Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Arrived Safely in Colombia :)

HERMANA SANTECO has arrived in Colombia safely :) 

She says: 

Aloha my family! Hola mi familia! How are all of you?! I am in Bogota and its beautiful here! The weather is so nice and cool just like winter in Hawaii without the bipolar sun. Its not even humid. I actually traveled alone the whole time. It was disappointing to see no misioneras at every gate I went, but hey I traveled all by myself!!!!!!! And guess what? The first flight, I sat next to an old couple who happened to be from Colombia. When they found out that I was from Hawaii and also going to Bogota, they asked more about why I was going. They even mentioned PCC and when I told them I danced there they got so excited that they gave me their phone number and address. So hopefully I can see them before I leave the CCM (MTC). I am slowly being comfortable in using my spanish since its my only way to survive here. The CCM is really small, but I love it because the district and the misioneras here are so intimate and loving. Im the only Asian Hermana here! They always ask what kind of Asian I am and when I do, they are amazed how mixed I am. They also love that I'm from Hawaii. I met a sister here from Hawaii, too! Her family lives in Hau'ula. She is actually serving the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. She graduated from BYUH in December. She looked very familiar. Thank you guys for everything. Also tell uncle Runnel thank you. I cried reading his card because of his comforting words and testimony. They took all our food and our cameras. They laughed at how much food I brought...especially the Spam. They said that you guys must really love me to give me so much food from home. President Hafoka's advice about D&C 84:88 really helped me. I read that scripture all the time especially during my flight. Since I was alone......very alone. The others flew together and met in Atlanta. I arrived early so I waited an hour and a half with the CCM driver at the airport. Got home at midnight. Our CCM president has the same name as our Bolivia mission president. They are both the Dyers. They both happened to be companions during their missions, too. Small world. I feel the spirit here all the time. I miss you guys so much. I am so happy to be here because I can really focus on the work and my purpose here on earth. Please go to the temple as much as often for me! The temple here is closed for two weeks for cleaning so I wont be able to go for awhile. This keyboard is so different so excuse my grammar. I have so much to tell you, but so little time. The Lord really prepares people for us to teach. Dont send me any packages. I have too many things already. I'll let you know If I need anything. I just want to bear my testimony that I know that God lives and our Lord, Jesus Christ loves us so much that He has us communicate with Him through prayer for us to receive the guidance in our lives. I feel so at place here. We are actually getting our nametags soon. Very soon. Don't cry that I'm gone please. Unless they are happy tears then that's fine haha. I try not to cry, but if anything I just tear up because I am happy to be a misionera. I pray for all of you all the time. Please write me. I want to hear from you. I miss you mucho. I am so happy. Love you mucho. El evangelio es verdadero. 

I'll email on P-Day!!! 

until then. siempre,
Hermana Santeco 

These were our "hasta la vistas" at the airport. 

She is doing wonderful! :) Until next week!!!!

Thanks to all of those who came to eat and say farewell to Riss before she got set apart and left to Bolivia :) It was great company!

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  1. Wonderful letter! I know Spanish would start coming soon. You are a dedicated missionary and keep praying and reading the scriptures in Spanish. If you don't understand smile and ask. Que dijo? (What did you say) Puede repetir por favor? (Can you please repeat) Como se dice? (How do you say)
    Sister Santeco the Gospel in true, there you are serving the Lord and the Lord would open your mouth and understanding. I love you and wish you the best. I will put your name in the Templo tomorrow.