we leave from lunch she gives me long hugs and makes it hard to leave her house. jaja. We have 2 weeks left of this cambio. It goes by so fast. To think of it, I feel that I will be staying here in my area for another cambio...until september. But I don´t know. I might have to finish training my companion first before I leave this area. It makes me sad to think of leaving the people and the members here. We were able to have ward conference. My companion and I organized a ward choir. I lead and my companion played the piano. It was pretty good I thought. I have learned a lot in church yesterday and I have never felt the spirit so strong in the ward until yesterday, maybe because I can actually understand what they are saying now. 

Speaking of language capabilities. It improves more and more each day. We will eat at members homes the weekends and they will tell me that I am speaking more than I have before. Mostly because well...they have seen me when I had just arrived here. Its getting better. Its not perfect, but I have grown so much in the language and the gift of tongues. I hate thinking about going home and not being able to speak the language so often...and so I´m telling all my spanish speaking friends to help me. lol I can´t lose this language. I already planned it out that I am going to teach my children, English, Spanish, and sign language. 
Last night the sisters and I had a family home evening in our house. Because we live together, and we have to be home by 8 on sundays. We had a trunky FHE, we learned and talked about eternal marriage...mostly because of the sisters in our house only has 4 months left before she goes home. It was so funny, but it was really good. 
Every week just keeps going by quicker more and more. I have learned so much and realized that if I weren´t here, I wouldn´t have met such amazing people or made amazing friends who have supported me in my trials and helped me see the blessings of the gospel. Its the best feeling really...
I am so grateful for each of you. I really am. I hope all is well. Good luck with your new endevors with school, work, and all. Luckily I will be going to the temple next week! Hope you are all attending the temple much as often. Thank you for the pictures you sent me! I love it. It makes me so happy and really motivates me to keep going...I love you. Les amo bastante. 
Hermana Santeco

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